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Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 1-5 players.
Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 1-5 players.
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Stretch Goal #7 unlocked! New Gameplay Video & Entropic skill focus

Posted by David Goh (Creator)

Well, that was fast... we've unlocked yet another funding-based stretch goal! Your continued support and feedback never ceases to blow me away. Let's take a look at what it is:

Stretch Goal: Origins of Endogenesis

Sample design — certain details might be changed later!
Sample design — certain details might be changed later!

All copies of Endogenesis will now come with a lore novella that also serves as an art book! The novella is written by Ryan Mennen and Sathya Seth, and there'll be special behind-the-scenes images that show the process of creating the art in Endogenesis.

Guided Gameplay Video by Justsaying

The folks over at have made a guided gameplay video! They play a short 3 player game with a 2 Prism victory condition that lasts around 25 minutes. If you wanna see Endogenesis in action with detailed explanations of what's going on, this video's one of the best ways to do so.

And now, on to our next Skill Category Focus...

Skill Category Focus: Entropic

"Cyclical yet sporadic, forged and undone by its own energy, both exo and endothermic, impossible for living yet it bore life in the form of near sentient energy that could be labelled nothing less than entropic." - Description of the Entropic plane, from the Origins of Endogenesis

Themed on sheer destruction above all else, Entropic Skills boast the highest amounts of damage in the game, but also the highest Energy costs. Ideal for players who enjoy going on a killing spree against other players, and those who subscribe to the mentality of offense being the best defence. The Entropic Skill Category has no Reaction Skills at all!


  • Strongest direct offensive abilities in the game, both in single and multi-target damage.
  • Especially adept at taking down other players.  
  • Able to stun enemies, preventing them from using Reaction abilities.


  • Extremely high Energy consumption  
  • No defensive options means you'll likely die a lot!

Powerful combinations

Shadow Flare + Dark Veil + Annihilate: The ultimate in single player annihilation. Start by using Shadow Flare on a player. If they use a Reaction Skill, respond by using Dark Veil, cancelling the Reaction and allowing Shadow Flare to deal bonus damage. Then finish them off by using Annihilate, a simple yet deadly skill that deals a whopping 9 damage to players when fully upgraded!

Shock + Mindblast + Forbidden Curse: Use Shock to disable the Reaction skills of all enemies, then soften them up with Mindblast which deals heavy multi-target damage. Finally, use Forbidden Curse and watch as your enemies fall one by one, refilling your hand with cards (and therefore energy) as you do so!

That's it for the Entropic Skill Category! We'll be looking at the Mythic category for the next update, so stay tuned!


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    1. David Goh Creator on

      @Đinh Huỳnh Thuận Thanks for the suggestion! That does sound like a very elegant solution, I'm wishing I had thought of it much earlier in my design process. I have concerns over how it'll fit with the rest of the game at its current state, but I'm going to test out a few games with it for sure and see how it feels. Thanks again!

    2. Đinh Huỳnh Thuận on

      Can you streamline the punishment for players when getting killed? I mean, the differences between having no prism and having at least one prism are so large that it's hard to grasp the context when planning out your sequence.
      Something like a punishment tier which adds up along would be better than having 2 totally different punishments and combine them together for the 3rd one.

      For example: If you gets killed, you just have to revive yourself with energy, which requires you to discard Knowledge cards. But the more prisms you carry, the more energy is required. So it would take significantly more time to draw Knowledge each turn, in order to have enough cards to discard at once for reviving.

    3. David Goh Creator on

      @Dyne1319 They will be. At least on the prototype and review copies, the colours are already pretty bright. The final version that you'll be receiving will receive a special poker oil finish, which should make the colours look even more vibrant!

    4. Dyne1319

      I know the version of the game shown in the video is not final, but i really hope that the final version of the game the colors are brighter on the cards and more of a neon effect, they look a little washed out in the video here.

    5. German R Mejia

      Yeah as you stated they seem like a major glass cannon. If they survive long enough to even make it to the end of the game they must do serious assaults to multiplayer games with the attack all moves

    6. David Goh Creator on

      @German That's also the initial impression that new testers get when they first see the class! But let's just say that it's not as simple or easy as it looks to do well with this class... :D

    7. German R Mejia

      This Class seems overly devastating. I feel like id probably play a mix of this and the green defensive ones.