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The LoopAlien (TM) makes attaching and adjusting cords a snap. Use it on tents, tarps, canopies, cargo, backpacks, strollers and more!
The LoopAlien (TM) makes attaching and adjusting cords a snap. Use it on tents, tarps, canopies, cargo, backpacks, strollers and more!
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Limited Time - 25% off aluminum LoopAliens!

Hey Everyone,

Just in time for the holidays, Get 25% off when you order aluminum LoopAliens (minimum order of 4 required). That's like getting 1 FREE for every 4 you buy! Use coupon code 5FOR4 at checkout for the special deal. As an added bonus, a slick LoopAlien sticker is included with every order!

Order via HERE

I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and happy new year!

All the best,

David Burrell

*quantity 4 minimum order required

LoopAlien - Quick Update


Hi Everyone! It’s been a while since and update. I just wanted to pass on some new information. 

First off, the LoopAlien is still going strong thanks to you. We now have a US manufacturer that produces a great aluminum LoopAlien! There is a project in the works, so be on the lookout for that :) As you may know, I started branding the LoopAlien because of overseas fake product. In hind sight, branding should have been done from the start but we live and learn.  If the aluminum doesn't have the following on it... it isn't a real LoopAlien

The Real Aluminum LoopAlien
The Real Aluminum LoopAlien

The website and store has new information, pictures and product offerings! As outdoor season starts up, be sure to visit the store for some gear. An NEW aluminum starter pack that includes 4 aluminum LoopAliens and 20 feet of Dyneema cord has been added. It’s at a discounted price over the individual items. The store now has 7/64 Amsteel rope back in stock. There are also a limited number of large titanium LoopAlien UFAs in the store. When those are gone… they’re gone. Visit the store at

I recently backed a great KickStarter project that I wanted to share with you. It’s called the Para TPS (Titanium Pulley System) by Root Designs. As the name says, it’s a systems of different style pulleys that can be used for all types of needs. The different configurations allow you to get some serious mechanical advantage (like picking up a riding mower!). You can also make a dog runner, keep you food away from bears, tension that hammock... you name it. Stop by and check it out.

Para TPS (Titanium Pulley System)
Para TPS (Titanium Pulley System)

Thanks again for all your support! 

Best Regards, 

David Burrell

Good news and a special offer on the aluminum LoopAlien!

Hi Everyone!

It's been a busy year for the LoopAlien.  We've continued to ship product all over the world.  We've found a new manufacturer that can produce the LoopAlien (still in the USA).  The aluminum LoopAliens now have a bright finish and we're looking into some new possibilities ;-)

So with all that good news, let's celebrate!

Because you helped start all this LoopAlien mania we're offering %25 off Aluminum LoopAliens.  Just use coupon code holiday14 at checkout and the savings will be applied!

Visit the store

LoopAliens make great stocking stuffers and gifts for that person that has (almost) everything.

A LoopAlien sticker is included with every order. 


 Thanks again for all your continued support!

All the best

David Burrell

LoopAlien counterfeits


Hi everyone,

I wanted to send out a very quick note and make everyone aware of some counterfeit product that is making its way around.  I have seen 2 different sellers on eBay that have listings for LoopAlien type product.

The only way to get official LoopAlien product is via the website  The LoopAlien products aren't currently in retail (yet) and are only sold on the Canny Designs site.

It's sad that I have to send updates like this but I'm afraid it is what it is.

Thanks again for all your support and loyalty!

Best regards,


LoopAlien UFA Project - Only 24 hours left

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that the LoopAlien UFA project has just 24 hours left before it closes.  Please stop in and take a look at the project if you haven't already.

Thanks to everyone for your support on the LoopAlien and also to the many of you who have supported the LoopAlien UFA as well!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

Best wishes,

David Burrell