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Changes to our book for girls

Posted by David and Stephanie Miles (Creator)

Exciting news for our book for girls!

We've had some excellent discussions with our distributor, and we've decided to update our book for girls one last time. We wanted to tell you ASAP before the campaign ends so we can get your feedback and, should you feel this new direction not meet the ages of your own kids, so you can adjust your pledge as necessary.

The new book is called First Words for Fearless Girls. It's a board book measuring at 9" x 11" with 48 pages and over 500 first words for kids—all with empowering messages for girls and profiles of famous women woven throughout. Colors will be taught by Frida Kahlo, Things that Go by Amelia Earhart, Shapes by Julia Morgan, and more!

Draft cover:

Sample pages:

This page introduces kids to fruits, vegetables, and kitchen utensils while also telling them about the incredible Julia Child!
This page introduces kids to fruits, vegetables, and kitchen utensils while also telling them about the incredible Julia Child!

So why the changes?

  • The market is filled with books about famous women for girls, and we felt there was a need (and opportunity) for books like this for a younger age range. Our friends at our distributor agreed whole heartedly. 
  • The board book format is more friendly for libraries, bookstores, gift shops, and schools.
  • We love how this allows us to weave empowering messages for girls into other everyday topics, like numbers, colors, first words, and more. 

We'd love to hear your feedback below. Let us know what you think!

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    1. David and Stephanie Miles 2-time creator on

      Hi Chwanda! Please see your email for our response. You should be all set now.


      David and Stephanie

    2. Missing avatar

      Chwanda Norton on

      Hello again, the pledge has successfully gone through. How do I go about getting the entire amount refunded as you stated I could if I was unhappy with the change? Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Chwanda Norton on

      How do I go about changing my support level at this point? I had pledged to support at two books but I’m honestly just not interested in any of the others offered. I just want the heroes for boys and would like to pledge at the one book level. Two would have been great if you were still doing the original book for girls.

    4. Missing avatar

      Chwanda Norton on

      Very disappointed with the change. I feel that if you were going to do a different book you really should have been upfront about it. This feels shady at best as you already knew and made the change after a lot of the pledges were made. Not cool at all. I’ll stand with my pledge as I can still use the two books for older children and believe in the buy one share one concept. If there is a next time for me I’ll wait as I simply won’t know what I’m backing until the last minute apparently. The letters in the girls book would have been a welcome change. The book of first words. They are a dime a dozen.

    5. David and Stephanie Miles 2-time creator on

      Hi everyone!

      First, a huge thank you for all your thoughtful and honest comments. We read every single one and have given this much thought. We understand the concern with changing the age, since many of you have a specific recipient already in mind. And we also hear what you're saying about the book being lost among other first words books.

      We so wish we could make a decision that would work for everyone's situation, but we've decided that we need to do what will give the book the largest distribution. The more copies we can spread into the market, the better we can spread our message, the more books we'll sell, and that means the more books we'll be able to donate to kids in need. Based on our research and conversations with a very experienced sales force, we feel the board book is still the best way to go.

      BUT, we absolutely hear the need for another girl book that will work for older ages. We're going to work on one for a future season of books, probably releasing in 2020.

      We know that's disappointing for many of you, but we hope you understand our reasoning. If you need to reduce or cancel your pledge because this book no longer fits your intended needs, we absolutely understand!

      In the meantime, we'd love to hear your ideas! There are lots of books for girls—what do you feel is missing? Is there something you wish you had for your daughter or niece? Other books you wish you had for your kids or students? We'd love to hear!


      David, Stephanie, and Tucker

    6. Heavenly on

      Please revert back to your original girl book idea, before the 5 days of the campaign are up. A book of hero’s for boys and girls were ones of which I was interested. You have a great campaign, I truly love the goal you are trying to achieve. However with less than a week remaining, it does not seem wise to make such a drastic change. I understand that this was decision was made a while back, but I don’t agree. I have a son, would his first words be different than that of his 2 year old girl cousin? If you write in the update the new book serves as first words for all kids why is the title not “First Words For Fearless Kids”? I truly hope that without my pledge you are funded for the children who are unprivileged who would benefit from your contributions. With a change so drastic towards the end I cannot just simply go with the flow. I personally can not accept this change.

    7. Missing avatar

      Natalie Hernandez on

      Regardless of your decision on what is decided for this book, I will maintain my pledge. I do love your overall campaign which is why I originally pledged.

    8. Missing avatar

      Natalie Hernandez on

      I agree with previous statements. I was more excited with either your original book or your second girl book (with the letters).

      While my daughter is in the right age for the board book.. she does have a ton of first word books already. I feel like your first word book will just get blended in with the rest of the ones we have. While your second design (with the letters) will stand out more. I liked that I was able to use that older design as my daughter grows up (adapt it to her age) - you can't do that with the board book.

      You also already have the music book for those that would like to get things for younger kiddos.

    9. Carra McClelland

      Hmmm... I have a niece and a nephew that are only a couple months apart, and with this change there is not a book appropriate for my niece now. Having a book of heroes for girls is important and now I am debating my pledge.

    10. Missing avatar

      Heather on

      As others have stated, I too am honestly disappointed in the change. I purchased the teacher set of all 3 books because I am a teacher. I teach 6th grade which is an extremely important age to really stress the idea of social/emotional intelligence. Girls especially struggle. I LOVED the idea of the letters inside the book.

      While yes, younger children need to be exposed to great role models, they aren't struggling with confidence or self-identity as the older kids are. It's more important for them at a young age to develop a love of reading, which any book can do.

      I'm also a mother of 2 ages 3 and 10, so technically I am in both your target markets, but I would purchase the older girls book over the board book any day because of the cognitive development stage that child is in. My toddler wants rhyming words and humor and just wants to be read to. Whereas my older one, needs the skills to know it's okay to fail.

      Please re-consider adding the original book back in and maybe adding the new book as an add-on for those it would benefit.

    11. Missing avatar


      I’m also disappointed about the change. I was really looking forward to the original book. It would have been nice if the first words book was offered in addition to the first book as opposed to instead of.

    12. Tim Wanger on

      We love the new book! We expect our first daughter in a couple of weeks and therefore are very happy to get a high quality first words book from this Kickstarter. I totally understand your point because I was hesitant to back the previous book of exactly the reasons you told us.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ruth Dodson on

      I preferred the previous book before this change. I don't have a use for this first words book, nor do I find it as appealing. When I receive my books, I don't want the First Words for Girls book. I'll choose two of the others.

    14. Missing avatar

      Lauren Madsen on

      I am bummed about the changes to the changes for the book for girls, but understand why the decision was made to do so. I had intended it for my daughters, and a "first words" book will not be appropriate for their age levels. I will, however, keep my pledge as is and buy two of the real heroes for boys--one for our family and one as a gift.

    15. Missing avatar

      Emily Hall

      Unfortunately, I feel that this update weakens your original message and runs counter to the goal I was initially so excited to support. There are dozens - if not hundreds - of "first words" books already on the market, and unfortunately the examples from the new book do not have the same positive impact as the first - or even second - proposed book for girls. Despite significant disappointment, I must reduce my pledge to exclude the new book.