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Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 1-5 players.
Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 1-5 players.
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FOUR New Stretch Goals! About player mats & Interview with More Games Please

Posted by David Goh (Creator)

Yup, that's right... we're adding FOUR new stretch goals, all of which are funding based. And because it's only coming in mid campaign when we're already at 1400%+, two of these stretch goals have been automatically included! Let's talk about what they are:

Energy tokens are a quality-of-life feature that's been occasionally requested by testers, and I'm happy to be able to include them! They're especially useful for players still learning the game, and in situations where there are many cards flying around in a single turn. All copies of Endogenesis will now come with 16 Energy tokens.

Also occasionally requested by testers, these player aids will serve as a reminder of what to do during your turn phases, and what the different icons in Endogenesis means. All copies of the game will now come with 5 player aid cards.

With these two new stretch goals, getting started on Endogenesis will be easier than ever! As for what the two remaining stretch goals are, you'd have to hit their goals to find out...

Will there be player mats?

After much research and thought, I've decided not to include player mats with this version of Endogenesis. Significantly increased cost, game weight, added requirements to the box and logistical complexities were all major concerns, especially for a first-timer like me... but there was one reason above all that made the decision clear to me. By including player mats, I'll be severely limiting the design space that can be explored with a future expansion. And I don't want to include player mats as an add-on now, only to tell you later on that they've been made obsolete with a new expansion. That's just kind of a crappy thing to do.

So for those reasons, player mats won't be part of Endogenesis now... but there's a very good chance they will be in a future expansion! For now though, if you really want those player boards you see on the Tabletopia version of the game, I've uploaded the design files on the Endogenesis game entry on Board Game Geek. They fit very nicely on an A3 piece (297mm x 420mm) of artcard or paper, so it's a cinch to just bring the file down to your local printer and get it made. Click here or the image below to download the file!

Click to download the high-res player board!
Click to download the high-res player board!

Interview with More Games Please

Click to read the interview!
Click to read the interview!

So here's an interview I've been really excited about. I had the pleasure of chatting with Ross from More Games Please about the inspiration behind Endogenesis, and how we went about defining its mythology and art direction. Check it out here!

This has been a particularly lengthy update, so I'm leaving the Entropic Skill Category Focus for the next one. Instead, here's an art process GIF for Wonder cards:

If these GIFs are something you'd like to see more of, let me know in the comments below and I'll post more in future. Till next update!

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    1. David Goh Creator on

      @Marcel So I did some searching, and it turns out that 10x16 inch is a common standard size for shops making custom mats. I've made a quick 10x16 inch variant of the board with slots at the bottom, but have intentionally left them without a label so you can fit any thing you want there, be it cards on hand or Wonders:

      I've also uploaded it on BGG, but that will take some time to process as an admin will have to approve it. You should be able to download it within the next 12 hours or so!

    2. Marcel Claxton

      @David: Lol. Good call! I never even thought about the Wonder cards in my haste to get a design out the door to the printer! I'd definitely have to take more time to rethink the size and space allocation on the mat, and design it properly next time, seeing that I kinda made do, clumsily cutting and pasting backgrounds of available Endogenesis backgrounds and elements online (not having access to any source files ^_^)

    3. David Goh Creator on

      @Marcel: Definitely, upload away! Thanks for checking in too :D I hope the mats turn out well!

      BTW, just a suggestion — if you're looking to add card slots, I'd actually suggest slots for Wonder cards instead. Wonder cards don't count as part of your hand in the game's rules, so having a place to store them would be a nice bonus, I think. Just a thought!

    4. Marcel Claxton

      @David: Thanks for the cool design for us to print out Player Boards. I tinkered a little bit with it because my neoprene mat printer required a different format. This left me a little room to add space for your cards in hand when playing solo! I added a link to the file over at BGG ( so you can check it out. Hope that's okay! Thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ledgerwood

      I was investigating on getting some player mats printed, but the dimensions seem to fit a rubber mat of 14"x28" rather than A3 sized sheet. Would that be too big to use?

    6. David Goh Creator on

      @Steven Thanks for the advice! I agree completely with what you've said, which is why I've been very selective with the manufacturers that I've been in contact with — all are reputable and come highly recommended. I'm prioritizing reliability above all else in this regard.

      What you've mentioned is one of the main concerns I have with changing the tokens from cardboard to plastic, as the creation of molds might make things unpredictable, in terms of the final quality of the components and the impact it could have on the timeline. I'm looking into it, but I'm definitely mindful of the potential implications, so there's a good chance it might not happen.

      I'll definitely keep in mind the things you've mentioned, thanks again!

    7. Steven Crane

      As you're a first time Creator, be warned that the factory you select can mean all the difference. Quotes changing on the fly, promises broken, quality not provided as promised (especially when it goes from digital mockup to actual proofs) I say this because several smaller KS creators I've backed have had nightmares with these sorts of issues. They've all pulled through eventually but it's cost months and months worth of delays as for example a new factory was found and new proofs were done, etc

      Not that it will happen to you we hope, but well worth keeping in mind the need to have some spare cash and a realistic time frame with some safety margin built in

    8. David Goh Creator on

      @Gordon Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement! And definitely — if the plastic/acrylic tokens aren't feasible with this version, I'll be sure to keep them in mind for an expansion. I'm looking forward to share more of the other Skill Classes too!

    9. Gordon Williamson on

      Glad you liked the games I referenced. While it can be hard to find the right look for plastic tokens to fit with the aesthetic you are going for, it can be a very worth while upgrade when you find the right look. Regardless, it is something to keep looking for in the future... perhaps with new expansions.
      In all honesty, the game looks great as it stands and that is an accomplishment you should be proud of, especially with how well this game has done. Even without plastic upgrades or player mats, anyone who gets this game will be proud to show it off. I know I will (already though of some combos I would like to try with the two skill classes you've already gone into more depth with so far and am looking forward to seeing the other class skills detailed to work out more).
      This will definitely be a fine game to add to my collection.

    10. David Goh Creator on

      @Ebonweaver I have to say that those look pretty good! Thanks for the reference, I'll look into it.

    11. Ebonweaver

      @David check out the experience tokens in this recent project. They upgraded from cardboard to plastic, and it's not transparent. They also ran a good campaign and were really engaged so I'm sure you could message them and ask who they are using for production.

    12. David Goh Creator on

      @Gordon Wow these are some good looking games! Thanks for the references. The one for Consentacle looks to be laser cut acrylic, while the other two appear to use a mixture of cardboard tokens and plastic cubes. I believe those plastic cubes are one of the few standard components that are readily available to manufacturers.

      My concern with clear plastic parts is that they might not fit very well with the game's aesthetic, and appear to be very limited in their available sizes & shapes. I'll keep looking around to see what I can find though. Thanks again!

    13. Gordon Williamson on

      You might also be able to see some pictures of these tokens if you look the games up on Boardgame Geek... I believe most have at least pictures prototype tokens of these styles of tokens and such.

    14. Gordon Williamson on

      I recently received a game called Consentacle that had a fundraiser here on Kickstarter. The trust tokens from that game were upgraded to a nice red and blue transparent acrylic plastic while the satisfaction tokens are a more translucent acrylic plastic with sort of a sparkle finish to them (i think it is in the plastic).
      The Nemesis Game that was also on Kickstarter (and is now in the production phase) also upgraded many of its tokens to an acrylic plastic (i think it is an acrylic), though the game has yet to be delivered so I an not sure of the quality yet.
      Layered player boards are an interesting idea, RWBY: Combat Ready (also Kickstarter funded) when with a similar idea and it looks nice. They also upgraded some of their tokens and such to plastic as well.
      I wish i could tell you what companies they used for such upgrades, but I am not sure it was mentioned in their updates as to who was producing them. Perhaps if you contact them through their kickstarter pages (should have contact information) they might be able to provide you with such information.

    15. German R Mejia

      Of course David. Like I said, you deserve it. Just like SMYR said, the amount of compassion you show for your backers will also make me pledge blindly with your future campaigns.

    16. David Goh Creator on

      Thanks @SMYR! :D I really appreciate the kind words. I'll keep doing my best!

    17. SMYR

      Mats are a nice thing but I’m backing because of the gameplay and mechanics first of all. Sommats can wait. But let me add that this is an exceptionally well-run campaign! If this is still the case until the game is delivered you’ll earn a place on my ”can be pledged blindly” list... Great job so far!

    18. David Goh Creator on

      @Gordon I definitely want to do player mats as part of a future expansion! Josh Beauvais mentioned in the comments about doing multi-layer boards with detents to hold the trackers, and I think that's a really cool idea to look into.

      The tokens are currently planned to be cardboard tokens, though I'm also looking into the possibility of upgrading them. I've been looking at both acrylic cut and pre-made plastic ones for a while now, but I've yet to find any that would really fit with the rest of the game's aesthetic. Do you happen to know of any existing games with particularly good acrylic/plastic tokens I could use as a reference?

    19. Gordon Williamson on

      It is unfortunate news about the player mats, but an understandable (and likely hard) choice to make. Offering the option to print out a player board/mat on one's own is probably the only viable solution at this time, given all the reasons you mentioned. Hopefully, with future expansions, this will be an option.

      On a side note, it looks like the shards, prisms and energy tokens are going to be a sort of cardboard material (sort of like what one sees with a lot of other game tokens). Have you thought about possibly upgrading the materials for these to a more durable plastic? I know that these cardboard versions can have a fair amount of durability, but with the amazing artwork of this game, having them made with a transparent/translucent plastic could be amazing as well (and make them feel more like what they represent). True, providing as many in plastic might be much (especially for the shards), but it may be worth considering. Maybe as a later upgrade with future expansions?

    20. Annihilator27 on

      That sucks, That was one of the main reasons I backed the project. RIP mats!

    21. David Goh Creator on

      @German Thank you so much, your words are very encouraging. And it's definitely not a one man show! My wife in particular has basically been an incredible support in countless ways — she acts as a soundboard for all my ideas and proofreads all my updates (like this one.) I'm also lucky to have a couple of very wise & experienced friends who are just a phone call away!

      @Trond Replied! If the shop doesn't accept the post as proof, let me know and I can send you a more "formal" statement.

      @Richard Thank you! :D

    22. Richard El-chamaa

      amazing work. i am sad about the mats, but an amazing idea to let us print, keep it up

    23. Trond Klakken

      @Creator thanks! Added a comment at BGG :)

    24. German R Mejia

      Honestly, I know it may not be a one man show, but you do seriously put in quite a lot of effort for your backers and I hope you know that we truly appreciate this. Your method of running this campaign and backer interaction is stellar and you deserve praise for it.

    25. David Goh Creator on

      @Ebonweaver Thank you for the encouragement and continued support, I really appreciate it! :D

    26. Ebonweaver

      This is great stuff man, you're doing good work. Giving us things that can be worked in, keeping things back that would be a problem and explaining why, others need to take notes from you how to run a campaign :)