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LilyPad ~ Using Light to Power All Our Mobile Devices's video poster

Does your iPad case charge your phone? The LilyPad Case uses new solar ink to convert light into energy. It includes HDMI & More!! Read more

Orlando, FL Hardware
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This project was successfully funded on October 2, 2011.

Does your iPad case charge your phone? The LilyPad Case uses new solar ink to convert light into energy. It includes HDMI & More!!

Orlando, FL Hardware
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Solar iPad Case loaded with features.

The Sunny Bells & Whistles of the LilyPad

We call our product the LilyPad.  The LilyPad uses new solar ink technology to convert outdoor and indoor light into usable energy to continually charge tablets such as the Apple iPad.  And it does a lot more than that...

The LilyPad offers HDMI Output for the iPad with 7.1 digital audio built in.  Do a PowerPoint off a projector and play movies on your big screen.  All conveniently built into the case.

Right at your fingertips are three small stainless steel pegs built into the back to prop the iPad into different positions.  There's a convenient and sturdy angle for a keyboard position making it easier to type and a movie stand making it easier to watch movies, read recipes and more.  The LilyPad can even be charging from the light in the room while you're watching the movie.

This solar powered case is charging your battery whenever light is shimmering around you.  But what about in the dark?  For that there's a mighty backup battery built into the case to charge day or night.  We really wanted to tap into this resource so we discretely added a USB Power-Out to charge everything else in your pocket.  This is to prevent the headache of having a dead cell phone.  Charge your phone, camera, headset or just about anything else simultaneously while the iPad is charging.

Side thought: Why do they call them wireless phones anyway when we're stuck plugged into a wall every day with a wire in our phone?  Not only can the LilyPad make a mobile phone actually mobile but it can help against the wasted energy that those wires draw from being plugged into the wall all day.  Okay coal, your move!!!

There are a lot of variables and we can provide more detail for those who know what a LUX is but we felt this was a fair number.  Some people will go a solid 24 hours of use assuming they have no sleep and no time to replenish the LilyPad with light - we're all a bunch of Angry Bird chucking, smurfberry buying, Zombie Farm zombie crack head all nighters anyway - others non-crazy people may go as much as a month of use.  For the average user we came up with 12.5 days with normal indoor / outdoor light before having to charge the LilyPad the old school way.  A plug is included with the case (yuck) to charge it from the wall.  We're working on making cables a thing of the past all together but right now two weeks for the average person without a cord was pretty cool.

Apple makes amazing products not only because of their creativity but also because of how meticulous they are.  We took the idea and prototypes to Apple and they liked it enough to certify it.  This was a challenge to say the least (and I mean to say the very least, that took many months) but it is a better product now since we went that extra mile.  It works flawlessly with the iPad and Apple had some tough guidelines to meet which made us improve the LilyPad even more along the way.  It worked great, now it works even better.

Much like Apple we're very green conscious.  In addition to free renewable energy this protective iPad case is a cover you can be proud of as the LilyPad is made from 80% recycled materials and finished with a smooth rubberized coating for a soft feel.

We're also doing extra activities on the side as well to reduce and even reverse our impact on the environment.  Basically, we want our carbon footprint to be walking backwards from manufacturing.

Solar iPad 2 case, with even more features.

The thin and soft cover folds around completely for comfortable e-Reading all while automatically turning on and off the iPad's sleep function and sending the energy from light to the battery in the back of the case to charge your iPad!

For the iPad2 pick a color, any color.  Black, Green, Grey, or Pink.

LilyPad Travel Bag

Here's a Travel Bag specifically tailored for the LilyPad.  Plenty of storage pockets inside and you can even charge your iPad simultaneously with your cell phone all simply while walking around generating electricity from the light around you.

Lets sum it up, the LilyPad is a case with:

Those app looking buttons above are the features that the LilyPad is all about.  We'll make many different kinds of travel bags to choose from as well so you can slide the LilyPad in, walk around, and charge on the go.  If you're wondering what the "Quick Finder" is that's what I like to call the Whistle Locator.  If you can't find where you left your iPad just simply whistle and the LilyPad will beep back to let you know where it is.

