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$39,652 pledged of $45,000 goal
By Dave Hakkens
$39,652 pledged of $45,000 goal

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    1. Dennis van Loon on

      Hi Dave! Any news on the Plugbook re-launch?
      Is Kickstarter still giving you a hard time? Have you considered other crowdfunding sites (Indiegogo)?
      I would love to see the Plugbook appearing again and will sure back it when it re-appears. I think it's a great idea!

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      From my understanding the new kickstarter rules state that you cannot show photorealistic renderings that people could confuse as finished products, so if you made them look more animated they would be fine. I suspect you could also link to a blog that had the photorealistic renderings on it... Also if you list it in the design category buyers can purchase multiple items rather than if posted in the product category where they limit to just one. I think if you really want to try again it is totally feasible it just may take a little more work making illustrations of your plugbook. This FAQ talks about a few of the issues.

    3. JP on

      Hi Dave! Just received your update about how kickstarter's new rules killed the second attempt on the PlugBook. Man, this sucks big time :( On one hand I understand that they want to make sure that people don't get ripped off by being misguided by shiny pictures. On the other hand it will definitely lead to some very promising projects not being started at all....

      Aren't there other growd-funding platforms you could use? If you update all backers from the first attempt with the information where to find your project, I guess many will follow....

      Greetings from Germany

    4. Missing avatar

      Mike-N-Go on

      It is curious how Kickstarter pigeon-holes the products; the new policy could push projects like your Plugbook out of the market (on Kickstarter anyways).

      Does Kickstarter not want more business? Why does the letter of the new rules have to be so strict on not allowing renderings?

      Catch 22, you cannot have pictures of the product until you can make the molds, most people cannot make $20,000 molds without successful startup capital.

      I guess you might be able to 3D print a prototype?

    5. Missing avatar

      Francesco on

      Dave Please keep us informed. Hope for THE best

    6. Missing avatar

      MrvdB on

      Seems like kickstarter isn't making the best choiches they could make. Hope they will be able to restart this project.

    7. Dave Hakkens Creator on

      Not sure yet...I'm talking with kickstarter about it, but they aren't quickly responding...

    8. Missing avatar

      Francesco on

      What does that mean? Will THE project be on kickstarter or not?

    9. Dave Hakkens Creator on
      Me and many others having some problems with the new kickstarter rules..
      They don't allow renderings and multiple items as rewards...
      So basically my entire project...

    10. Dave Hakkens Creator on

      indeed it takes longer then expected! it's a bit more trouble since i'm not a US citizen...but it's coming!!

    11. Missing avatar

      MrvdB on

      Seems like amazon and kickstarter aren't quick at restarting / approving the project. Any updates dave?

    12. Dave Hakkens Creator on

      great!, we are still waiting for amazon and kickstarter to approve the project...
      so it's going to be online really soon!

    13. Ondrea Graye on

      Ill be rejoining the crusade

    14. Missing avatar

      MrvdB on

      Dave, great job on restarting the project. Will look at kickstarter next week. I will defenately back the project again.

    15. Dave Hakkens Creator on

      thanks for the notes!
      We will do a restart around the 3th of september!
      Hopefully you will join the project (again)


    16. Missing avatar

      MrvdB on

      Chris, like martin says it's a great idea to add an on / off switch. That way it could be used on desks.

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      After summer.. hmm.. well be sure to send a notifier, because some including me might forget about it.

    18. Martin on

      Hi, Dave. If you can add a On and Off switch it would be awesome. Having a On and Off switch would make it more useful to those who don't want to unplug the PLUGBOOK anytime soon. I'm really excited for this product to get funded in the future.

    19. Dave Hakkens Creator on

      We want to make a better more clear video which show the qualities of the plugbook better..So wee probably are going to restart it after summer since there are also a lot of people out the house in the holidays. hopefully you can wait that long..

    20. MOKU on

      What's the status of a re-launch?

