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Help fund a podcast for Joanna Robinson and the Chen Brothers to recap Season 2 of Better Call Saul
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Joanna Robinson and the Chen brothers have collectively been podcasting about Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul for three years. This year, we'd all like to join forces to cover Better Call Saul: Season 2. But as other obligations demand our time and attention, we wanted to see how much interest there is for us to continue this podcast. 

For those of you who are new here, "The Ones Who Knock" is a recap podcast for Better Call Saul (formerly for Breaking Bad). If our funding goal is met, then after each episode of the next season of Better Call Saul, we will record a 30-60 minute podcast discussing our reactions, predictions, and deeply ambivalent emotions about the episode. If you're not already a fan (hey, welcome!), you can have a listen to some of the shows we recorded last year by going to (which is also where new episodes will show up, if this Kickstarter is funded).

We want even those of you who live in the back offices of nail salons to be able to listen. But we're hoping that if enough of you throw some dough into our virtual hat, everyone will be able to enjoy the show. Thanks for considering it!

Risks and challenges

A sudden change in the television show's dynamic may have unexpected effects on the tone of our podcast. Episodes of the television show and of the podcast may not meet your specific standards. By backing us, you are acknowledging that this might be the case. Our schedules are also fluid and we may not be able to record recaps until significantly after the episode has aired on AMC. This Kickstarter is our way of committing to recording one episode each week, so while delays are possible, significant delays (e.g. longer than 1-week waits) are unlikely. Also: All hosts may not be available for every single episode of the podcast, but this will likely only be the case for 1-2 episodes at most.

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