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Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 1-5 players.
Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 1-5 players.
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Stretch Goal #4 unlocked! Updated achievements & Cosmic skill focus

Posted by David Goh (Creator)

It's that time of the week again... with 16 achievements cleared, we've unlocked our 4th stretch goal!

Realm of Chaos Expansion

Four new cards have been added to the Realm of Chaos: one Event (Pandemonium) and three Distortions (Fatigue, Essence Shift and Acceleration.)

Event — Pandemonium: No other card embodies the theme of chaos the way Pandemonium does! When drawn, this Event forces players to shuffle their cards from their hand together and draw a new set from the shuffled cards, essentially randomizing everyone's hands with cards from other players.

Distortion — Fatigue: This Distortion changes the state of the battlefield, causing all Health regeneration effects to fail as long as it's active.

Distortion — Essence Shift: This Distortion ups the ante on player killing! All players must place a Shard on the card, and the next player to kill any other player wins the entire pot.

Distortion — Acceleration: Causes the next monster to grow more durable... but also increases their kill reward!

Updated Achievements

A quick change has been made to the Achievement chart. The Instagram selfies achievements have been replaced with Number of campaign shares on Facebook.

Because of this late adjustment, you all get a head-start with the first tier of 250 shares unlocked! We're currently at 480+ shares, and you can check this by searching "Endogenesis Kickstarter" on Facebook, under "Links." The easiest way to bump this number is by using the Facebook Share icon on the campaign page:

Introduction to Skill Category Focus

Out of all the components that make up Endogenesis, the most important of which are Skill cards. Players equip Skills to define the abilities and play styles of their characters, and then use them as a primary method of interacting with other players and monsters that appear from the Realm of Chaos.

For this and the next couple of updates, we'll be taking a closer look at the different Skill categories that exist in the Realm of Knowledge, and talk about their identities and play styles. We'll start off with the Cosmic class for this update:

Skill Category Focus: Cosmic

"Like a weave of black upon the darkest blues and stacked upon shades indiscernible by the simple eye, creation, it seemed, was less a circle of life, but a sphere of intangible material, layers upon layers of creation, the beauty of lying on the vastness of a canvas cosmic." - Description of the Cosmic plane, from the Origins of Endogenesis

Cosmic skills are themed on multi-target damage and monster slaying. Ideal for newer players, or those looking for a more straightforward play style. Of the 8 Skills, two are defensive, and both Ultimates are abilities that focus on heavy amounts of multi-target damage.


  • Able to deal multi-target damage, which is great for multiple takedowns when the situation allows for it.
  • Bonuses against attacking monsters provides a more direct way to pursue your victory condition.
  • Built to be all-around balanced, great for newer players.


  • Lacks single target burst damage that's generally required to take down a significantly stronger player.  
  • Being forced to hit multiple targets means sometimes triggering Reaction abilities that might disrupt your plays.
  • Class acquisition bonus of drawing 2 Wonder cards isn't always useful, as some Wonders are only strong during the early game.

Powerful combinations

1. Pulsar + Nova + Extinction: With this combination, you are the ultimate Monster slayer. Start by using Nova to see how much damage you roll. Then, follow up with Pulsar further soften the Monster, and then end with Extinction to take advantage of the Shard bonus gained from killing Monsters. With each Skill gaining bonus damage versus Monsters, few Monsters will be able to survive this combo.

2. Dark Matter + Warp: During the late game, this combination can be used to practically delete a single enemy regardless of how high their Health is. At its highest level, Dark Matter deals damage equal to 50% of each enemy's health with no limits, which is incredibly powerful by itself. By using Warp right after, you can redirect this damage dealt to a Monster to another Player, or from a Player to the Monster, allowing you to stack the effects of Dark Matter twice on a single enemy!

That's all for the Cosmic Skill Category! If you've any questions, just let me know in the comments below. We'll be covering the Organic Skill Category for the next update, and I hope to have some news to share regarding solo/co-op mode soon, so stay tuned!

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    1. David Goh Creator on

      @Gunho Still working on it. I should have something to share by next week :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Gunho Kim on

      Do you decide next goal?

      I want shards upgrade!!!

    3. Max Sum on

      Ah! i see! so there is abit different in way of stacking and distribution compare to MTG! glad to know as all these small minor detail plays alot of changes in combos and way of using it (or abusing). Thanks for the clarification David as now i have an insight deeper on how it works for Endogenesis :)

    4. David Goh Creator on

      @Max Sum I'm happy to clarify this. In Endogenesis, the wording for cards is very important, as players are expected to take the effects of the Skill cards at face value. For example, if a Skill says it does damage to all enemies, it means ALL ENEMIES — you can't choose someone to exclude from your targeting.

