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Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 1-5 players.
Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 1-5 players.
2,777 backers pledged S$ 206,108 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal #3 unlocked & what I'm working on

Posted by David Goh (Creator)

Good evening, seekers of godhood. I have a question; is there no stopping you? Because we're only two days into the campaign, and yet you've already exceeded all my expectations and more! Here's where we're at now:

  • We're at 700%+ funded with 600+ backers.
  • We've not only cleared 13 Achievements, but we've absolutely destroyed the funding-based Achievements, with the final one knocked out earlier today.
  • We've unlocked 3 stretch goals so far.

That's absolutely, postively, mind-bloggingly insane. I can't thank you all enough! 

And now, on to the good stuff, our 3rd stretch goal! (unlocked at 10+ achievements)

Realm of Knowledge Expansion

Two new Artifacts have been added to the Realm of Knowledge deck: Titan's Heart and Alder Sap.

Artifacts serve as an alternate source of Energy in Endogenesis, and these new additions are no different. Both Artifacts offer a huge amount of bonus energy... but only if you can fulfill their very specific conditions. This allows for deeper tactical play, and forces you to plan your action order carefully in order to optimize your turns!

New Achievements

We've released the next tier of achievements across the board!

  • Final Achievement for # of Backers: 1000
  • 2nd Achievement for # of Facebook likes: 700
  • 4th Achievement for # of BGG fans: 125

Here's our a link to our Facebook page, and our page on Boardgamegeek.

In other news, the Early Bird tier is just a little over an hour away from closing! Big thanks to all you early adopters for hopping on!

What I'm working on

These last 48 hours have been absolutely mindblowing. To be honest, during the planning phase of my campaign, most of my projections and prep work were made with a success target of between 100% to 450%. The idea of even exceeding 500% seemed so out of reach to me, so I didn't spend as much time as I should have preparing for that outcome. But that's NOT to say that there are any problems now that we're well into 700%+ — rather, it has potentially opened up new doors and opportunities, and I feel very inclined to explore them.

As far as challenges goes, this is a very, very happy and exciting one to have, and I really want to thank you all for your faith and trust. So going forward, here's what I'll be working on.

1. A POSSIBLE new stretch goal — With the funding goal having reached new heights, I want to be able to offer more to each of you, so this is something I'm looking into. But before going on, I want to state that I'm going to be VERY cautious with this. Given that this is my first solo campaign, the last thing I want to do is overreach and end up compromising other aspects of the project, such as delays in delivery or even worse, asking for more money in future. So I can't make any promises on whether or not there'll be a new stretch goal, but what I can promise is that if there is one, it will be very carefully implemented with the utmost confidence that I can deliver.

Regarding what the possible goal will consist of, I've been given a lot of brilliant ideas, thanks to all of you! Two suggestions that I really like are: special printing effects for certain cards (suggested by backer Ming Wong), and player mats (suggested by backer paxton73). I'm currently considering giving the Class cards a foil effect, which I think will make them stand out a lot more. As for player mats, I actually have a version of them designed for the Tabletopia demo of the game, check it out:

What the player board COULD look like
What the player board COULD look like

Having player boards would be downright awesome, but I foresee cost to be a potentially major issue if I were to include 5 of them into the current version of the game. That said, this is something I'll still look into, so stay tuned.

2. Retailer pledges — Retailers were only going to be a consideration after the project hit 400% funding, which happened so incredibly fast I barely had time to react! As such, for retailers out there, I ask that you please be patient — I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

3. Solo mode — The question of the day! For now, my answer is this: a solo mode is something I'll be interested in working on after the campaign. I had briefly tested with a solo variant ruleset a couple of months back, and it'll probably serve as the basis if a solo mode comes to life. If so, it'll likely exist as an extension to the rulebook, with no added components required. But because this will be worked on after the campaign, this means I can't promise anything while the Kickstarter is live, so it cannot be something to sway your decision in backing the campaign.

That's all for now! Until next time, know that I'm incredibly grateful for all your feedback and participation — I hope it shows.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lukas Tietz on

      Thanks for the nice update! Keep up the great communication.

      Read it somewhere below, but also think its a valid thing to look into as a stretch goal: an update for the crystal shards from cardboard to plastic molded.

    2. Jeff N

      +1 for the Deluxe pledge idea. Good way to add player boards, but keep your project to just two SKUs. No need for pledge manager complication.

