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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, September 7 2018 1:04 PM UTC +00:00.

David GohBy David Goh
First created
David GohBy David Goh
First created
S$ 67,093
pledged of S$ 5,700pledged of S$ 5,700 goal
21days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, September 7 2018 1:04 PM UTC +00:00.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bartosz Ślesiński just now

      Layout of your project looks so fresh David! Can't wait to see Endogenesis here in Poland!

    2. Josh Cole
      18 minutes ago

      @David Ya! That clears everything up for me and in the best way possible. Thanks!

    3. David Goh Creator about 2 hours ago

      @Josh There are 9 Legendary Monsters in the Realm of Chaos, and they're all unique, so there aren't any duplicates. Prisms can only be gained by defeating Legendary monsters. Certain cards allow for the transfer of Prisms between players, but those Prisms have to originate from killing Legendary Monsters.

      So for a 5 player setup, we generally recommend that it be played with a win condition of 2 Prisms rather than 3. Otherwise, the game can get a bit too long. You may still choose to play with 3 Prisms as the win condition — in this case, if the Realm of Chaos deck is depleted, you can shuffle the discards and use that as the new deck.

    4. Missing avatar

      Josh McDaniel about 3 hours ago

      Hey David, not sure if this has been answered yet. Are there duplicate legendary monsters? Or is there another way to gain prisms than defeating them? If there are 9 legendary monsters, then opportunities for prisms could run out in a 5 player game before anyone wins. Thanks!

    5. David Goh Creator about 4 hours ago

      @Josh My bad, I just realized I only answered part of Vlad's question. So, the answer is YES, the mat will be in the box. All the game's components will fit in the box. However, the mat will be rolled up inside the box, as opposed to laying it flat. Hope that clears things up!

    6. Josh Cole
      about 4 hours ago

      If the mat won’t fit in the box, I can already say that a lot of people won’t like that considering it’s the main game board. As an optional piece it would be fine if it didn’t fit (like if the cardboard one was also there and did go in the box) but as the only game board it should go in the box

    7. David Goh Creator about 11 hours ago

      @Vlad It'll likely be rolled up, actually. But I understand your concern — I'll work with the manufacturer to see what we can do to minimize the risk of the mat being bent out of shape during packing or transit. Thanks for bringing this up!

    8. Missing avatar

      Vlad Anisimov about 11 hours ago

      @David Goh, will mat fit in the box? It would better be laid straight and not rolled, i heard of cases when mats were permanently bent on arrival.

    9. Josh Cole
      about 13 hours ago

      Awesome. Can’t wait for the next update as well!

    10. David Goh Creator about 14 hours ago

      @Matthew Thanks for having me! It was a real blast hanging out with you guys :D

      To everyone who tuned in, thanks for joining us! For everyone else, I'll be sharing the video as soon as it's up.

    11. David Goh Creator about 14 hours ago

      @Cyril The physical game and its rulebook will be in English. However, a backer has volunteered to translate the digital version of the rulebook to French, so there's a good chance a French translation will be available online in future. (Will probably be uploaded to BoardGameGeek)

      @William I'm so sorry, but we're not able to deliver to Brazil. This will likely stay final for the rest of the campaign.

    12. Matthew Miller
      about 17 hours ago

      Live with David (creator) on our Twitch show, Table Crashers right now! Get a look at this thing on Tabletopia!

    13. Missing avatar

      William Wakim about 20 hours ago

      @David Goh, is not shipping to Brazil final? I really liked the project.

    14. Missing avatar

      Cyril about 21 hours ago

      Hi David,

      Will the game be send translate in french or not ?


    15. David Goh Creator 1 day ago

      @Anthony You're welcome. And yes, I'll be sharing details about the Realm of Chaos expansion through a project update soon, so stay tuned!

    16. Anthony
      1 day ago

      @David, thanks for the shout out! And I think it’s great that we have unlocked the Realm of Chaos now! Looking forward to the next update about that new achievement.

    17. David Goh Creator 1 day ago

      Hey all, just a quick note to let you know that a change has been made to the Backer Achievement chart. The "Instagram selfies" achievements have been replaced with "Number of campaign shares on Facebook" instead. Because of this late adjustment, you all get a headstart with the first tier of 250 shares unlocked! We're currently at 478 shares, and you can check this by searching "Endogenesis Kickstarter" on Facebook, under "Links."

      Big thanks to Steven and Anthony for their ideas on new achievements, and to all of you for your continuing support!

    18. David Goh Creator 1 day ago

      @Kevin Yup, Josh is correct — you'll have to select a shipping destination before making a pledge. If you're based in the EU, please use the "The Ascended (EU Only)" reward tier.

