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On December 30th, we're shipping our mini-comic across North America. Help support casual encounters with comic book retailers.

I'm an independent/small press comic book writer collaborating with 32 different artists --

Christopher Higginson, Ryan Dunlavey, Jason Copland, Sina Grace, Cat Staggs, Mark Murphy, J.E. Smith, Tom Kurzanski, Brock Rizy, Paul Milligan, Daniel Warner, ZeeS, Chad Thomas, Brad Marshall Wilson, Scott Zirkel, Dave Sherrill, David DeGrand, Tania Kaufmann, Nate Bramble, Joe Eisma, Matthew Warlick, Vinh Luan Luu, Jake Ekiss, Erica Stephens, Samax Randolph, Josh Boulet, Ryon Elliott, Cal Slayton, Jose Esquivel, David Rodriguez, Michael Lagocki, and cover design by April Wenzel

-- on a project called ONE NIGHT STAND. It's a collection of one-page stories, all about "casual encounters." This mini-comic will explore sex and intimacy, guilt and anonymity, risk and fantasy. The stories won't all be overtly sexual or explicit, but it will be for a mature audience.
["Mr. Hopkins, what is a mini-comic?" "I'm glad you asked. It refers to the size format: typically, a standard 8.5x11 paper that's folded in half and stapled. It's an economical way to print comics and a common format for independent DIY-minded comic book writers and artists." "Thanks!" "You're most welcome."]

We want to ONE NIGHT STAND to be in comic book stores on December 30th. Why? The main comic book distributor in the U.S., Diamond Distributors, is not shipping anything that week. No Spider-Man, no Superman, no Wolverine. Instead, we'd like to ship our comic to stores across North America and have this 32 page indie project be the highest selling comic for that week. (Eat my shorts, Marvel and DC!) That's the goal. I'm doing this by not "selling" ONE NIGHT STAND to the comic book shops. For retailers, these will all be complimentary copies, which they can sell for $2 (suggested price) and they make 100% profit from it -- our gift to them on a slow comic week.

Thus, it will take some money to get it going. I need at least $500 to cover basic printing and shipping demands. Anything we make beyond that will be used to print more and ship more.

Thank you!


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