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Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 1-5 players.
Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 1-5 players.
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Lower Shipping Prices for EU, Building Momentum

Posted by David Goh (Creator)

EU shipping prices. Each time someone asks me if it'll ever be lowered, I wince a little while formulating a reply. I hate giving a negative answer, but I do it anyways because I don't want to give false hope. But now, after revisiting my plans, extended discussions with my distributor and hours of tinkering with spreadsheets, it makes me incredibly happy to be able to answer with this little 3 letter word...

 ...Yes. YES! The price for EU shipping has been reduced from S$39 to S$25, bringing it to match with UK shipping prices.

However, because Kickstarter doesn't allow me to modify existing reward tiers, implementing the new rates will take a bit of work on your end. So for all you EU backers (excluding UK) out there, here's how you can update your pledges:

  • Shortly after this update goes live, there'll be a new Reward tier. It's meant for EU backers only with the updated shipping price, AND it'll have the Early Bird price of S$56 (instead of S$59)
  • If you're an existing backer from EU, you can change your pledge by visiting the project page and clicking the Manage your pledge button.
  • Click Change your pledge, and in the new window, select the new pledge tier titled The Ascended (EU Only, Early Bird). Select the only available shipping destination, and the total price reflected should be S$81. Press Continue and that's it!

Note that this resurrected Early Bird for EU backers will last for only 24 hours. After that, it'll be replaced with a new pledge tier meant for EU backers only, with the original price of S$59.

You're probably wondering why the Early Bird price is being made available again to EU backers. That's because I want to maintain the Early Bird bonus to EU backers who backed the project during the first 48 hours — but given the limitations of what I can do with Kickstarter, this is the easiest and least messy way of going about it.

I'll be messaging each EU backer personally shortly after this update to notify them of the new changes.  

That's it for EU shipping! if you need any help with adjusting your pledge, feel free to send me a message, or check out this article that has more details.

Building Momentum

As you might've noticed, things are now slowing down a little as we're past the 72 hour mark. One way you can help us maintain momentum is by checking out our campaign's entry on Boardgamelinks, which is a pretty awesome site for all the best things regarding board gaming. They have a section for live board game Kickstarters that's sorted based on popularity; you can help us climb the ranks by visiting the link below and clicking the "Go to Kickstarter +1" button!

Clickety-click here!
Clickety-click here!

If you've more ideas on how to gain more visibility and momentum, let me know in the comments below!

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    1. David Goh Creator on

      To all EU backers who've yet to adjust your pledge, the EU Early Bird reward tier is now closed, but you may still adjust your pledge to the available "The Ascended (EU Only)" tier to have your shipping price reduced from S$39 to S$25. Thanks!

    2. David Goh Creator on

      @Nocturnus Yup, you do! Just pledge under the "The Ascended (EU Only)" tier instead to enjoy the new shipping rates.

    3. Nocturnus

      I got the original 48h early bird, but missed the new EU early bird. Do I still get the new shipping costs?

    4. Sir Frank Radefeldt

      Thanks a lot, great customer service!

    5. Steven Crane

      Although I'm gutted the UK hasn't dropped, it is great news for the EU so congratulations! It should help the campaign no end!

    6. Diana, Mistress of Pineyapples

      @David You have dangerously good memory there :P Thanks!

    7. David Goh Creator on

      @Yluras Thank you :) Welcome aboard to you as well!

    8. David Goh Creator on

      @Diana Welcome back! :D

    9. Missing avatar

      Yluras on

      Thanks for the effort into improving shipping!! I recently jumped into the project, but seems a really exciting one!!
      Keep up the good work!!

    10. David Goh Creator on

      @M Thanks for the ideas! I'll add them to the next update

    11. M

      Viewing the game on Kicktraq gets it into their Hot List, I don’t think most people have even heard of boardgamelinks. Also on BGG page views, becoming a “fan”, and liking images will get the game onto the Hotness list.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andreas Kuballa on

      Unbelievable!! Big thanks!!!!