    19. Phill 1 day ago

      I've been calling this Endogenisis since that's what it's apparently called but looking at the Box and how it is shown I really like the name End Genisis more, and proabably be calling it that. The spacing between the End and Genisis and the spiral (o) make it even more like it is called End Genisis and not Endogenises

    20. Josh Cole
      1 day ago

      Yes. When you select your pledge (or manage your pledge), it should ask you your shipping destination. When you select where you are it will show the amount it costs and automatically add it to your pledge.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin Goerlich 1 day ago

      Do we need to add shipping to our pledge?

    22. David Goh Creator 1 day ago

      @Cédric Happy to hear that you were able to work it out! :D

    23. Josh Cole
      1 day ago

      @Cedric. Glad you got it figured out, because also there will be no pledge manager (per the FAQ).

    24. Cédric
      1 day ago

      Ok it finally worked out. Sorry.

    25. Cédric
      1 day ago

      Hi again David. So I have an early bird, and that may be the reason why, but I cannot manage my funding in order to add the $74. Any idea on how to proceed? Or should I wait for a pledge manager?

    26. David Goh Creator 1 day ago

      @Cédric Thanks! So for an extra copy to Canada, just add S$74 to your pledge. That price includes shipping for the 2nd copy, so that's a S$4 discount.

    27. Cédric
      1 day ago

      ...add another copy for my kids. But do I have to double the shipping too? For Canada it would be another $19 dollars. No decreasing costs with 2 games? Tx .

    28. Cédric
      1 day ago

      Hi David, game looks great. So much that I wanted to

    29. David Goh Creator 1 day ago

      @SinestDesign I'll have that timeline up later — I'm currently waiting on a few estimates.

      As for what I'm working on, you can check out this update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davidgoh/endogenesis/posts/2259658 , but the gist of it is that I'm working on a possible new stretch goal, after which I'll also be making some edits to the campaign Achievements. I'm also working on a solo/duo co-op mode — just did a couple of playtests in the last 2 days.

      @Cheah I'm afraid that shipping costs are now fixed for all countries, there likely won't be any changes to them.

    30. Missing avatar

      Cheah Rae Von 1 day ago

      Hi @David Goh,

      Will the shipping to Malaysia be lowered? Currently is charing at SGD25.00

    31. David Goh Creator 1 day ago

      @Rick Thanks for the suggestions! I'm actually working on a duo mode that's co-op based. In this mode, the balance issues aren't really a concern, as you and your partner will be going up against multiple monsters at once, so both multi/single target Skills will as effective as they are in the normal game mode.

      The solo/duo mode, if they will be included, will likely exist without requiring any new components, or changes to existing ones. I'll be happy to share details once I get more testing done.

      @Phill Will do, I'll definitely be getting a sample before moving into mass production.

    32. David Goh Creator 1 day ago

      @Ebonweaver It makes sense that it isn't just one thing! Would be too easy to game otherwise. Thank you :D

      @Dr. A. Regarding the playmat, it's expected to perform better than the game board, both in usage and in durability.

      The playmat offers better friction and handling. Parts and cards won't slide around it as much as they would on a board, and it's especially easier to pick up cards off the surface because you're able to press into the mat. This also helps to prevent damage to the cards as you're not using your fingernails to catch the edge.

      The playmat is also highly resistant to water damage. Game boards are water resistant, but given enough time and enough coffee/soda spills the liquid will most definitely seep into the cardboard.

      The original game board was planned to be a quad-fold board (That's the only way it would fit in the box) So after extensive or rough usage over years, the folding creases will very slowly become more malleable, making the board weaker.

    33. SinestDesign 1 day ago

      can we get a timeline of the production and whats currently being worked on?

    34. Phill 2 days ago

      Just please do a trial before mass production of tge play mats as the colors will not be the same as the ones used on the board.

      Tao Long had a really big issue with colors. Thubdergryph missed produced both and the playmat was very muted. They redid it and the matv they sent out was still good but not as crisp as the board

    35. Phill 2 days ago

      Play mats will last a lot longer than a mouse pad as you'll be using this a lot less. I don't even use mouse pads any more tbh

    36. Rick Haasnoot 2 days ago

      Hi David! I've read in the FAQ that 2 player games are prob. less balanced as some cards (e.g., area of effect) are less powerful in that case. Over the years, I saw other (kickstarter) games address issues like this by marking cards (e.g., with " 2p" in a corner") so it's clear that they should be in- or excluded in a 2 player game. Might be a cheap & promising direction to look into :)

    37. Josh Cole
      2 days ago

      Well for one the type and amount of use of a mousepad will be very different from a game mat even if they are the same material

    38. Missing avatar

      Dr. A. 2 days ago

      @David: What about to get the game board on top. I am not sure, if the neoprene game mat will be nice enough after years of playing...?
      I see my mouspad...corners are standing up, ...well, good enough for a mousepad, but not for a game (in my opinion).

