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The webcomic of Western adventure and the supernatural, collected into a 200+ page, big, beautiful hardcover graphic novel.
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New Kickstarter project: PORTRAITS

Posted by Dave Wachter (Creator)

Howdy Pardners!

It's been a while! I’m here to tell you about a new Kickstarter project of mine. It’s an art book titled PORTRAITS.


After the election last fall, I felt the need to respond, and do so through art. I told friends and fans online that I would draw commissions for them of “inspirational progressives” and endangered animals of North America. I ended up drawing 20 portraits at $40 each, and donated the money to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the National Resources Defense Council(NRDC).

Now I’m putting the drawings together into one art book. It contains 20 images of inspirational progressive people from history and today, as well as endangered animals of North America. The book will be 44 pages, which includes full pages of the drawings and short biographies on each subject. It’s 7x10, paperback, black and white interiors, printed on nice semi gloss stock paper, card stock cover, and perfect bound. All books will be signed, a limited number will include a small portrait sketch. 


Funds raised through the Kickstarter will also go toward printing extra copies of the book, that I will take with me to conventions and sell alongside my other works. Proceeds from those books will go toward the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the NRDC.

The images are also being printed as postcards, suitable for framing, mailing to your member of Congress, or mailing to a friend.

I’m really excited about this project. I hope you take a look and tell your friends!

Thank you!

Dave Wachter

Commissions and sketch cards!

Posted by Dave Wachter (Creator)

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Dark Horse Comics edition and more!

Posted by Dave Wachter (Creator)

The Dark Horse edition of the hardcover will be hitting store shelves this Wednesday, August 13th. Holy moly, that's tomorrow! Please help us spread the word, so that anyone who may have missed out on the Kickstarter still has the opportunity to have a version of the book! Sure, they don't get the fancy cloth binding, ribbon bookmark, signature page, stickers, prints, gold foil lettering, etc. that our faithful Kickstarter donors received, but it's still a really awesome oversized hardcover version of the book.

All of the book orders have shipped, and the few re-ships have also gone out or are in the process of shipping. The poster art prints are still delayed. The batch of prints I got from the printer were damaged in transit, so I've had to order another batch, which I should receive soon. Then I will get them signed and shipped out.

Just another reminder, all commission artwork, sketches, and sketch cards that are to be done by me, will be shipped out later. Give me a few months, and I'll get those out. Thank you for your patience.


Pobody's Nerfect

Posted by Dave Wachter (Creator)

I love seeing the pictures many of you have posted on Twitter and Facebook as your books arrive at your door. Orders are being filled and shipped out quickly. A majority of the orders have been filled, but there's still more ready to ship. Our fulfillment partner Swish estimates that all orders will be shipped by the end of next week. Things are progressing nicely, but there is always bound to be a hiccup or two along the way. Aside from the fact that I won't be finishing all the sketches I have to do until a few months from now, here are a couple small things I want to let you know:

The sticker sheets: Included inside the cover of every book are bonus stretch goal items, the mini art print, bookmark, and sticker sheet. These sticker sheets were designed to have four equal sized rectangular stickers. However, the printer neglected to score the sheet, so instead of four stickers, it's one big sticker with four images. So, if you want them as individual stickers, you have to cut the sheet in half both horizontally and vertically across the sheet.

Poster Art Prints: The poster art prints, that were available at the $50 level and as an add-on, printed out nicely. But the numbers were tabulated incorrectly. So a few of you will not receive your poster art print along with the rest of your items. But fear not, you will get your print! I will mail out the remaining prints individually myself. So it may take a few more days, but you will get it.

Damaged book: So far we have received a reports of two damaged/defective books. If you have any such issues with your book, please let us know so that we can promptly report and rectify the situation.

That's all for now, thanks!


The Beginning of the End

Posted by Dave Wachter (Creator)

The Books are Here!

The books have made it to California and are in the hands of our friends at Swish Fulfillment. Orders are being processed and shipped right now. So far, over 250 orders have already been shipped!

You will be receiving an email to confirm your shipping address, so please look out for that.

Extras and Add-Ons

The prints, t-shirts, badges, additional books, original art, all the extra stuff, all 100+ pounds worth, are on their way to the warehouse and will arrive early next week. (Everything except commissions to be done by me. As I mentioned in the previous update, I will ship those separately later.) Then the rest of the orders will be filled and shipped.

Isn't this exciting, to finally see everything coming together?!

San Diego

I will not be at San Diego Comic Con this year, but co-creator and co-writer Jim Clark will be there at the Dial R Studios Booth, #2103. He will have 20 copies of the book on hand, selling extras from the print run. He'll also be doing a signing at the Dark Horse booth, schedule to be determined. So if you want another copy, perhaps as a fantastic gift for a friend or loved one, you can get one there. And you can meet Jim!

This is it. The books will soon be in their new homes. The end is almost here. 


PS: Here are some pics of the books arriving at the warehouse, provided to us by Swish: