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$19,671 pledged of $50,000 goal
$19,671 pledged of $50,000 goal

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    1. Joel Marquez on

      Correction: there were updates earlier but hardly any in the later stages. Even when directly messaged him I got no response.

    2. Joel Marquez on

      I was referring to the fact that I was once a backer. There were promises of updates but we never got any regarding the kudo glide. I'm just now a bit weary in trying to back someone that is requesting support but doesn't update backers even if things are not going as planed and giving false hope.

    3. Gary Riley, Tormented Grand Cipher of ∞ on

      Joel.... you were once an update? What was it like?, also, what was it you updated?

      Good news everyone! It has more or less been released HUZZAH!

    4. Joel Marquez on


      Good luck getting any updates. I know I was once one.

    5. Gary Riley, Tormented Grand Cipher of ∞ on

      Please say there's an update to all this, I still want a solar ipad mini and iPhone 5 charger

    6. Teri Timar on

      What happened to the October update?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jay Ego on

      I would really like to support what you are doing but the silence is causing me to give up. I won't check back here but email me if anything comes up. Jay Ego

    8. Missing avatar

      Justin Martinez on

      It's officially then end of October and no updates yet

    9. Joel Marquez on


      October is almost over and still no updates. I really like your product but there's hardly any communication on your end. I can understand how stressful it may be but you need to communicate better with your backers.

    10. David Foster 2-time creator on

      Hi Everyone - I looks like we are overcoming a major obstacle today. I expect to be sending an update out to all the backers during the month of October. Thanks for hanging in there!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jay Ego on

      Keep us updated. I'm still very interested in what you are doing!

      Jay Ego

    12. David Foster 2-time creator on

      We are still waiting on Apple, I may have to go back to the factories for a few weeks to revise some small details, if so that would likely happen this month to help move it along. We are pushing forward and will keep you posted.

    13. Keith Paul Jr Kelly on

      David, did you ever make any of the iPhone 5 battery cases? I still think this is a good one.

    14. Joel Marquez on

      Anything new? Anything!

    15. Missing avatar

      Jay Ego on

      David - any updates?

      Jay Ego

    16. Gary Riley, Tormented Grand Cipher of ∞ on

      hey David,

      do we have any further updates?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jay Ego on

      Thanks for the update. We will eagerly await the next update and purchase date.


    18. David Foster 2-time creator on

      @ Aaron and all - The latest we heard from the Apple lab was a cosmetic change. To be honest, I don't know if that's all they found or if they saw it and stopped testing. I'm hoping it's the former. We had a 0.63mm gap around the lightning pin (down in a crevice no one would see) and the maximum allowed size is 0.25mm around the pin. That's a difference of about .4mm, or roughly about 10 hairs. A rather simple fix, we're working on that change and will resubmit to the labs and wait another few weeks. Fingers crossed.

    19. Missing avatar

      Aaron Lautzenhiser on

      Any word yet from the lab? Sorry to bug, but I'm really excited about this project

    20. David Foster 2-time creator on

      @ - Jay. We will post any new information as soon as we hear from Apple.

      Thanks so much!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jay Ego on

      Keep us posted. Can't wait to have these products in hand.


    22. David Foster 2-time creator on

      Hi Everyone: Apple just confirmed that their lab is back up and running again. We should have results from some of their test next week. The MOMENT that we have positive news about the certification from them we will open the pre-sale page on the site and start the manufacturing.

    23. Gary Riley, Tormented Grand Cipher of ∞ on

      Hey David,

      would it be possible to pre-order now on your website?

      also, i have an iphone 5 now, so will likely go for that as well as the mini case

    24. David Foster 2-time creator on

      @ Justin - No word yet from Apple. Their lab in the UK went down and it's certainly thrown a wrench in the process. We've additional other samples to their other labs and are waiting to hear form them.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jay Ego on

      Thanks for the update.

    26. David Foster 2-time creator on

      @ Kenneth - We submitted the products to the Apple lab in the UK for certification. Unfortunately, and abruptly, the lab went down and everything was rerouted to their other lab in Taiwan as well as Cupertino. We are awaiting the results to see what, if any, modifications need to be made in order to have the final certification. At that point we immediately go into production, the factories are standing by for Apple to give us all the green light.