    39. Josh Cole
      2 days ago

      @David That’s good to hear. Thanks for the quick response as well. I guess what I wasn’t taking into account here (or didn’t know) was the “bonus” one gets from the synergy of having same class skills. Happy that Formless has a good balance of speed/flexibility and power building.

    40. Ebonweaver
      2 days ago

      I love the balance concept with Formless being easier in one way and harder in another. Very nice, and great to hear it's been well thought out and tested!

      Kicktraq rating is a composite of several things, including traffic to the project on their site, click though their site to the project, number of new backers per day, number of comments per day, pledge amount, and based on my observation other things I can't yet figure out. Suffice to say, it's not a simple equation but the more active a project is in various ways, the more it floats up in rank.

    41. David Goh Creator 2 days ago

      @Josh We've playtested a lot of games where Formless Class was used, and the conclusion we came to is that it actually isn't too powerful.

      You're right that Formless is relatively easier to attain compared to other Classes. However, it comes with a huge limitation requiring you to ensure that your equipped Skills are from different Skill Categories at all times! Given that Skills from the same Skill Category tend to have natural synergy, going Formless means you cannot take advantage of any of them. Building an effective power set becomes a tougher challenge as a result, but the trade-off is that you gain access to Class bonuses earlier on.

      So all in all, it's actually quite difficult to play, but it makes for a rewarding experience if you can pull it off.

    42. glang 2 days ago

      Awesome, these sound like great mechanics. Cheers!

    43. Josh Cole
      2 days ago

      Is Formless too powerful? You can reach it way easier than you can any of the others since it only requires 1/6 cards for each basic slot (rather than 3/7) and it will be much easier to get your ultimate skill as you can basically choose the first one you get and fit the others around it. Moreover, Formless lets you pick whichever ability you want (which would be fine if it was harder to get to), and you can equip any skill you want after you get Formless by getting rid of the same color you already have, whereas there are only 4 other skills you can get if you have a different class.

      Just seems like it’s an easy thing to pick up early on where everyone else will have to slowly work up to a class, and that it remains a powerful boost throughout the whole game since it has a limited effect on your skill decisions and choices.

    44. Richard El-chamaa
      2 days ago

      thanks for the replies :)
      I think it was a bug on kickstarter that BOTH early bird tiers both outputted the new EU shipping values


    45. David Goh Creator 2 days ago

      @glang Yes! Following feedback from reviewers, I made rule changes earlier this year, a few of which could be considered to be catch-up mechanics. You can read more here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2039286/rule-changes-april-16-2018 , but the gist of it is that player death in Endogenesis is a lot less punishing when you're lagging behind, and upgrading one's Health becomes more expensive after reaching a certain level of progress. The thread has a lot more info, so do check it out if you're interested.

      @Josh Ah, I see. Thanks for the info, I've been searching online for info on how it works, but haven't been able to find anything concrete. A few friends tell me that just visiting the page is good enough. Maybe it's both?

    46. glang 2 days ago

      I really like the concept, but I play with people of varying skill levels. Are there any catch-up mechanics in place so, for example, if someone gets put behind very early can they still be a threat in the last few rounds?

    47. Josh Cole
      2 days ago

      Note on the newest update:

      I think the way to get up on Kicktraq is by clicking the green Visit Project button from the kicktraq page.

    48. David Goh Creator 2 days ago

      @Richard For the normal EU-only tier, the amount paid should be reflected at S$84 including shipping. The difference between the EU-Only and EU-Only Early Bird was in the game price (S$59 vs S$56). The difference between the both EU-Only reward tiers and normal reward tiers is in the updated shipping price (S$25 vs S$39).

    49. Richard El-chamaa
      2 days ago

      so? what was the difference, was it the shipping? because for both tiers i was to pay $81

    50. David Goh Creator 2 days ago

      @Richard I'm not sure I follow. The EU-only Early Bird is S$56, which is the same price as the early bird that took place in the first 48 hours of the campaign. However, the EU-only early bird has ended (it ended a couple of hours ago, given that the 24 hours has elapsed), so what you're probably looking at now is the normal EU-only tier at S$59.

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