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To launch a new product line consisting of an English translation of the acclaimed Spanish game "Aventuras en La Marca del Este".
427 backers pledged $28,083 to help bring this project to life.

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Exciting update for AEM fans

Posted by Extra-Dimensional Publishing (Creator)

I know many of you expressed dismay that it seemed Adventures in the East Mark was at a dead end in the US. Trust me, I shared your sadness if that were to remain the case. Fortunately, I can finally share with you positive news. Without further ado, here is an exciting update:


Thanks very much for supporting David’s Extra-Dimensional Publishing project to publish an English edition of Adventures in the East Mark. He published a wonderful edition of the game and I know you were always foremost in his thoughts as he fulfilled the project rewards. 

I’ll soon be announcing that Nocturnal Media is the new licensed publisher for AEM products. I have the pleasure of taking over the AEM license, but also picking up where David has left off with exciting future projects like the Blue Box. David has graciously offered to forward this note to you via Kickstarter because we both feel you earliest supporters of AEM in English should be the first to receive this news. I’ll ask David to send another note to you when there’s something major to announce, such as a project for the Blue Box. 

If you’d like to receive updates more directly, then please scroll to the bottom of and “Subscribe For Updates”. 

Briefly about myself, I founded White Wolf in 1986 and co-created games like Vampire: The Masquerade, but I hang my hat on my own Mage: The Ascension. I sold White Wolf about a decade ago and now have recently been active with my new company, Nocturnal Media. I’ve funded several projects on Kickstarter, including new editions of the Scarred Lands and most recently a new edition of a much-loved White Wolf product from 1990, Storypath Cards. Earlier this month, I announced that I’ve purchased West End Games, the publisher of such RPGs as Paranoia and the original Star Wars

I know that some of you are still due beta-access to the Blue Box’s Campaign Setting Guide. David is providing me a list of the backers who pledged for this add-on and I have assured him that I will honor that reward. The Blue Box is about halfway through translation and could be completed as early as the end of May. 

Adventures in the East Mark is a very appealing and exciting game, and I’m proud to make the entire series available in English. I hope you’ll continue to explore the world of AEM with me.

- Stewart Wieck

On a final note, I am thrilled that AEM has risen from the ashes of Extra-Dimensional Publishing and found a much more suitable home with Nocturnal Media. The game deserves being in much more capable hands than mine and I hope nothing but the best to Stewart, as well as the game's original publishers and creators. ¡Buena suerte, amigos!

- David Wilson Brown

Latest AitEM News

Posted by Extra-Dimensional Publishing (Creator)

Just finished some work that will allow me to finally be able to work on layout for Tony Reyes' adventure.  

After that is completed my plan is to move on the Blue Box. At least what is already translated.  

My goal is to deliver as much of the Blue Box as I can to those who backed it AND give the file to for physical printing some day.  

We still have plenty of Red Box sets for anyone interested and movement of them will very much support the work to finish out the project. So if you know anyone who would be interested, direct them to our store.

Thank you for your continued interest in the East Mark!

Overdue Update on Adventures in the East Mark

Posted by Extra-Dimensional Publishing (Creator)

This is the update that I've not wanted to write but I want to be open with you, our fantastic backers.  

Due to a number of factors, the relationship with XD and our Spanish partners will not continue. I am sad about that, especially as that means that the East Mark product line will not continue in the US, at least in the near future and under the eXtra-Dimensional banner. This does also include the Walkure license too, but fortunately this severing of our licence may mean you see that product in the US sooner than if it had remained with us. 

So what happened? Our greatest folly, it seems, was to overprint box sets, in hopes for the future of the line. To do so we got additional investment to take advantage of the better price per set we'd get from a bigger order. But distributors in our industry have thus far not been interested in carrying the product, due largely to the size of the box and what that means for shipping. 

Our focus currently is on getting our backers the last of what we owe you. That means Tony's Lovecraftian adventure, which, while now finished, is not laid out in a module format. I'm working on that and have plans to get it out before the end January. This is and has always been planned as a digital only release. 

That also means releasing the Beta of the Blue Box set for those who chose that add-on and our Titan backers. We have about 100 unedited pages translated and I am releasing that compilation before the end of this week. I don't know that we'll be able to get more translated or any of it edited and laid out, but we have some options we are exploring. This is perhaps the thing I am most sad about as I've often stressed that the quality of the setting is what sets it apart from just being another OSR product. I am looking at any means possible to at the very least get the translation finished with hopes to have it fully laid out at some point. 

We made some mistakes, but we learned from them and any future campaign would have been more successful from it. But I am proud of what we accomplished, proud of the product we produced, and proud of the enjoyment the fans seem to have gotten out of the game. 

Please feel free to contact me directly at ( if you have any questions.

Thank you so much for your trust, your faith, and your support. XD will live on, but certainly in a different form. If you want to help, please encourage friends to buy a set from our remaining stock direct from us at our online store ( or from any other retailer selling the set. 

-David Brown

Red Box now available for Direct Retail & Wholesale

Posted by Extra-Dimensional Publishing (Creator)

Since we are confident that all backers have now received their physical sets, we wanted to enlist your help to advertise that we now have sets available for retail directly from us:

Go to

In case you missed it: Larry Elmore!
In case you missed it: Larry Elmore!

Now we have an appeal to make to you. If you liked our product - the game; the quality of the set; the art; the whole thing - please consider spreading the word and encouraging friends to buy it. Take it to your local game store and share it with friends. More importantly, share it with the store owner. Let them see it and encourage them to contact us at support@xdpublishing for direct wholesale deals.

If you want to have the opportunity to get the future sets produced, helping us spread the world and build our fan base will go a long way to making that happen.

And one more thing... The first portion of the Blue Box Campaign Setting book is in our editor's hands!


All Backer Orders Shipped & Blue Box BETA Coming Soon!

Posted by Extra-Dimensional Publishing (Creator)

Yesterday, we were finally able to get all of the remaining international orders out, fully completing the physical fulfillment of the Red Box sets.

We've learned a lot of lessons from this process, so if/when we do another Kickstarter we will have a better methodology, with a more compact shipping schedule planned.

The other good news is we are anticipating the receipt of a large chunk (90-100 pages) of Blue Box translation this weekend and once it undergoes editing, our BETA backers will get it in their hands!! 

The only other outstanding deliverable is the Tony Reyes digital adventure, which we're hoping to get good news on any day now.

Thanks are very necessary to all of our backers and especially to the International backers whose shipments were delayed. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and faith!


P.S. Don't forget that all non-Kickstarter fulfillment related comments, questions, and the like should be brought to the community at our G+ Community