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A card game of lumberjacks, grizzly bears, and competitive hairstyling!
A card game of lumberjacks, grizzly bears, and competitive hairstyling!
Missed the Kickstarter? Click the button below to pre-order, Coming November 2017.
A card game of lumberjacks, grizzly bears, and competitive hairstyling! Missed the Kickstarter? Click the button below to pre-order, Coming November 2017.
891 backers pledged $18,002 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Schotanus 2 days ago

      Not sure if i have gotten that

    2. Tiralie 2 days ago

      At least we have a print and play... I guess?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Schotanus 3 days ago

      I recommend you all to read through the entire campaign updates and comments from " oh my god an ax in my hand " it was david foodens earlier campaign. It mirrors the way this campaign is going. And strangely one of his last updates mentions this campaign. It also mentions that it would be printed in 2018 at the earliest. Suggesting he has been lying about the delivery date from the start. Either way it took 3 years for it to be semi complete and sent out. There were months of silence there to. So maybe in the end he will come back and respond again. If not then both campaign backers were right to call this man a thief and maybe kickstarter should try harder to weed out these kind of creators. ( Last game was under a different company name )

    4. Missing avatar

      Steve Beeman 4 days ago

      Saw a copy of the game in the games library at PAX South this year. What a joke. That's why I backed it because he was there last year!

    5. JKP
      5 days ago

      I was not able to go to the con and get info. I did talk to another game designer/publisher who knows him. He asked him about Yukon and was told things were moving...slowly. That's all I know. Why is it such a big deal to just logon for a few minutes and post where we're at? Its free and calms people and doesn't kill your rep.

    6. Axel Karlsson 5 days ago

      Okay, so in August David Fooden stated that the money was untouched. I’d like to know if that still holds true. Are my money gone?

      David Fooden, please answer this question. As a person who has trusted you enough to give you money for an idea of yours to be realised, I think I’m entitled to an answer. Please show us all some respect and step forward.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mick Miller
      7 days ago

      Any word from Seattle? Of all the projects I've backed on KS, this is (by the widest possible margin) the worst communication I've seen. Production delays I can understand (Polygons, anyone?) but the months of absolute radio silence and missed updates are disappointing at best and criminal at worst.

    8. Erin Kelly 7 days ago

      Any updates?

    9. Tiralie on January 15

      God yes please! Find out what the fuck is going on.

    10. JKP
      on January 12

      There are 81 backers from Seattle (not sure if that includes surrounding areas or not). I just saw that David F will be at OrcaCon tomorrow (Saturday, 1/13). Its at the Bellevue Hilton. I don't know what exact hours he will be there or what location but he often has a table in the playtest section. Anyone want to go playtest his stuff and do some info gathering?

    11. Missing avatar

      Strahleo on January 11

      Hi @Phil - I’ve backed 43 projects over the years and this has been the first one with such a level of no communication. Sorry to hear it’s your first experience.

      I don’t know if at all Kickstarter step in, the terms also show that the risk is with us and the creator is responsible for the management. Let’s see if we get any communication over the next few months. Sadly my polite private message has gone unawanered to the craator

    12. Monsterrod Von Hugenstien on January 10

      I see that David made it back onto kickstarter yesterday. Any updates for us? Anything? We know you're out there.

    13. Tiralie on January 8

      Better than I've got. When I emailed Kickstarter they told me to keep reaching out.

    14. Axel Karlsson on January 8

      I e-mailed Kickstarter again about David Fooden still not showing up. Kickstarter told me to get back to them if he didn’t, now I hope that they act to get some kind of response from David Fooden and to keep the integrity of the Kickstarter rules for creators intact.

    15. Missing avatar

      Avril Powell on January 5

      This is the first project I have backed and I am very disappointed at the lack of contact and the delays, when is it time to say enough?

    16. Michael
      on January 2

      Seconding Markus. This has been a pretty extreme example of a creator not communicating, but in this case, I think it's helpful to go back and check out Oh My God! There's an Axe in My Head. (Personally, I'm kicking myself for not checking his prior campaign out.) He pulled the same thing there. Dropping out of communication for months at a time. The good news, is that he did eventually fulfill that one, although it took a couple years, and didn't include some of the Kickstarter exclusives that were promised.
      If I had to guess, I suspect that's what will happen here too. I would be astonished if this delivered before April, and I'm trying to set my expectations, based on the complete radio silence, for something more like the end of the year. I still think it's a little too early to chalk the whole thing up as a loss yet, but I'll admit I'm less sure of that than I was a month ago.

    17. Markus Nowak
      on January 2


      No, it doesn't happen very often. I'm still happy with most projects I've backed. But there is a bit of an tendency of creators to compeletely stop communicating with backers. Not necessarily a sign of more scams on KS, but I guess many new creators sincerely underestimate the work and money of fulfilling a project - and instead of being upfront about problems they go into hiding until they, hopefully, have something to deliver.

    18. Missing avatar

      Phil Luckeydoo on January 2

      So...this is the first time I've ever backed anything on Kickstarter...I've always been afraid this exact sort of thing would happen...someone taking my money and running. Does thing happen very often? This whole thing has been a horrible first experience. Not sure if I'll ever do it again. At what point dies Kickstarter intervene or will they?

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Schotanus on January 1

      He took the money and ran.

      +1 kockstarter

    20. Missing avatar

      Renaat Van Gin
      on January 1

      Hello Creator, I hope that 2018 brings you a package of ‘honest and clear communication’!
      I think that you owe your Backers a decent reason for the lack of communication!!!

    21. Axel Karlsson on December 31

      Kockstarter, lol.

