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Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 1-5 players.
Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 1-5 players.
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S$100'000! The Talent behind Endogenesis and Mechanic Skill Focus

Posted by David Goh (Creator)

S$100,000... Words cannot begin to express how amazed I am. I have no more expectations left, because you've shattered every single one of them!

Before the campaign, I expected that the majority of my time would be spent on marketing, outreach and trying to find new backers. But because of your amazing response, I'm so happy to be able to shift my focus to instead improving the game and its campaign for the backers I already have. You've given me the opportunity to produce Endogenesis into its very best possible version, and for that I thank you deeply.

With a week left for the campaign, I've been working on two things: a possible new stretch goal that's funding based, and getting a head start on the process of verifying design files with my manufacturer. The new goal is something I'm very excited about, although I'm still waiting on a few details before being able to make the call. So for now, please be patient! I'll talk about it one way or the other soon.

As for getting the ball rolling with our manufacturer, here's one of the things we've been working on: the design of the plastic insert!

The recesses will be large enough to accommodate sleeved cards. It's still a work-in-progress, so certain aspects might change in future!

The Singaporean Talent behind Endogenesis

Today, I'd like to shine a spotlight on the talents behind Endogenesis. This game was by no means a solo effort — along with the immense support from loved ones, I had plenty of much needed help in terms of writing and art. And with Endogenesis being a local game made in Singapore, I'm proud to say that the talent behind it is 100% local as well! Here are the key people who directly contributed to the creation of the game and its campaign:

Ryan Mennen & Sathya Seth — Writers

Besides being comic writers and pop-culture gurus, both Ryan and Sathya are also amongst my best friends. This dynamic duo helped to create the lore for the origins of Endogenesis, as well as to create the concepts for the Monsters that reside in the Realm of Chaos.

Check out their work via their links below, as well as this awesome comic they're currently working on called Crimson Star — an all-Singaporean superhero set in the early 90's.

Ryan Mennen | Sathya Seth

Crimson Star, A Singaporean Superhero:
Crimson Star, A Singaporean Superhero:

Yang Shao Xuan - Illustrator

As a student, Yang Shao Xuan exhibited a level of skill and professionalism that one generally expects only from an industry veteran. Shao Xuan was responsible for creating the designs for the Monsters of the Realm of Chaos, and I couldn't be happier with his work. Check out his stuff below, and view his portfolio here.

Click to visit Shao Xuan's portfolio!
Click to visit Shao Xuan's portfolio!

Amelie Dayle - Voice Actress

Without the voice acting chops of Amelie Dayle, the campaign video for Endogenesis would have turned out very differently! It's amazing how much difference a freelancer can make to a project, especially when they're committed to getting things right down to the last detail. Check out Amelie's amazing work here!

Skill Category Focus: Mechanic

"A cacophony of gears and chains webbed around the infinite finite space holding all of its native creation together as they independently functioned to achieve perfection so seamless that the cogs seemed almost symbiotic in its mechanics." - Description of the mechanic plane, from the Origins of Endogenesis

Mechanic Skills are themed on utility and versatility. Many of them allow players to choose between activating one of two effects. Because of the versatility offered, Mechanic Skills tends to pair very well with Skills from other categories. Ideal for players seeking a more creative path in building their characters.


  • Highly versatile Skills allows the player to stay relevant in varied situations.
  • Skills scale up to be very powerful in the late game.
  • Defensive Skills are not only strong, but have disruptive effects which are great at interrupting an opponent's play.


  • Somewhat weaker in the early game — each Skill requires at least 2 Shards to access their first upgrade levels.
  • Class bonuses are less relevant towards the late game.
  • Can be rather tricky to play.

Powerful combinations

Echo + Mimic: This combination is unique in that intrinsically, they don't deal any damage, but instead relies on the Skills others have equipped. Mimic allows you to copy the effect of any active Ultimate, while Echo gives you the ability to use an Active ability twice. Combined together, you're given the powerful ability to copy any active Ultimate twice, allowing you to find unique combinations that are otherwise impossible!  

Nanobots + Tachyon Ray + Phase Beam: Fire all weapons! By using Nanobots, your Skills that have a "Choose" effect will now activate both effects when used, effectively doubling the damage output of Tachyon Ray and Phase Beam.

That concludes our Skill Category focus! They've been a blast to work on, and I hope you've enjoyed reading them. Only 7 more days to go — let's make it an amazing week and see how far we can get!

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    1. David Goh Creator on

      @Dr. A. Do you mean replacing the game mat with a game board? The game mat upgrade from cardboard was actually one of our earlier stretch goals.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dr. A. on

      What about a gameboard instead/on top of the gamemat?

    3. David Goh Creator on

      Thanks @German! This is absolutely the best outcome that I could've hoped for. I'd take talking to backers, sharing ideas, planning new stretch goals over finding new sites to send my press release to any day. I couldn't be happier! :D

    4. David Goh Creator on

      @Wul4en Absolutely! I've received a ton of great feedback on improving the rulebook, so getting a new draft out be one of my main focus when the campaign ends.

      I plan to get two sets of editors looking at the rulebook as soon as the next draft is completed: one of them would be my regular writers (Ryan and Sathya) and the other would be an external editor who specializes in proofreading rulebooks. After that, I'll share the edited draft with all of you in an update for proofreading.

      It probably won't be ready right after the campaign ends, though. I've already started work on the new draft, but getting the editors to look through it will take some time.

    5. German R Mejia

      We're grateful for you and the way you're running this campaign especially with the ability to switch your focus to be on the game more. We appreciate it as you can see from all the positive feedback. Thanks once again !

    6. Wul4en

      That is a huge milestone for you! It sounds like you have great things planned and are trying to make sure your ahead of any issues.
      At the end of the campaign, have you thought about asking the community for help proofreading. Other campaigns who’s first language isn’t English have done it and it is a great way to invest your supporters.