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The best of my funny, angry, sad, weird stream-of-consciousness letters written to the supporters of my last Kickstarter project.
72 backers pledged $2,756 to help bring this project to life.

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ebooks for all!


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Books in the Mail

Hey friends,

All the copies of The Kickstarter Letters have been mailed out, and you should have received yours by now. If you haven't received it, please message me, and we'll check the tracking. In the next couple weeks, we'll also have the ebook versions done, and we'll send those out to those of you still owed those versions.

Thank you again for your support, and my apologies it has taken so long. There need to be more people like you in the world. Good people. Good looking people. Smart people. Forward-thinking people. People who support my projects.

David David

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A Word Virus


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Hello everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that my publisher is busily working away on books. It is taking up near 100% of his time (minus sleep). He's never done a book as large and deluxe as this one. So you win!

We've mailed out about 23 of them so far; it will be a couple more weeks before they all go out. I've also started working on the stream-of-consciousness emails to the contributors at those levels. Check your spam, just in case. You'll get something from

In other news, A Greater Monster was named to two top 10 lists, which is pretty exciting!  It was named one of the "Top 10 Books of 2012" by Common Ills blog circle and it was called one of "10 books every Chicagoan should read" in a "Best of" list on I'm thrilled to be on the same list as Joe Meno.


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The Making of ...

Hi friends,

Jason, my publisher, is hard at work putting together copies of TKL. Below you'll see a closeup look at the endpage papers, some interiors, the foldout handwritten letters and a completed stack of books. I've got him jacked up on No Doz, crystal meth, and Wilhelm Reich's orgone generator to get the books out to you as soon as possible. But he's only ONE MAN for God's sake. So please be patient. We've been mailing them out as they are completed so some of you have already received them and more are to be sent out soon.

I hope everyone has a really fabulous New Year's Eve celebration, and the coming year will bring you peace and happiness. Or at least a moderation of your severe depression.

Hugs and Love,
David David

ps. I received a very nice review for my novel A Greater Monster in a Chicago blog called The Chicagoist. You can check it out here:

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