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Dave and Joanna desperately want to bring back their "Game Of Thrones" podcast for Season 3. Are you willing to pay the iron price?

A lot happened in our lives last year, but, without a doubt, a huge highlight for both of us was recording "A Cast Of Kings" for you guys. Not only did we both love chatting about our favorite show, but we loved interacting with you, our listeners: reading your emails, testing your theories and, oh yeah, taking your abuse.

Alas, along with launching four new podcasts between us last year, we also got involved in several other projects and positions and we find our time not as free and breezy as it used to be. Trust me, we'd love nothing more than to have all the time in the word to chew over Lannisters, Starks and sexposition. But we make our living, well, in a variety of ways, but we can't afford to turn down projects that pay us for those that don't. Gotta pay that HBO bill. Not to mention pay for our equipment and web hosting space, etc.

But even though we're both quite busy, we were reluctant to let the idea of recording together go. So we sat down and Dave did some math and Joanna drank some Iron Throne ale and we decided that for $3,200 we could record (at least) ten episodes of "A Cast Of Kings" starting with Season 3, Episode 1 on March 31st, 2013.

The podcast will stay free and available for download at We want even those with only a few coins to rub together to be able to listen. But we're hoping that if enough of you throw some dough into our virtual hat, everyone will be able to enjoy the show. If you're not already a fan (hey, welcome!), you can have a listen to some of the shows we recorded last year by going to

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Episodes of the television show and of the podcast may not be up to your/our exacting standards. A sudden change in the television show's dynamic may have unexpected effects on the tone of our podcast. By backing us, you are acknowledging that this might be the case.

Our schedules are also pretty tight and we may not be able to record recaps until significantly after the episode has aired on HBO. But this Kickstarter is our way of committing to recording one episode each week, so while delays are possible, significant delays (e.g. longer than 1-week waits) are unlikely.


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