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The story of a Mormon woman coming to terms with her sexuality without compromising her faith.

The story of a Mormon woman coming to terms with her sexuality without compromising her faith. Read more

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The story of a Mormon woman coming to terms with her sexuality without compromising her faith.

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I work with emerging playwrights, actors and directors to get their ideas off the ground. Whenever those ideas provide a not-so-represented voice, I get excited. When I have the chance to help build and strengthen communities by way of these projects, I get to work.

Playwright Melissa Leilani Larson wrote a play that I stumbled into last year. It's called LITTLE HAPPY SECRETS. It's a play that deals with homosexuality within a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) context. LITTLE HAPPY SECRETS is the story of a Mormon woman coming to terms with her sexuality without compromising her faith. Poignantly honest, funny, and very real, this is a story — and a character — you won’t soon forget.

There's a free audio version available. It's an earlier draft, but it's a great introduction to our project.

It's not so much the nature of the story, but how it's told and the incredible reaction it has received from the relatively small audiences exposed to it so far. The past few years have heated and polarized the discourse between the Latter-day Saint (Mormon) community and lesbian/gay communities. What I've seen this play do is open that discussion to an honest and sincere conversation between both groups.

Theatre has the power to create a forum for understanding and discussion. This project has lit a fire under me. I believe in this playwright and am excited at the chance to help her work gain greater exposure by producing the Salt Lake City premiere of this script.

We've tentatively secured dates (early February 2011) in a downtown Salt Lake City venue to produce this show and we are finalizing our production team. Our Kickstarter campaign ($4,500) will go primarily towards the cost of the theatre rental (plus insurance) and other production costs (including paying our actors and technicians something for their dedication to the project).

The Kickstarter campaign will end at 11:59 PM on my birthday. You can bet you'll be receiving a thank you card if our fundraising goal is met. In addition to the selected rewards of course! (remember, when you make a pledge you get every lesser reward as well)


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