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Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 1-5 players.
Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 1-5 players.
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SOLO/DUO MODE! Gameplay Livestream VOD & Organic Skill Focus

Posted by David Goh (Creator)

I know, I know. I said I'd only work on it after the campaign, but I just couldn't help myself. Every time someone adds their vote for solo mode, my head invariably swirls with ideas on how to make it happen. In these past months, I've been so focused on planning everything that goes with a Kickstarter, I never realized how much I missed a good ol' game design challenge. And now that things with the campaign have slowed down a little, why not give it a shot?

And now, it's my pleasure to present to you what I've been working on...

Solo/Duo Mode: Chaos Royale

Click to learn more!
Click to learn more!

Solo & duo mode will now be a part of Endogenesis! It'll automatically be included in each of your game copies as an extension of the rulebook. Big thanks to our lore expert Ryan Mennen for coming up with the name and a really cool alternate-reality story on short notice!

I've created a thread on Board Game Geek with more details of what this mode will entail — click here or on the image above to check it out. If you're just looking for the headlines though, here they are:

  • Where the original goal of the game was to defeat 3 Legendary Monsters and collect 3 Prisms, in Chaos Royale, your task now is to completely obliterate the Realm of Chaos. This means defeating ALL Monsters from the Realm of Chaos!
  • Each Legendary Monster defeated opens up a character slot for a monster, up to a maximum of 3 slots. That means that later in the game, you'll be fighting up to 3 Monsters at a time!
  • Unlike the original game mode, death is PERMANENT and triggers a loss.
  • The 2-player variant is 100% co-operative, so you and your partner will win or lose together.
Photo of one of our test sessions!
Photo of one of our test sessions!

Please keep in mind that certain details might change in future. We've only done 15 playtests so far, though they've been looking very promising!

Playing Endogenesis with Table Crashers

Last week, I had the pleasure of demoing Endogenesis on Tabletopia to Matt, Will and Gil from Geekspiel's Table Crashers — check out our session below. Gameplay portion of the video starts at 22:10 onwards.

And now, on to our next Skill Category Focus...

Skill Category Focus: Organic

 "Celestial bodies revolved with the mechanic accuracy of one plane, circling a giant manifestation of the entropic energy of one other plane, and gifted to perceive the mythic beings of yet another plane, ironically branding them gods, their simplicity a gift of being organic." - Description of the organic plane, from the Origins of Endogenesis

Organic Skills are themed on Health restoration and using your life force to empower the potency of abilities. It's ideal for players that like to play defensively. Skills reach their peak earlier than later, allowing players to focus on buffing their Health later on in the game.


  • Powerful defensive abilities that can be used to prevent death, or negate high amounts of damage.  
  • Skills are powerful for their energy costs in the early game.
  • Very high survivability due to the fact that many skills provide health restoration.


  • Skills require you to have high maximum Health in order to be effective.
  • Tends to be weaker in the late game versus other Skill categories.
  • Class bonuses are powerful, but are almost entirely defensive.

Powerful Combinations

Nettle Swarm + Thorn Burst + Vine Leech: The closer you are to death, the more potent this combo is. Use Nettle Swarm and Thorn Burst to deal Damage to both you and your enemies, and then finish off with Vine Leech to deal massive amounts of multi-target damage, while restoring your Health back to full!

Transfusion + Crimson Tides: Use Transfusion to soften your enemies and restore any missing Health, and then Crimson Tides to finish off them off. At its maximum power, Crimson Tides either restores up to 7 Health to your character, or deals up to 7 Damage against two enemies, making it a versatile skill for offense or defence.

That's all for the Organic Skill Category! As always, let me know your questions in the comments below. We'll be covering the Entropic Skill Category next. I'll also be sharing more about the new stretch goal soon (especially excited about this one), so hang tight!

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    1. Marcel Claxton

      @Richard: with David's free Player Board design over at BGG ( you can print one out through one of the easy customized neoprene mat services online. I even added a solo variant of the design.

    2. Tony Skoviak on

      This is awesome. The co-op mode sounds fun and (I hope!) challenging. I was excited to play competitive once a year at an annual gathering, but now I can look forward to co-op with my girlfriend too!

    3. Richard El-chamaa

      amazing :) keep up the amazing work (i dont mind paying for the player boards :) )

    4. David Goh Creator on

      @Richard Player boards/mats are something I've been looking into for the past week. I'll have an answer for you (and all other backers) later this week in an update, so please stay tuned!

    5. David Goh Creator on

      @SMYR Thanks for the feedback! One of the things I'm exploring now is with varying difficulty levels. Generally players start with 3 Health, 3 Shards and 4 cards (this would be "Normal"), but for the "Easy" difficulty it could be 4 Shards instead, whereas at "Epic" difficulty it could be 2 Shards and 3 cards.

      As for the current difficulty of the mode, we're trying to strike a balance between replayability and ease. If it's too easy, it feels like there'll be less of a point to play again, especially for players who play for the challenge. But of course, we don't want it to be so difficult that it becomes frustrating. We're confident of finding a good middle ground with more testing!

    6. Richard El-chamaa

      question, will there be any character boards like we see on tabletopia where each player has a place to store their prisms, health and shards?

    7. SMYR

      That's awesome! Thank you - this gets more and more exciting! So far I really like your idea for the solo/duo mode. I'm a little concerned regarding difficulty: "we've managed to win only 1/3rd of the time". Would be great to have some ways to influence the overall difficulty. (For potentially weak players like me ;))

    8. David Goh Creator on

      You're welcome @Anthony!

      @Matt The <50% health check is done after you pay 2 Health.

    9. Matt Wester

      Glad to hear solo's being worked on! Question about Thorn Burst - is the 50% health check done before or after you pay 2 health?

    10. Anthony

      Yes!!! Thank you David!