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Dave HakkensBy Dave Hakkens
First created
Dave HakkensBy Dave Hakkens
First created
pledged of $45,000pledged of $45,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, June 24 2012 8:55 PM UTC +00:00

No second try

Posted by Dave Hakkens (Creator)


I was completely ready for the new Plugbook launch. But the day I clicked on 'review project' kickstarter decided to change there rules. Renders are no longer allowed and you can only pledge to recieve one product, multiple awards are no longer allowed. Basically my entire project isn't allowed any more. And without pledging multiple packages Plugbooks I need a lot of backers...I will never reach so many backers on any other crowdfunding site..

So that's it...No way I will reach my funding goal in this way
But I just wanted to show you how ready I was (preview of the project):

I'm planning on doing a completely different project before the end of this year..
Hopefully you can help me out then, and kickstarter doesn't change there rules...

Thanks a lot for supporting the first time!


ps: I made this image below to send you when I reached my goal..
This will not happen, so think of it as a thank you for helping me the first time :)

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    1. Marijn Hubert

      Hi Dave,

      I'm really sorry that you won't restart Plugbook. I would have loved them. :-(
      Success with your next project. I hope it's just as great as this one.

      Good luck!

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Hey I just found this FAQ page and thought of this project. Couldn't you just use illustrative drawings instead of realistic renderings so that people don't confuse the renderings as finished prototypes as they mention in the FAQ. That might solve it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ralph Enders

      To bad, I was waiting for it to get relaunched :-(
      Keep us posted if you find an other way to support you.

      Good luck to you!

    4. Missing avatar

      Cheryl Gobine on

      Wishing you the best of luck on your venture Dave. I would have bragged about your product to all of my mates and colleagues but hey it´s a darn shame that this project didn´t go through. You had such a great idea and we loved the design!

    5. MOKU on

      Maybe KS will go back to the way it was one day... If it's not broke don't fix it....

    6. Pepijn Borgwat on

      That's a bummer! I was looking forward to this product.
      Good luck though!

    7. Milan van den Bovenkamp on

      Oops. Saw your comment just now. Well maybe you can just fire up a whole new category at indiegogo? ;)

    8. Martijn Snels on

      This is really really a shame! I'm sure your next project will kick to the goal right away!

    9. Gianluca Casu on

      This totally sucks . I liked this project and really did hope it could succed, but in fact, I have to agree with Colin.

      You have all our contacts on Kickstarter, move your thing to Indiegogo and then let's try again. You missed the mark for 4000 dollars, it should not be impossible this time.

      Come on! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Kent Falconer on

      I thought the rule changes simply required you to show off a physical prototype. Am I wrong about that?
      You have the 3D printed prototype that you show in the new video, right? Even if it isn't an exact copy of the production model, it still shows that you have done the work to create a real product, and that this isn't a fly-by-night operation. Don't give up! All of us still want the Plugbook!

    11. Simon Morton on

      Dave, this is a real shame. The new project page looks even better (much better) than the first one. I agree with other comments about Kickstarter banning renderings, this is ridiculous. Also, the part of the new rules about only allowing one reward per pledge, doesn't it say something like "unless part of a set"? Surely there must be a way around that for Plugbook, a pledge reward which is a household "set" or other type of giftpack.

      If you definitely can't use Kickstarter, I'd definitely be interested to hear of any other plans you have for this.

    12. Colin Dean on

      Have you considered moving to IndieGoGo, since Kickstarter may not meet your needs now?

    13. Tauberstein on

      "remove the photorealistic renderings" - does it somewhere explain why?

      Photorealistic renderings are much closer to reality then say drawings. Should Kickstarter not be interested in well prepared projects?


    14. Jeremy Alemany on

      So sad to hear this. Please let us know if any advances come of the Plugbook!

    15. Shep Poor on

      This sucks. I'm upset at both what happened to your great project and what Kickstarter has done in general. I applaud Kickstarter for sticking to their principals, but as they clearly recognize, design/tech is simply different from music/dane/art/publishing/video. There were other options at their disposal - they could have created a different classification for mick-ups and/or bulk orders; they could have spun off a sister organization for these types of worthy projects. But alas, they chose instead to shutter a vibrant creative outlet.

      Dave, thanks for keeping us all in the loop. Let us know what you do next.

