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Help Dave and Joanna cook up another season of The Ones Who Knock podcast.


A message from David Chen: Wow. You guys are incredible! We are now fully funded in under 24 hours. Thanks so much for supporting us on this podcasting adventure! We're excited to experience the final season of Breaking Bad with all of you. But we'd like to do even more to add to your Breaking Bad experience. Thus, we're introducing Stretch Goal #1:

If we reach $4400 before the end of the funding period, Joanna Robinson will write a detailed recap of every one of the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad, to be published at These are no normal recaps; they will each be slaved over with love and care. For an example, check out her recap for Justified Season 4 episode 8

Once again, we're really grateful for all the contributions. If you feel inclined to donate more, we'll be even more appreciative, and work even harder to earn it.

Original Kickstarter

We’ve had so much fun together and with all of you over the past two years podcasting about TV in general and a few shows specifically. We would be so sad to miss the opportunity to share the final season of one of TV’s finest shows, AMC’s Breaking Bad. But between three day jobs and many other side projects our time is, as ever, jammed. So we’re putting out the Heisenberg hat to see if there is enough interest for us to record another season of “The Ones Who Knock.” 

For those of you who are new here, "The Ones Who Knock" is a recap podcast for Breaking Bad. If our funding goal is met, then after each of the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad, we will record a 30-60 minute podcast discussing our reactions, predictions, and deeply ambivalent emotions about the episode. If you're not already a fan (hey, welcome!), you can have a listen to some of the shows we recorded last year by going to

A small portion of the Kickstarter funding will go towards hard costs (things like podcast hosting, any equipment/media needs that arise, plus Kickstarter, Amazon Payments, and taxes each take a significant percentage of the raised amount). But we want to be really clear and upfront by saying that the bulk of this Kickstarter will pay for our time. As we said, we would have to clear some other projects to make room for this. And we desperately want to. We did some Skylar White-worthy math and decided that for $3000 we could record (at least) eight episodes of “The Ones Who Knock” starting with Season 5, Episode 9. The podcast will stay free and available for download at We want even those of you with empty crawl spaces to be able to listen. But we're hoping that if enough of you throw some dough into our virtual hat, everyone will be able to enjoy the show. 

We have some exciting ideas for stretch goals if we meet the funding goal early. So if you're on board with this thing, pledge sooner rather than later!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Joanna and David have collectively been podcasting for years, and have already produced a season of recap episodes for Breaking Bad. That being said, episodes of the television show and of the podcast may not meet your specific standards. A sudden change in the television show's dynamic may have unexpected effects on the tone of our podcast. By backing us, you are acknowledging that this might be the case. Our schedules are also pretty tight and we may not be able to record recaps until significantly after the episode has aired on AMC. This Kickstarter is our way of committing to recording one episode each week, so while delays are possible, significant delays (e.g. longer than 1-week waits) are unlikely.


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