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Intriguing story and spectacular environments in the spirit of classic adventures like ICO, The Dig, and Another World.
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David Board

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Xbox One Release Soon And Premier Edition Coming to PC/Mac


I've been getting lots of questions lately about the Xbox One release, and I'm happy to say we're on track for a Q1 release. In addition to fixing a number of bugs, we're also adding new content in the form of additional audio and text logs to collect and new original music from Lifeless Planet composer Rich Douglass. There's also a number of visual upgrades throughout, most notably the addition of normal-mapped terrains. I posted about this here before, but this visual effect is quite striking and adds lots of apparent depth and detail to the landscapes:

We're targeting February for the Xbox One release, but that may slip to March. I'll post again when we have a firm date. There's still some optimization work to do, but otherwise I think we have all the major issues dealt with. This project has been a serious (and costly) undertaking, but the fantastically talented Jazon Burnell is taking the lion's share of the effort. Wonderful to not be working alone anymore! What a concept, right?

Premier Edition Coming to PC/Mac

In the spirit of giving, I'm happy to announce we are also planning to release the Lifeless Planet Premier Edition for PC and Mac, shortly after the Xbox One release. This new version will bring the improvements and additions from the Xbox version to the PC and Mac. I know PC users have been waiting for an update for a while now, but the last few months we've had to concentrate on the Xbox build. Part of that Xbox One work has meant moving the game to a newer version of the Unity game engine (the original version was built in Unity 3). This was a serious undertaking, but the benefit is that the update coming really is a major new release. There will also be very significant performance improvements which should make the game more playable on laptops and slower desktops.

The best part? I'm happy to let you know that the Premier Edition will be a free upgrade to anyone who currently owns the game! This includes all backers who pledged to receive a copy...You won't need a new key--the Premier Edition will simply replace the existing one on Steam (and can be downloaded via your Humble key as well).

We're still a very small team here, but I hope you see we're working hard to keep improving the game. There will be even bigger things to come in 2015 (the film project isn't dead, for one thing). Very big things... Thank you for sticking with me, sending the kind words about the game, and for all your patience when I'm not always able to respond quickly to your emails. I'm amazed at what we've been able to accomplish together!

Happy Holidays from Lifeless Planet!


Lifeless Planet Coming to Film!


Three years ago I was overwhelmed with the support you offered to Lifeless Planet. Towards the end of the Kickstarter project I decided I wanted to give something extra so I announced that I would be creating a short "digital comic" that would be sort-of a prequel to the Lifeless Planet game story. Well three years later I haven't forgotten about that promise, and it's grown into something far bigger than a simple digital comic...

At E3 this summer, the team at Wayside Creations introduced themselves to me at our Xbox One booth. Wayside has made a name for themselves by creating unique and high-quality films based on video game stories, including several extremely popular series up now on Machinima Prime. And now they want to produce a film based on the Lifeless Planet story.

I've been approached by several studios about making a Lifeless Planet film, but these guys are the best choice because they have a proven track record of creating exciting and interesting video game films. The point is not merely to re-tell the Lifeless Planet story, but to flesh out the characters and the world in a fresh way that is best done through live-action film.

You'll get to see the final production either way, but if you enjoyed Lifeless Planet and want to see more, now is your chance to support the next chapter in the Lifeless Planet story. I'm super-excited to see what we will create together in Lifeless Planet: Arrival. Check out the Lifeless Planet film project on Kickstarter for more info and how to get involved.

Xbox One Progress Update... and A Big PC Update

One more quick note: The Xbox One version is nearly finished. There will be a good bit of work to get it certified by Microsoft and then released, so we're targeting early next year. The Xbox version is getting a number of visual updates and bonus content. But for my PC/Mac users, don't think I've forgotten about you... I'll have more to say about this later, but rest assured we'll be making a huge update available soon after the Xbox One release!

