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A card game of lumberjacks, grizzly bears, and competitive hairstyling!
A card game of lumberjacks, grizzly bears, and competitive hairstyling!
Missed the Kickstarter? Click the button below to pre-order, Coming November 2017.
A card game of lumberjacks, grizzly bears, and competitive hairstyling! Missed the Kickstarter? Click the button below to pre-order, Coming November 2017.
891 backers pledged $18,002 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Zach Dominguez 6 days ago

      So are we getting an update once a year now that just states that this is still on but not actually getting the game?

    2. Missing avatar

      Mickos on June 6

      So whats going on here? is this game being made or not????

    3. Axel Karlsson on May 29

      Okay, so it is being printed right about now then?

    4. Phil Chen
      on May 25

      David, thank you for the update. Great to hear from you!

    5. Steven Paradise
      on May 17

      I'm just happy to hear from David. I'm okay with it being late; I would even survive not getting it. I just want to know what the situation is, rather than radio silence. So even if all you say is "nothing to share, but I'm here" every month, I'd be okay with that. Though I would love to see some photos of something new...

    6. Christopher Doornbos
      on May 11

      David, thank you for the update. Looking forward to playing this game at my weekly game night soon!

      @Jimmy Thank you for the acknowledgement. I'm trying to remember that even in frustration, that ultimately it is about a product that is meant to spark joy!

    7. Rennie on May 8

      I'm glad to see the update, faith restored!

      How do I go about changing my shipping address though?

    8. Jimmy Trinket
      on May 8

      Was happy to hear the latest update. Fantastic news indeed. And @Christopher Doornbos, thanks for contacting Simon and shedding some more light on this situation. Your final paragraph was probably the most relevant comment I've read on this thread. It's nice to remind the makers that many of us feel this way. Having backed my share of wobbly kickstarters, I understand that it's not all easy sailing for the makers, and having to read the Comments section, riddled with emotional tirades, it must gouge away at those makers. Perhaps, as those particular backers who get quite emotional, support more projects, they will become more streetwise to how this all works and they will take more time to weigh up the risks involved. Because, with any investment there are these kinds of risks.

    9. Ken
      on May 8

      Really hope this gets finished. Have been waiting for this game, like we all have, for awhile.

    10. Axel Karlsson on May 8

      Printing by the end of the month? I’ll be damned.

    11. Missing avatar

      Rhonda A.
      on May 7

      I am glad to see it is still alive, I looked forward to playing it with my daughter. 😁

    12. Nick Ryan
      on May 7

      What about the people who backed for a custom card?

    13. Mike Vander Veen on May 7

      Thanks for the update David. Still very much looking forward to playing and sharing Yukon Salon at game nights when it comes out. There is a massive silent majority rooting for you and excited to get a copy of this fun game.

    14. Missing avatar

      Matt Larson on May 7

      Progress? An update?!?

      My mind is reeling.

    15. Christopher Doornbos
      on May 7

      I got a quick reply from Simon, and permission to share his response here.

      "I appreciate your concerns but I have not been involved with Yukon Salon since the end of the Kickstarter campaign—I was contracted to advise on the creation and marketing of the campaign and have never been involved in production or the post-campaign. That said I have passed along a number of notes along these lines to David when I've seen him and advised him to share updates on his progress. I understand this is a frustrating situation for the backers and wish I had more information for you. For what it's worth, I do believe David will make good on his promises when he's able. "

      Although Simon is not able to directly help in the production of the game, or in getting David to respond, it was nice to have questions, and get a quick and informative response. Also, as I later replied to Simon, I would have been leery of backing projects with his name attached to them in the future, but his responses and professionalism have helped to assuage those fears.

      Thank you again Simon.

      On a continuing note, David the majority of us truly just want communication from you (even if it is nothing new to report) and the games that we invested in. We were all excited to play your game, and the majority of us would still like that chance.

    16. Christopher Doornbos
      on May 7

      I found a way to contact Simon Berman who is listed as collaborator on this project. I did my best to politely communicate that we are all quite disappointed with how this campaign has been handled, and that if he has any way to contact David to find out the status of this project, to please contact me. I have no guess on whether he will reply, but if I get a response, I will be sure to pass it along here.

    17. Alexandre Abrão on May 1

      So David still using our money with booze, strip clubs and drugs? Geez, the least he could do its invite us....

    18. Daniel Rojas Arboleda on May 1

      Ok. I'm done. Enjoy our money Foolen. Wish you the "best" in this industry.

    19. Missing avatar

      Matt Larson on April 23

      He isn’t dealing with it. He’s ignoring it. That makes it easier.

    20. Missing avatar

      Rhonda A.
      on April 23

      I guess I don't understand how someone could expect to continue to have a future in the game industry after doing this, which clearly he does. I do still hold out hope that something will come of this at some point in the future. I don't understand how dealing with this mess is somehow easier than just producing the game in the first place?

    21. Missing avatar

      mike on April 22

      On the one hand, i'm holding out hope that he gets this done-atleast our run to have copies of the game. But, i'm also realistic to the fact that it honestly looks like he's basically washed his hands of this whole project. Which is sad, because this looked like a really fun game.

