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A tribute art book for Sci-fi lovers - Kickstarter Limited Edition. May the Ink be with you!
A tribute art book for Sci-fi lovers - Kickstarter Limited Edition. May the Ink be with you!
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Shipping update - Wonderful news :)

Posted by David G. Forés and Play Attitude (Creator)

Hello Space Creatures,

How are you doing? Hope everything is going well with you!
It might be true that human being we learned because the packing of The Ink Harvest goes smoothly, and it is even fun at times :) 

Wonderful news! Everything is going very well, and we already started shipping some packages.

Shipped rewards: 


  • EUROPE they take from 6 to 8 days - Delivery: 15-19 August
  • REST OF THE WORLD take from 10 to 20 days - Delivery: 20 August - 2 September

HOTH, AND DEATH STAR: These reward levels are tracked. You'll receive an email indicating the expected delivery date, tracking number and service provider.

Still on preparation: 


We need a bit of time for the customized rewards. David is working on the Ink Drawings and Originals, and we'll send them during the upcoming weeks. These reward levels are tracked so you'll receive an email from me or Sofia when your reward leaves the studio!

We ask you for a bit of patience while waiting for the packages until the expected delivery time. Sometimes, and especially in summer, delivery is slower, but I am sure it is going to be ok.

If you have wanna contact us, the best would be to send a message on Kickstarter. Alternatively, you can write us at :)

Hope this wonderful news makes you very happy. We are! :)

We all wish you a wonderful summer and keep talking!

Nai and the Play Attitude team

P.S: If you are one of these distracted creatures that did not fill the survey, follow this link: Survey Recovery Page. Please, send us a message to be sure we received your survey :)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Wayne Welgush

      Opened my package today and was disappointed to find the two of the contents damaged. One of the metallic greeting cards (Luke Skywalker) was lightly bent on the folded edge and into the face of the card by about and inch. The Ink Harvest book itself had damage where the second page, about a quarter of the way in from the right edge was torn across the top and folded downward about and inch and a half towards the center with a couple of page after it having been dinged downwards ever so slightly. Not sure what happened but there was no damage on the shipping envelop it came in. Never had issue with past products that haven been shipped to me by Play Attitude before.

    2. Missing avatar

      Wayne Welgush

      Got mine in the mail today, but will open it when I get home from work. I have not received a link for the pdf release of this as well with my pledge and am wondering if it was sent out?

    3. Mike V.

      Got mine in perfect shape. (Maryland, USA).
      Fantastic art and production values, as always. Can't wait for the next one!!

    4. Alessandro Rizzolli on

      Got mine last week! And it's great, as usually ;)
      Thank you!!!

    5. Tasha Turner

      Great news. Drooling over the pictures. This is going to be something special to treasure.

    6. Missing avatar

      I. Sanderson on

      Great news - and I don't mind waiting longer for my package (Dagobah) at all! Don't want to rush the artist! :D

    7. Maximilian Eberl

      Loving all of it!

    8. Tory Ling on

      i can't wait, i was one of those who won the princess leia print too. :)

    9. David G. Forés and Play Attitude 6-time creator on

      @Heidi Wilde, got it, it will be shipped this week! Thanks :)

    10. Heidi Wilde on

      SOOO sorry! I was one of those distracted creatures, but I have mended my ways and filled out the survey! Thank you for making awesome projects! I've loved all of them. :)