We're adding normal mapping to all terrains for a rich level of detail
We're adding normal mapping to all terrains for a rich level of detail

Thanks again for your continued support of this project that has captivated so many people and frankly has changed my life! I hope you'll join us for the next chapter of Lifeless Planet. You can learn more about the movie project on Kickstarter.

Mac Version Released!


Really quick update here....

In case you missed it, the OSX version of Lifeless Planet is now released! Backers ($10 and up) can get it free via the humble link I sent a while back (check your Kickstarter mail to find the link).

And if you want to buy an extra copy for a friend (or if you weren't a backer), you can get the game from and this will give you a DRM-free build, plus the Steam version (and all profits go to our studio). Better yet--the game is on sale for 20% off through this weekend!

Did I mention Lifeless Planet is coming to Xbox One?

Got a surprise request from Microsoft a few weeks ago: they wanted me at E3 in their (huge) booth to exhibit Lifeless Planet... AND at the E3 media event. Sat in the second row and watched as Lifeless Planet played on the big screen...just for a few seconds, but how amazing to get airtime at such an amazing event!

Los Angles was crazy of course, but E3 was a great experience and I'm excited to be underway with the Xbox One build... much more news on that in the weeks to come. For now, thank you again to my backers for believing in this game all those years ago!


Lifeless Planet Released!


Available now for PC... Mac coming very soon.

The full version of Lifeless Planet is now available! Of course, as backers, you already received a link to download a DRM-free version and get a Steam key. For everyone else you can:

Buy Lifeless Planet for PC DRM-Free Plus a Steam Key at

It's been a long journey from our humble Kickstarter project well over two years ago. Being a one-man dev team has been particularly challenging, but rewarding as well. It's been especially great to hear all the positive feedback to the early access beta on Steam. Somewhere around 96% of the user reviews have been positive, which is more than I ever imagined it would get!

Speaking of feedback, I haven't been able to reply to all those comments and suggestions, but I've read them all and I'm extremely thankful for everybody who played the early access build and took the time to share their thoughts. MUCH of what you've suggested has gone into the final game, including:

  • Subtitles for all voice-overs.
  • Localization for German, Russian, French and Spanish (Italian is coming shortly after launch).
  • Steam Achievements.
  • Fixed checkpoint system.*
  • Numerous gameplay refinements.
  • Lots of little bug-fixes.

The only bit of disappointing news is that I haven't had time yet to finalize testing on the OSX version and I wasn't able to release the Mac build on launch day. BUT, the good news is it will be ready in just a week or so at most. I promise I haven't forgotten you Mac users, and I am working hard to get this out the door as quickly as possible.

Thank you again for playing Lifeless Planet, and another huge thanks to everybody who provided feedback, bug reports, and support over the years. "Thank you" never seems to cover it--especially for you wonderful, supportive, all-around awesome Kickstarter backers who've been there with me from the very beginning... but thank you all the same, from the bottom of my heart!

Now head for the launchpad, this rocket won't fly itself!


*More improvements coming based on day-one feedback. I'm working hard to keep up with launch day activity, but I'm committed to being as responsive as possible. Thanks again!

Full Game Release June 6


Launch preparations are nearly finished... and we've set a date for the full release of Lifeless Planet!

Lifeless Planet will be available to purchase from Steam and all other leading digital retailers on June 6th 2014. The game will feature English text and voice overs along with full text and subtitled localization into German, Russian, French and Spanish languages. Selected UK retailers will also be stocking physical copies in stores the same day with further releases to follow throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Of course, backers have already received Steam Keys (via Humble Store) that will unlock the full game on June 6, along with a DRM-free download (again via the Humble Store link).

Remember that the English version limited beta is up on Steam now, and subtitled versions are coming soon, along with a Mac build (yes still working on this and it's taking me longer than expected to root out bugs...hopefully soon!). After you play the beta, please post any bug reports or suggestions in the Steam forums or at

Thanks for supporting Lifeless Planet all these years... now prepare for liftoff!