That's the packaging.  The light bulb on the front is a cutout in the box.  This way the LilyPad can be charging in the store while it's hanging on the wall.

Thank you Kickstarter - You rock!!!

This has been a fun and challenging journey to get to this point.  You're giving that snowball the final push before rolling down the hill.  We can't do this without you and we greatly appreciate your pledges.  Seriously, every penny really helps.


  • Don't worry, we'll do all that at the end of the pre-sale. Once we hit our goal you'll be notified and we will get the version, color and shipping information from you at that time.

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  • Soon, we're working day and night. We have a shipment on the assembly line and expect delivery about 1-2 weeks after the close of the pre-sale. So about early to mid-October you should be one of the first to have one

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  • Yes, two actually. First it is at a discounted rate since you're part of this pre-sale group and helping us launch the project. Second, we have a limited supply coming in on our first shipment. We will be taking care of all our Kickstarter supporters but won't have many LilyPads after that. We are trying to get a second shipment in before the holidays, but the factories are backed up this time of year. To sum up, you'll get it sooner and it will cost less.

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  • No transaction takes place until the end of the pre-sale and only if we hit our goal. If on Oct 2nd we've reached or exceeded our goal then at that point you would make the payment and we will get your version and shipping information from you.

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    Every dollar counts. Share in our idea. If your dollar helps make this a reality you will be able to buy the LilyPad online or hopefully someday, at an Apple Store near you. Be a part of making a cool product and help us do our part to reduce carbon emissions by using solar power in our daily lives. The LilyPad could be the start of so much more.

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    Pledge $40 or more

    3 backers

    You don't have an iPad or know anyone who has one but you're someone that likes the LilyPad and wants to really help us make a difference. We appreciate that tremendously. With your help we will be making much more as this is only the beginning. Thank you.

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    Pledge $165 or more

    332 backers

    You probably thought you couldn't afford your very own power station. For a pledge of $165 or more you will be one of the first to receive a new Lilypad, tested and certified once they are manufactured (which has already started). This is a private KickStarter only promotion you'll be a part of. Pick your color and let us know if you want it for iPad1 (black) or iPad2 (choose the design). You'll receive your LilyPad weeks before they are available at and at a lower rate. Every bit helps us start, thank you. [add $10 for international shipping please]. There are iPad leather cases alone out for over $100. This has a bit more. At $165 this is a luxury within reach, you'll have an iPad case you can be proud of - you'll have a LilyPad.

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    Pledge $235 or more

    167 backers

    Pick a LilyPad any LilyPad, either the iPad or iPad 2 version and we'll also include the Travel Case specifically tailored for the LIlyPad. We put as much thought into this custom fitted iPad messenger / travel bag as we did into the LilyPad itself. There's a window to allow the light through to charge the LilyPad as you're simply walking around. There's a convenient pocket to store your phone AND charge it simultaneously while your iPad is charging off the solar LilyPad. There are plenty of pockets and storage inside the bag as well - even a hidden fold out for a water bottle. The case is treated with a wax coating giving it a water resistant finish. In short, this travel bag is just as great as the LIlyPad itself. [again, please add $10 for international shipping, thanks]. I take mine everywhere.

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    For a $500 pledge you’ll received a serialized, green and white “Save the Planet” Edition of the Lilypad signed via laser by the designer, Dave Foster. You'll also get the travel bag. Heck, if you live close enough to Orlando I'll visit you personally to deliver it.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    Custom one of a kind color and design LilyPad! You'll also get the travel bag (custom material) and a couple new upcoming accessories as well. Actually, if you're pledging this much let me know what else you want. Signed prototype, help with your own invention, you name it. Obviously that means you're a big fan of "Green" and of the LilyPad, and I'm grateful for that.

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