    21. Missing avatar

      Curtis Neesley on

      I would back this again! I did the red one @ $35, if you offered a combo of red and white or black, maybe $50, I would have gone for that. Heck some special price for all three would have been cool. My suggestion is to have a much bigger early bird special (and more than one with combos) - offer it to more people like other projects, 200 people was too small.

    22. Dave Hakkens Creator on

      good reactions!
      We will keep te additional sockets and keep it localized. It's more difficult in the beginning but in the end you have a product with well earthed-sockets which works better.
      Indeed I will think about a UK version. Maybe we have to raise a little bit more but it would reach a much bigger market.
      I've got a lot of things to think about.
      ANyway it's very good to read all your great messages and comments, keeps te motivation very high!

    23. Xavi on

      Restart-it plz!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Laurens Wilming

      I agree with Simon that a UK version probably would have added a lot more backers. I'm a Dutchman living in the UK and pledged two plug books to give to my family back home, but would have pledged at least three if there had been a UK version. A shame it didn't work this time but I hope you will restart soon!

    25. Simon Morton on

      I agree about keeping localised versions of sockets but would also suggest trying to include a UK version next time. I didn't think about it earlier but the UK is a big market to have excluded. I'm a brit living in europe so the european version is fine for me but now I realise that a lot of people I recommended it to live in the UK.

      Good luck next time, Dave!

    26. HMC

      Wow this is the 1st Kickstarter Project which I got an Early Bird pledge & wouldn't you know it it doesn't get funded "BUMMER"! So yes please re-start & I'll pledge but likely not as an Early Bird dont want to jinx it again -:( So go Dave retart soon & good luck

    27. Faryl Zaklin on

      Sorry you didn't make it - but glad to hear you're restarting. Hopefully enough of your original backers will still commit - and then you'll be starting pretty close to your goal this time around!

      Please keep us posted - and keep your spirits up :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Etienne on

      Hope it'll restart soon! As for the previous comment about the universal sockets: I would personally prefer a localised version - for appearance and keeping the european Schuko earthing.
      Apart from that, I would believe that with the European and US versions of the product, the biggest part of your potential market that can be reached through Kickstarter, is covered?

    29. Missing avatar

      Victor Vergeer on

      He Dave,
      "plug it in" again :)

      Cheers and good luck!

    30. Arthur Alexander Hofman-Klünder on

      No Dave: this will make it happen!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I ... want.. the Plugbook! :/

    32. Missing avatar

      MizGarfield on

      So so sorry to see it didn't work out. Was really looking forward to the end product. Please keep us informed on the restart.
      Good luck. Deborah

    33. John Johnson on

      Aww man, it was so close too.

    34. Sciurvilla on

      I am very disappointed. You absolutely have to propose it again. Please keep me informed for updates.

      Greetings and thanks from Italy


    35. David C on

      Sorry it didn't happen this time around. I'll fund a higher amount on a restart, just keep me informed through updates.

    36. MOKU on

      Right Dave, not good when it ends on a Sunday....

    37. Dave Hakkens Creator on

      so close!
      Damn, if we just had 2 more days...really great you all helped so much!
      I will restart it now, but i think this takes some time!
      what a shame...

    38. Missing avatar

      Martinos on

      Second attempt!

    39. MOKU on

      Launch it again....

    40. JW Dannijs on

      @ dave: PLEASE restart this project!

    41. MOKU on

      52 minutes to go so one last min tweet please...

    42. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Rasmussen on

      Already went from $20 to $65... Hope this gets funded. I would fund a restart anytime.

    43. Styx on

      Not the best, but a good project.
      Upped from $20 to $25.
      I'll back a restart !

    44. Missing avatar

      Jaenz on

      Upped from 25 to 66. GO GO GO!

    45. Alan Robertson on

      Quite the final push! Keep it up!

    46. Faryl Zaklin on

      Up from $66 to $110.

      Ditto on backing a restart.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jan Jansen on

      upped from 25 to 45 can't do more(stupid stufi)

    48. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      will definitely back a restart as well if you decide.

    49. Bill on

      Upped from 20 to 66. I'll also back a restart.

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