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Second Quest is a new comic by David Hellman (the artist of Braid) and Tevis Thompson (writer of “Saving Zelda”).
1,594 backers pledged $69,581 to help bring this project to life.

Treasure Trove and SQ Press

Posted by David Hellman & Tevis Thompson (Creator)

Hello, everyone!

I hope you’ve now all had a chance to read Second Quest. For backers at the $50+ tiers, there is one final reward remaining: the Treasure Trove. I just sent an email with links to both it and David’s sketchbook, so please check your messages if you haven’t already. These documents really just scratch the surface, but we hope they provide a cool peek into our work over the past three years. David’s sketchbook in particular gives a very candid, warts-and-all perspective on the earliest days of Second Quest.

We’ve also had some rather diverse press coverage the past few weeks that we'd like to share. I spoke with Stephanie Carmichael at The Mary Sue about some of the ideas behind our story. Carolyn Petit wrote a great piece for our local NPR station about how Second Quest challenges gaming culture. She also wrote an insightful post about the meaning of our title. And just last Thursday, David and I spoke with Jose Otero and Peer Schneider at IGN about both Second Quest and our hopes for the next Zelda.

Back at launch, we also had some very thoughtful write-ups and reviews from Evan Narcisse at Kotaku, Laura Hudson at Offworld, Davis Cox at Kill Screen, and Kathryn Hemmann on her Contemporary Japanese Literature site.

David and I had a great time at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival last weekend and were thrilled to meet some of you there. We are continuing to look for ways to spread the word about Second Quest, so please consider telling a friend if you think they might be into it. Word of mouth remains very important for a book like ours!

With the Treasure Trove out, all our rewards have now been delivered. If you’re still missing something, please check to make sure you filled out Fangamer’s survey with your current address. If you missed that email, just write them at to request another survey. They ship quite quickly once they have all your info! And if you did fill out the survey but still haven’t received your book, please let us know. We’ll figure out what went wrong and make sure your rewards get to you soon!


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    1. David Hellman & Tevis Thompson Creator on

      Glad it's working for you, Mark!

      The original Zelda essay is here:

      And the piece about Wind Waker I mentioned is here:

    2. Mark Pengryn

      Thanks to all, it did work! Loved your appearance on IGN's NVC podcast. Where can we find that Zelda essay you spoke of?

    3. David Hellman & Tevis Thompson Creator on

      Mark, did Martin's suggestion work for you? (Thanks, Martin!) That pop-up asking about a Dropbox account seems like a new thing since we used this for the main SQ download, but if you just dismiss it, it should give you the same download options as before.

    4. Martin O

      Looks great!

      @Mark Pengryn: If it is asking for an account close the dialog and click on Download again. It worked for me.

    5. Mark Pengryn

      Anyone else having trouble downloading these? The links load their pages but won't let me download the files. Do I need a Dropbox account?