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Kickstart Joanna and David's "A Cast of Kings" podcast for another season! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 14, 2014.

Kickstart Joanna and David's "A Cast of Kings" podcast for another season!

Seattle, WA Webseries
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About this project

We’ve had so much fun together and with all of you over the past two years podcasting about TV in general and a few shows specifically. We would be so sad to miss the opportunity to share the next season of one of TV’s finest shows, HBO's Game of Thrones, so we'd like to ask you to see if there's enough interest to Kickstart another season of "A Cast of Kings." 

For those of you who are new here, "A Cast of Kings" is a recap podcast for Game of Thrones. If our funding goal is met, then after each of the next 10 episodes of Game of Thrones, we will record a 30-60 minute podcast discussing our reactions, predictions, and deeply ambivalent emotions about the episode. If you're not already a fan (hey, welcome!), you can have a listen to some of the shows we recorded last year by going to

A small portion of the Kickstarter funding will go towards some standard deductions (Kickstarter, Amazon Payments, and taxes each take a significant percentage of the raised amount). The rest of the money will go towards the people and resources necessary to make the podcast. If our goal is met, we will record (at least) ten episodes of “A Cast of Kings," beginning with Season 4, Episode 1 until the season finale. The podcast will stay free and available for download at Even only those who can pay the iron price are welcome to enjoy. But hopefully some of you will think it's worth it to throw some money our way.

Risks and challenges

David and Joanna have collectively produced and co-hosted hundreds of podcasts and have already produced two seasons of A Cast of Kings, including one that was successfully Kickstarted. That being said, episodes of the television show and of the podcast may not meet your specific standards. A sudden change in the television show's dynamic may have unexpected effects on the tone of our podcast. By backing us, you are acknowledging that this might be the case.

Our schedules are also pretty tight and we may not be able to record recaps until significantly after the episode has aired on HBO. This Kickstarter is our way of committing to recording one episode each week, so while delays are possible, significant delays (e.g. longer than 1-week waits) are unlikely.

It is remotely possible that either Dave or Joanna may not be able to be able to make the podcast for a week or two due to scheduling conflicts. In these situations, a suitable replacement will be found for that week and the episode will still be delivered.

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    For ten bucks you get thanked profusely and by name on air. Note: No promises that your name will not be butchered by Joanna and David's terrible pronunciation skills.

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    For $75, the hosts will chat with you on Skype for 20 minutes. The topic can be whatever you desire, including life, love, film, podcasting, television, etc. Our only request is that you keep it G-rated and family friendly.

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    For $200, we'll spend one minute discussing your site, business or pet project on the podcast. We'll be glowing. Effusive even.

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    If you throw down 350 clams, we will record a 30 minute bonus episode with you, answering your most intimate and pressing questions. About the show, guys! About the show. The episode will be released for download on the "A Cast of Kings" podcast feed.

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