    22. Missing avatar

      Matt Larson on April 22

      In all seriousness, what’s the point? The only way to go after the guy is to sue, which I’m not going to do for my $15. All the grumbling in the world isn’t bringing him back.

      I still hope one of us actually runs into him at a convention or show. I’d love to hear his explanation - not of what went wrong, or how it’s coming Real Soon Now, but why he couldn’t be bothered to update us for eight months when we can all see he’s still checking Kickstarter with some regularity.

    23. Monsterrod Von Hugenstien on April 21

      That's the sound of defeat. Kickstarter doesn't care if backers get ripped off and clearly David has abandoned the project. It's a bummer.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Schotanus on April 20

      It's all so quiet around here....

    25. Diane Godfrey on April 9

      Yassss @Johannes... you are totally my spirit animal.

    26. Steve Beeman on April 9

      @Johannes +1

    27. Johannes on April 9

      Perhaps he himself will give a lecture there: "How to create 891 angry game customers!?" That's something he is quiet experienced in.

      Or he attends the creative workshop "How to deal with 891 ungrateful customers that wouldn't stop pestering me for stuff that they paid for or at least some information while I go on vacation learning more about creating games that I wouldn't deliver."

    28. Tiralie on April 5

      To backers*

    29. Tiralie on April 5

      Because David apparently needs a retreat from not getting his games to creators?

    30. Jordan on April 4

      While we all wait for an update/response/sign of life, David, in the meantime, backed another Kickstarter to attend a board game designer's retreat.

    31. Tactile Game on April 4

      Too long since any communication. I want a refund. This is bordering on theft.

    32. Daniel Rojas Arboleda on April 2

      David Fooled us all!

    33. Missing avatar

      Dylan Reinhart
      on March 29

      I for one am still looking forward to playing this game and am content to wait however long it takes to receive it. Just wanted @creator to know that it's not all negativity amongst your backers. Cheers!

    34. Jeph Stahl on March 28

      I put in a request to have the game taken out of the BGG database, as it is not a published game, and it is doesn't seem to ever be published.

    35. Missing avatar

      Matt Larson on March 28

      Steven Paradise, you are my new lyrical hero.

    36. Steven Paradise
      on March 27

      Hello darkness, my old friend
      I've come to talk to you again
      About a game that I Kickstarted
      Fool and his money are parted
      And the updates from the maker to his backers
      They must endure
      Only the sound of silence

    37. Missing avatar

      Matt Larson on March 24

      I hope he spent my money on something fun. I’m clearly never going to see a copy of this game.

      I’ll check back in another month to find out nothing has changed.

    38. Johannes on March 23

      So I cooled off now. It's just a game. Just please get yourself to talk to your backers!

    39. Johannes on March 23

      The problem I have is not losing 30$, or waiting a long time. It's disrespecting the people that gave you a bunch of money, believing in your product and wanting to share in the fun with the creator of an obviously fun game. To just stop talking to those people is what makes me kind of lose my believe in something I can't really pinpoint. I feel cheated.
      If he is unwell or lost someone, or something like that, then I'm more than willing to forgive this behaviour, but apparently he is presenting new stuff and logging in to his sites, as if everything was f***ing dandy. This is so bullshit. Perhaps responsibility isn't his stick. And Kickstarter apparently isn't helping him to learn that.

    40. Axel Karlsson on March 23

      Haha, yes. One game is cheap. Total amount that David Fooden has (as it seems) stolen is quite a lot.

      Anyway. Got a standard answer from Kickstarter. Seems their rules are pretty useless.

    41. JKP
      on March 23

      The last time I saw David Fooden in 2017 he was pitching his new game called 'Destruct Sequence, Disengage!'. I don't know if that is the same game he was pitching in March of 2018.
      I'm sure we'll all be day 1 backers when that pops up on KS.

    42. Alex von der Linden
      on March 22

      You want to waste time and money suing someone over a thirty dollar game?

      You know lawyers cost money, right?

    43. Axel Karlsson on March 20

      I e-mailed Kickstarter again. Last time they answered, but not the question about consequences for David Fooden for breaking the creator rules.

      If I had any knowledge of how I’d say we sue David Fooden.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Schotanus on March 19

      That has been tried Johannes. The problem is that he doesn't respond to anyone, any claims.

    45. Johannes on March 19

      I have not received my order as per the pledge / timings defined.
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    46. Doctor Zaius
      on March 15

      For fracks sake, it's just a deck of cards and it's DONE because I have a copy of the prototype!

    47. Gabriel Chia on March 15

      David Fooden is a fraud. As he took money, Kickstarter should seriously ban him from even backing games on Kickstarter until he works towards a fulfilling his own campaign.

    48. Missing avatar

      Lucia Hedderley
      on March 15

      I saw that too @zach ironically an event for game if only he could hurry up and just make the game we've actually paid for instead of going to events & sponsoring other KS ones...and an update would be nice!

    49. Missing avatar

      Zach Dominguez on March 15

      Just got an email letting me know that David just backed a new project, so I guess that's where our money went.

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