      Alright, so moving on to Dark Matter and Warp. The effect of Dark Matter is to deal damage to ALL enemies, and that damage is equal to 50% of their current health. So let's say you cast this against 3 enemies (Monster, Player A, Player B)

      - The Monster has 6 health, so his incoming damage is 3.
      - Player A has 7 health, so his incoming damage is 4 (rounded from 3.5).
      - Player B has 8 health, so his incoming damage is 4.

      Before the damage is applied, all 3 targets can choose to use Reaction Skills. To decide how they want to deal with the damage. Normally, you can only use Reaction Skills when you're a target of an incoming Skill. Warp is special in that you can use it even if you're not the target of said Skill, which means you can immediately use it right after playing Dark Matter.

      So, say you use Warp to redirect the effects of Dark Matter from going towards the monster, towards Player A instead. The way Warp interacts with Dark Matter is that it redirects the damage that has already been calculated, rather than recalculating the damage dealt because there's a new target. Another way to put it this is that Skills that do variable damage have two parts to the way they're processed: They first calculate the damage based on target, and then the damage is distributed. The distribution of this damage is the "effect," which Warp is redirecting. So, in using Warp to redirect Dark Matter away from the Monster to Player A, this is the new distribution of damage:

      - The Monster (6 health) has no incoming damage, given that it's been redirected.
      - Player A (7 health) has an incoming damage of 4 brought on by Dark Matter, and incoming damage of 3 that's been redirected from the Monster.
      - Player B (8 health) has an incoming damage of 4. (nothing's changed for him)

      So assuming that The Monster, Player A and Player B do no reactions and accept their fate, Player A will die from the effects of the primary casting of Dark Matter, and the redirected effects of Dark Matter from the Monster.

      I hope this clarifies things! I'll be expanding the rulebook later on to address these issues. Warp is a particularly complex Reaction Skill, but it has the potential for really powerful plays, depending on how well a player manages it.

    5. Max Sum on

      Hi @David Goh,

      I have been a MTG player for 22 years and i myself is a combo player, therefore ability text is important to me. I Hope you do not mind im mentioning this and maybe i am wrong also.

      1st off, Dark Matter & Warp cant be combo to kill 2 opponents and it could not stack. As the word "redirect" from Warp simply just means you divert the target to another, it does not mean you double the card effect on same or different target.

      Example 1. 3 players A B C : A cast Dark Matter (or any other spell) to C. A uses Warp to stack up the effect, that would mean warp is "redirecting the DM to another target either to B or to self A. (any other than C since C is the 1st target and it is being redirected to change to other targets)" therefore the damage has changed target based on the text.

      Example 2. A cast DM on B, if in MTG; if WARP is an instant and B is holding it, he may use WARP to redirect DM back to A or to C.

      Well im not comparing as it is 2 different games but then i think the "redirecting" word is not the word of choice to use in what you are trying to combo at. maybe you can change the text to "copy the DM and choose a new target"?

      Sorry if im wrong or cause a mis-understanding, just that "redirect" dosent stack up on same target or has double effect. it just changes target and its still 1 since it is not copy.

      Please correct me if im wrong or misunderstand. hope it helps in text proofing :)

    6. David Goh Creator on

      @Eyferann Each Skill card is unique, so there'll only be one of each in the deck.

    7. Eyferann on

      Are there multiple copies of a spell in the deck or each spell occurs only once?

    8. David Goh Creator on

      @Phill For Essence Shift, players take one of their own Shards and place them on the Distortion. While I think it'll be clearer when you're in the midst of playing the game, I agree that some minor tweaks to the current text could help reduce ambiguity. I'll try out a few options, thanks for the feedback!

    9. Phill on

      Essence Shift could use some explanation. Do players take one of their crystals, or do they come out of the crystal bag?

    10. David Goh Creator on

      Thanks @Llez! The initial Energy cost for Warp is 4, actually. But as you said, it goes down to 3 and then 2 as you upgrade it further.

    11. Llez

      Warp's costs seem to be wrong? Initial cost 2, but if you add 2 shards it goes up to 3 and if you go to 3 shards it goes back to the initial 2. Besides that the class is cool and like usual awesome art!