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The PowerPot 5 is a thermoelectric generator that turns heat from cooking directly into USB power for your mobile devices.
The PowerPot 5 is a thermoelectric generator that turns heat from cooking directly into USB power for your mobile devices.
1,047 backers pledged $126,204 to help bring this project to life.

6 Days In

Posted by David Toledo (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

First of all thank you so much for all the support!  We’ve reached over 50% in just 6 days, and already get to send out 33 PowerPots (including 2 PowerPot XV!) to communities in developing nations! 

There’s been some curiosity about the T-Shirt design, so here it is: 

When the Kickstarter funding goes through you’ll get a survey and get to pick your size.

We’ve also made a short video to show the lights and batteries.  Check it out, they work great on their own and even better together.  It’s by far the best portable reading light solution I’ve come by.

Due to popular demand we’ve also added two new pledges.  First is a PowerPot V + PowerPot X combo for $299. The second is the $2 reward which states that any funds pledged in excess of a reward OR without a reward will go into a general pool to send out more PowerPots abroad.  So far you all have pooled together over $200 into this fund!

We’re going freshen up the body our kickstarter page so check back soon, and please remember to share our kickstarter with your friends!


PS: To all you wonderful writers out there who have been helping spread the word, THANK YOU!  Just to list a few that have helped in this past week:

It’s people like you that make Kickstarter and crowdsourcing platforms possible!


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    1. Alina Holgate on

      I went for the $199 pledge to get a powerpot V for myself and also to donate one to someone in a developing country. Can you tell us a little more about how you distribute the powerpots to developing countries?

      Also I'd just like to comment that these powerpots would have been an absolute boon in Victoria, Australia during the so-called Black Saturday bushfires in 2009 when 173 lost their lives. Loss of electricity was one of the first consequences of the bushfires and many people were without electricity for some time. Loss of cell phone charge meant that many people couldn't communicate with the outside world and so people didn't know whether their relatives were safe, they couldn't contact emergency services, etc. I'm going to be bringing the powerpot to the attention of our local fire authorities as a must-have part of bushfire preparation.

    2. Cory Watson on

      Is there any way i can preorder the powerpot and one of the shirts?

    3. Joshua James on

      Oh, I understand how it works. I just wanted to make sure you weren't expecting people to add the $2 pledge as an additional option. I've seen that explained before in error.

    4. David Toledo 3-time creator on

      Joshua, you would pledge $42 total and claim a $40 reward. We will do the math and dedicate all the extra funds to the general fund for developing nations. Does that make sense?

    5. Joshua James on

      Be aware that someone can not pledge $42 and choose both the $40 and $2 rewards. Backers can only select a single reward. However I've yet decide how to support your project, so I did in fact post a pledge and choose the $2 reward. It's a great idea!