    27. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Keith Jr. on

      Hello, I was just curious if you have an update on the project? I am planning a vacation in early July and was wondering how reallistic it would be to have a KudoSol (iPad4) with me?

    28. David Foster 2-time creator on

      @ Jay & Gary - The URL was not sent out yet, I wanted to see the next stage with Apple to really have a better idea on their timeline. We've got samples sent out to their labs in the UK and Cupertino. We'll get some feedback soon and hopefully I'll send the URL out this week.

    29. Gary Riley, Tormented Grand Cipher of ∞ on

      hi David,

      Still haven't had the URL - looking forward to the product though :-)

    30. Missing avatar

      Jay Ego on

      David - Can I assume the URL has not gone out yet?

    31. David Foster 2-time creator on

      @ Mark - The URL will go to the backers. It will be live on the site but only the current backers will be able to access it to make sure you get the first ones before they are out.

    32. David Foster 2-time creator on

      @ Jay - Well, it is your name... LOL. We'll send the information out in order of which the pledges were placed. You pledged pretty early on so you should be safe. I know we'll have plenty of the Glides coming in but the others I'm not 100% certain if there will be enough until we know which model everyone wants. We'll know soon enough though.

    33. David Foster 2-time creator on

      @ Eric - Thanks for the positive comments. I'll be reaching out to you with the URL shortly.

    34. David Foster 2-time creator on

      @ Aaron - Yes we will be seeing it through!

    35. Mark Needleman on


      sorry you didnt get the funding - it looks lik a great idea - will you just be posting the url to order on your web site or will you mail it out to backers - i really would like to get one of the cases for the iphone 5

    36. Missing avatar

      Jay Ego on

      David - I believe you have a great product(s) here and still has a great chance to do well in the open market place. I am really glad to hear that you are still going into production. Having been one of the 3 top pledgers (The Party Pack and the Glide and the Case will be signed by the inventor). I'd love an inside track on making an order. Maybe a bit selfish of me but after all my name is EGO and I really like what I have seen!!

    37. Eric Lindsay on

      You have a fine case/power design there for the iPad Mini, and the Cage/Glide combination seems a great idea. I would be happy to buy as scheduled whenever you manage to get the first run going. I thought you were on the right track with the original LilyPad, which is sitting out by the window as I write.

    38. Missing avatar

      Aaron Lautzenhiser on

      The Cage/Glide combo is brilliant - I'm shocked no one thought of that before. Please say that you will be seeing that through to production!

    39. David Foster 2-time creator on

      @ DiDiee and Christopher - I'll be sending you an update shortly, we completely plan to move forward and every one of the backers will get the first shot at all the different cases. We were aggressive doing 9 projects at once but it looks like we pulled it off and got them all developed and queued for production!

    40. Christopher Vesta on

      I wonder if each product of this Kickstarter project would have been put into its own separate project, if certain parts of it would have gotten the proper funding...?

    41. Missing avatar

      DiDiEE on

      Lost traction for this project? Hope it gets made.

    42. David Foster 2-time creator on

      @ Teri - I'll send out an update to all the backers this weekend. We are going to do our best to put these into production regardless and unfortunately had to allocate our kickstarter marketing funds towards developing the product to it's best condition. I'll post the update in the next few days.

    43. Teri Timar on

      Are you going to produce these cases even if the goal is not met? I had one of your cases for my iPad 2, but my new iPad with the lightning connector is sadly without one of your cases.

    44. David Foster 2-time creator on

      @ Jerry - Each case is fitted specifically for it's model. There's one for the Nexus 7, iPad 4, and iPad mini. After the campaign is over we'll get your shipping information and which model you'd need.

    45. Jerry Itoh on

      I don't see anyone asking this, but I'm backing the KudoSol and it never asked which kind of device I'm using and I know that they all use different connectors to charge, first is there different tips to charge in the case or second is there different cases for the different products. If so I need one for an Ipad Mini.

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