    16. Missing avatar

      Pekaaw on

      Aah, I'm zorry to hear.. Is it possible to get it anyway somehow? It's a great idea and I'd like one;)

    17. Dave Hakkens Creator on

      Thank you for all the respons!
      I don't want to go to indiegogo, I don't believe I will reach my goal there..This is/was the home of electronics and design :)

      Chris I already contact them...this is what I got:

      Hi Dave,

      I know it's difficult being that your past project was approved prior to this update to our guidelines, but in order to approve your project now, you'll need to redo your rewards and remove the photorealistic renderings.


      Have you got any contact information of Ian? He might be more open to find a solution..

      Thanks for the help!

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Kickstarter wrote. Perhaps there is something they can do Dave? :

      Ian, Oct 01 17:41 (EDT):

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for writing in! No need to be bummed! Have Dave contact us and we can talk through some of the new changes with him.


    19. Henry Rodrigues on

      Aww i was really hoping for a relaunch

    20. Missing avatar

      Remco S. on

      you can still sell in bulk if you want outside kickstarter! it will not help you reach your goal though

    21. Tauberstein on

      I understand, that Kickstarter does not want people to spam stupid projects over and over.

      BUT a relaunch worked fine for the marble run:
      We (backers) did not quite make it in the first run, but got it in the rebrush.
      And the reward arrived some time later... :-)

      I hope Kickstarter optimizes those rules. At least a second chance would be nice!
      I like the Plugbook.

      Don't give up and good luck Dave...

    22. Missing avatar

      Remco S. on

      5 pack and 10 packs are still allowed.. but the store resale packages are not allowed (buying in bulk 100 items to resell in a store)

      and i understand the rendering issue because the item you eventually receive might not end up as the rendering leaving kickstarter to pay the bill back to the customers

    23. Missing avatar

      MizGarfield on

      Bummer! We'll follow you on whatever startup site you want to go. Don't give up.


      I say again, you should try taking this concept to - it might work out there. I'll vote for it!

    25. anpil+ech on

      :( Sad to hear.
      The new Kickstarter rules are both good and bad though.
      Good, in the sense that it forces project creators to push their project further towards production before posting it, or it least be clear as to the current stage of the project. But, it's bad in the sense that projects that would otherwise see the light of day now becomes much harder to make happen.
      I'm currently working on 2 future-Kickstarter-projects myself.

    26. Ramon on

      This sucks! The rule change was made because a lot of productdesigners were using Kickstarter as a store for something that didn't exist yet (selling wholesale packs of a product when a single version is not even a reality), or selling just an idea (what if,...). The rule change is for the better. But I wish they would just have a limit,... like 3 multiples max,... but alas,... they didn't. It is a bit harsh. I really hope this will get another chance. Don't give up yet. Maybe they'll change the rules again,.. and remember,... products were made before Kickstarter existed. You DO have a strong PlugBook following over here,... so you only have to let us know where to get a Plugbook,... it doesn't have to be here,... :) And I really want one (read: I really want three).

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Let's all send Kickstarter an e-mail. This SUCKS!
      Their new rules destroy creativity!

    28. Christina

      Wow! Kickstarters has really really screwed up big time!!!!
      this isn't the first project where this has happened! I have no idea why kickstarters changed the rules but the number of projects under "design" just keeps shrinking and shrinking -because of the new rules!

      Indiegogo is another crowdfunding site but isn't as good as Kickstarter USED to be. Maybe if we all complain enough they'll change back some of the rules -- otherwise they are really hurting great projecs like this one. I hope you pass these comments along to them David as your project is a very good one that should be allowed to run again.

      Once you do relaunch, wherever - be sure to direct us where to find you.

    29. John Hobson on

      Nooooooooo!!!! I love this idea and was really looking forward to it finally happening. Sorry for the changes. It is a great idea. Such a shame.

    30. Missing avatar

      Thom H on

      I thought it was a brilliant idea. Wish there was a way KickStarter could help you make it happen. I'm still interested!

    31. Missing avatar

      Francesco on

      Dave its a shame. Is there no other way? Does this mean the end of the Plugbook before it even begins?


      Well... That really sucks!!!

      Why would they do that? It is so stupid... A person should be able to give as many rewards as they want... It is their production after all and their product/service or thing to give away...


      I am very disapointed by KickStarter... Boooooooooooooooooo :(

    33. Luc De Brouwer

      Hey Dave,

      Why not give it a second try on a site like