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Classic Rock & PROG meets Alternative & Cinematic Moods on NEW ALBUM feat. Steve Hackett (Genesis), Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd) & more!
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Keith Emerson Introduces "Stranded" On The Radio & Mixing With Tom Lord-Alge!

Posted by Dave Kerzner (Creator)

Mixing "Stranded" with Tom Lord-Alge at South Beach Studios

It's been an EPIC week over here in Squidsville. Right now I'm logged in at South Beach Studios while Tom Lord-Alge is putting together the second "reference mix" of "Stranded". Yesterday's first ref mix sounded great! Quite a few changes from my preliminary mix sonically and even some parts are slightly different too... and now, because we extended a few parts, it's EVEN LONGER!!!!!!! YEAH!!!! (well, it's "Prog" so we're allowed).

Here's a behind the scenes video I shot on my iPhone for you guys so you could get a sense of what it was like from the moment I walked into the studio hearing my song blaring over the speakers to listening back to an instrumental mix to working with Tom on various parts... just a taste of it because, of course, I had to put the camera down and work too! It's not easy being your own videographer! Haha.

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Keith Emerson Introduced "Stranded" For The First Time On The Radio!

As I've mentioned in previous updates, Prog Legend Keith Emerson presented "Stranded" on Planet Rock Radio this week during the show "One Man And His Prog" which he co-hosted as a guest with his son Damon. I had no idea he was going to say such nice things about the song and album! I was in shock and practically numb when I heard it... even kind of nervous too I have to admit but in a good way! It still blows me away that they saved it for the end of the show and made such a big deal out of it (not to mention they played the whole thing!). If you missed it fortunately I did manage to record and I've posted it on my Sound Cloud temporarily. Here it is! This is still my preliminary "Squids mix" (in fact, that's why I did that mix... so Keith could play it on this show which was record a few weeks ago).

A nice email from Steve Hackett!

Another nice thing that happened was a cool email exchange I had with Steve Hackett today. I told him that I thought it was great that the newly announced "Genesis R-Kive" collection had some of his solo material on it for the first time and that I hope it will bring more awareness to his work. I also told him that Keith Emerson said some nice words about him when he presented "Stranded" on the radio. He thought that was cool and said that he really enjoyed working with me and that he thinks the music is terrific! I'm so glad he feels that way about it!

So, it's been really inspiring and exciting on this end. I've still got a lot of writing and recording to do. It's an endless amount of work but I love every minute of it. Have a great weekend! I'll be back. - Squids

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kathy Giroux on

      Wow that was incredible. You can tell that he feels every every single note of every instrument. Hope to see more of that! Tom is SO cool!!! Thanks for sharing that! What an experience.

    2. Mark Dreyer on

      What an amazingly complex thing. Music

    3. Jon Olson on

      Dave... Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these tidbits with us. It makes us feel like a part of it and is so cool to see things as they are going down. Keep 'em comin'!