    22. Axel Karlsson on December 31

      I see that David Fooden hasn’t logged on to Kockstarter since the 15th of December. Maybe that’s a sign of him once and for all closing down his activities here.

      I’m not disappointed. I don’t get disappointed with theives, I don’t get disappointed when I pay for something I don’t get. I get angry.

    23. Axel Karlsson on December 30

      David Fooden!

      How about an update in 2017?

    24. Monsterrod Von Hugenstien on December 30

      The longer this goes on, the less interested I am in kickstarter as a whole. This is the 2nd time I've backed a scam and I've had enough of it. Also, this kickstarter campaign got me into the boardgame hobby and I've picked up a lot of good stuff here on kickstarter and through my FLGS but I think my interest in the hobby going to end here where it began.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mickos on December 30

      @drake, sounds fair. Slap him to, needs a wake up call

    26. Souphippie81 on December 28

      Sadly and seriously disappointed here.

    27. Drake
      on December 22

      So if I run into this creator again at PAX and he is demoing the game again can I just take a copy since I did already pay for it?

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Schotanus on December 22

      @tiralie. Damn I forgot about that pledge. Wondering if he had any contact with kickstarter about this. It's strange they aren't doing more for this campaign. They must have had a lott of reports by now....

    29. Tiralie on December 22

      I feel really bad for that one dude that pledged 1000$..

    30. Missing avatar

      Kevin Remington
      on December 22

      Too long without the slightest communication – at this point, the creator is merely a thief. Refund my money immediately per Kickstarter’s Terms of Service.

    31. Kolkrabba
      on December 21

      I have not received my order as per the pledge / timings defined.
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    32. Missing avatar

      Matt Blake on December 21

      Like a lot of us here, Id prefer the game to a refund. But I've moved since filling out the survey so am worried it wont ship correctly if/when it does. Hoping for update soon.

    33. Jeremy Minor on December 20

      I get being frustrated at the lack of communication, but most KS projects have some kind of delay. I don't plan on asking for a refund any time soon, as I want the game more than I want my pledge back. Hopefully David will be able to let us know what is going on sooner rather than later. I have also reached out to him and will update here if/when I hear from him.

    34. Missing avatar

      mike on December 20

      Thanks to Axel and everyone else trying to get some sort of help here.

    35. Naomi Tweddle on December 20

      Come on man, you have to give us an update. This is getting ridiculous.

    36. Axel Karlsson on December 20

      Kickstarer answered. Here’s some of it:

      ”I’ve reached out to this creator and offered our assistance. In my note I've encouraged them to provide an update on their project for backers, as well as respond to any messages sent through Kickstarter. My goal is to open the lines of communication and encourage them to update more openly moving forward. You should continue reaching out to them on your end as well. Through this joint effort, we’ll be reminding the creator to check in.”

    37. JKP
      on December 17

      Since we are not getting any answers here I contacted DF via Facebook on Sep 19. He told me that the project was being printed. No replies to further inquiries.
      So on Dec 4 I contacted the listed Collaborator for the project. He told me that he has not heard from DF since March. He said he emailed DF telling him backers would like an update. That was 12 days ago with no action so apparently it did no good.
      I'm leaning refund now as well although I'd prefer the game be done and delivered.
      The interesting part is that he is local and is often at various local events pitching his current and upcoming games. I've talked to him. He's a nice guy. Not sure what up now but it makes me want to be at his future booths with warning signs.

    38. Karla Freeman on December 16

      Super frustrated, not so much with not receiving the game yet, but with no communication happening. Please just give us an update. Thanks.

    39. Markus Nowak
      on December 15

      This is another case of a syndrome that seems to plague several Kickstarters in the last months (at least of the ones I've backed). The delay in itself isn't the main problem but the total communications blackout is disturbing. I'd still prefer the game to a refund and don't want to declare this project officially dead-in-the-water, but it gets keeping harder each passing day.

    40. Axel Karlsson on December 15

      I have once again contacted Kickstarter demanding them to act against this creator since he breaks the rules previously stated by @Drake.

      Many have asked for a refund and David Fooden won’t even answer messages, though he logs on every day (?).

      I hope Kickstarter acts. If they don’t, what’s the point in them having rules?

    41. Jeff Geisinger on December 14

      At the bottom of the campaign page you can 'report project to Kickstarter'. This didn't produce anything positive for me, individually. But, if everyone attempts it, maybe it'll bring up enough red flags?

      I see the creator is a frequenter of PAX. Lets hope I see him at PAX South next month.

    42. Diane Godfrey on December 14

      I’m over it. I’ve privately and now publicly asked for a refund. I cannot afford to go to ONE convention because I don’t make anywhere near enough money and struggle to pay my bills, and you have the audacity to publicly discuss the conventions you attend with the over $18,000 you suckered out of people? That’s just sad and gross. I’d like to say good luck in the future but it’s difficult to mean it. Tell me when you refund my money.

    43. Tiralie on December 13

      All I want for Christmas is a refund.. �

    44. Drake
      on December 13

      I have not received my order as per the pledge / timings defined.
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    45. Edward Farkhiev on December 11

      I'm always willing to forgive lateness as long as there's constant communication. I totally understand lateness and production and life issues, but when you're quiet for this long, you lose any sympathy. Please update us. I have too many KS campaigns from creators who are dead silent.

    46. Monsterrod Von Hugenstien on December 8

      Damnit Axel. That was a good one.

    47. Axel Karlsson on December 8

      More like YouCon Salon, then?

    48. Diane Godfrey on December 6

      @creator Please give us an update?

    49. Missing avatar

      Matt Larson on December 4

      I’m not a picky guy, but when you apologize in August that things got crazy and you need to push the release back to
      November...a December update would be nice. Some would use the phrase “least you could do”.

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