    3. David Goh Creator on

      @Krit I see, thanks for the reference! I'll give it some thought.

    4. Missing avatar

      Krit Chatchairungruang on

      That game do this in every card's back, I think it may appropriate with this game too :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Krit Chatchairungruang on

      Metallic foil ink seam like this picture.

    6. Anthony

      I support a Deluxe tier idea as well!

    7. Missing avatar


      I wouldn't mind paying extra for better materials to complement this already beautiful game. If add-ons are too troublesome, maybe the deluxe tier could be nice, if it isn't also too complicated.

    8. David Goh Creator on

      @Ebonweaver Thank you so much, your words are incredibly encouraging. What you've written has captured my current thoughts and concerns so well. The temptation you speak of is very real, and it's something that I've become acutely aware of. I'll definitely give myself some time and space to clear my head, so as to figure out the next best steps carefully. I'll also take your ideas regarding how to implement upgrades into consideration. Cheers! :D

    9. Ebonweaver

      It's always tempting to let success run away. You planned for an extremely modest campaign, and you're actually doing good by most standards which means you're crushing your plan. Did you underestimate yourself? Absolutely. Is that a bad thing? Not really. You have a solid plan. You set attainable goals. You're super involved with the campaign. This is top notch. Would it be great to see this go to 200k and open up a ton of extras? Sure. Are your backers going to be content with hey, we got what we pledged, and it's solid, so we don't need more? I think most are. We have a month. Some will drop, some will add. You did an early bird, so we'll probably have 2-3 weeks of near zero activity. Or maybe it will go up steady the whole time, hard to be sure, either way don't panic or let people get in your head. I for one think you're doing great. I commend you on how you're conducting this in every way, it's a great looking product, and I look forward to getting the game you designed as is, with any bonuses you feel in the next few weeks you can safely add without blowing it up.

      That said, here's my thoughts on upgrades. If the cost and weight for shipping screw things up (my fear with player boards), and you don't want to do an add ons (totally get it), then offer a deluxe version of the game as a new pledge tier. This allows for a couple of the ideas people have, while maintaining a simple campaign with reliable counts and still no need for a pledge manager. The deluxe version would cost more and have higher shipping due to bigger box, 5 player boards, and plastic tokens instead of cardboard. You can probably get quotes on those items fairly quick, and within 2 weeks be solid in adding the deluxe version for pledge. I'm certain a bunch of people would back in the mean time in anticipation and change over when it became available. The stretch goals would be added to both versions of course. Nice, neat, organized, just like everything else you've done. But that's just my thought, you're the boss :)

    10. David Goh Creator on

      @Simon Oh, and a longer gameplay video is in the works! I'll have more news on that soon.

    11. David Goh Creator on

      @Simon & Anthony While it sounds like a good idea, I'm afraid add-ons are something I'm not really willing to do, because of how it could complicate the entire process of production and fulfillment. I want to keep things simple and modest for my first solo campaign, so as to ensure the absolute best chance that I'll be able to make good on my promises, and having just one version of the game to ship out goes a long way to helping that.

    12. David Goh Creator on

      @Krit I actually think that foil cards would be especially appropriate, for Class cards at least! Are you describing a metallic foil stamp? I believe that while its effect looks good, there could be issues of it not lasting, especially since most of the cards will be shuffled heavily. However, I'll be sure to give it some thought, there are a lot of options to consider when it comes to special effect for cards!

      @Melissa Thank you!

    13. Anthony

      I could consider paying for neoprene playerboards. And for a plastic token upgrade too

    14. Simon Bébéchat Gosalvez

      Great news. If player boards as stretch goals isn’t possible, maybe you offer them as add-on? I’m sure many of us are willing too pay a little more to have them. As for delays, I can’t speak for anyone else but I wouldn’t mind if the game was delivered a bit later, if that means that we have a better product, or more of it.

      Anyway, thanks for this great looking game! :)

      Are there playthrough videos coming soon?

    15. Melissa S.

      Sounds great! I'm happy that you won't be over stretching yourself with extra goals. I am eager for a solo or 2 player mode, but I'm quite happy to wait till after the campaign to get them <3

    16. Missing avatar

      Krit Chatchairungruang on

      Instead of foil card. I think metallic color in some point of card maybe more suit with this art.
      (Like "Oh! Capain" board game)