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Second Quest is a new comic by David Hellman (the artist of Braid) and Tevis Thompson (writer of “Saving Zelda”).
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    1. Rafael Mejia on

      Great analysis!

      Every time I hear someone else's dislike towards Skyward Sword, I feel reassured because it reminds me I'm not alone. I really disliked Skyward Sword. And not just because of Navi's or Fi's child-like hand holding. The game map consists of 3 (or 4?) main map areas where you have to constantly travel back and forth and do similar tasks over and over again. Even some of the boss fights are recycled (how many times do you have to fight the Imprissoned again?). I don't know about you, but I truly felt bored and cheated. Sure, they put extra effort into the wiimote sword mechanics, although probably because of fan complaints from previous Zelda games.

      I know there's hope for better Zelda games. And yes, there's no denying that ALBW was a recycled A Link to the Past. Nintendo decided to revisit a formula that everyone loved and that was a sure goldmine. But I was thrilled to finally get some story on alt. world characters, and I can't wait to see more of them. Although there's no denying, I'd LOVE to see a new game with the map exploration ideas you pointed out, new mechanics, and different POV's.

      However, they have to be careful with changing dynamics too much... Look at Other M.

    2. Eric Leslie on

      This is a pretty fantastic dialogue. I lean more towards the David side than the Tevis side, regarding Link Between Worlds specifically - Tevis doesn't like what this game set out to do, so no matter how well it did it, he wasn't going to be happy, but if you go in open to the idea of a remixed but familiar Link to the Past experience, I think it delivers on that brilliantly and in some ways gives you more creative freedom than that game did.

      Regardless, I'm glad both your voices are out there. Thanks for posting this. :)