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Ever get range anxiety on your ebike? Or feel limited with ebikes? Times are changing. Delfast ebike will get you where you want to go.
Ever get range anxiety on your ebike? Or feel limited with ebikes? Times are changing. Delfast ebike will get you where you want to go.
Ever get range anxiety on your ebike? Or feel limited with ebikes? Times are changing. Delfast ebike will get you where you want to go.
75 backers pledged $165,800 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Adam Botelho about 6 hours ago

      Thanks Daniel! Look forward to the update.

    2. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator about 6 hours ago

      Hi Adam,
      I'll post an update for backers later today.
      In short: bikes are ready, but delivery companies makes us crazy.
      Sorry for the delay.
      We do everything to send the bikes.

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam Botelho about 8 hours ago

      Hi Daniel,

      I sent you a message on kickstarter regarding delivery and some concerns with dates. I have also sent an email to the email you asked us to send to. Any chance you could please provide feedback?

      Has anyone had any communication with delfast? Has anyone received any shipping information yet?


    4. Missing avatar

      Shawn Wentzel 5 days ago

      Never saw an option to get both motorcycle seat and standard bike. How would I go about adding the bike seat?

    5. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      Benny, it's two different types of mount. It's possible if you order both.

    6. Missing avatar

      Benny on

      Is it possible to switch the motorcycle seat for a bicycle seat later on my own?

    7. Missing avatar

      Alex O'Riordan on

      Daniel and delfast good luck with the last component. Frustrating I am sure but I am glad you are taking the time to get it right. Could you please give a rough estimate on delivery time so we can check our expectations?

    8. Missing avatar

      Adam Botelho on

      Snow is all gone here in Canada, I got my stupid "Trek" bike out, its simply not cutting it 😀 Delfast!!!! I am crawling in my skin, come on top model!!!!

    9. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      Thanks Sylvian for helping me and for sharing! You're right, all our Kickstarter bikes (Lite and Top as well) will be equipped with GPS tracker - no need to pay, everything is included :)

      Sorry for the delays with the answers - its rush days in the end of the production process.
      I'll publish an update report today later.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sylvain on

      Just for the backers, I've got the direct answer from Daniel Tonkopiy and YES, the GPS tracker is by default for all the backers of the PRIME Model, great !

    11. Missing avatar

      Sylvain on


      I see on the official website that on the PRIME model, we can have as a paid option a GPS Tracker at 135$.
      As a backer of a PRIME Model, will I have this option on it ? And if not, is it possible to have this GPS Tracker installed on my future bike as a paid option (py paypal, for example) ?

      Thanks in advance for your answer.

      Best Regards,

      Sylvain PRAS

    12. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      Hey Wilson, Adam and everybody!
      I just published the big update - take a look on it :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Adam Botelho on

      I can't take the anticipation!!!! :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Wilson on

      Hey Daniel,
      My excitement only gets bigger as time goes on, so I must know, when do you think you will ship the ebikes?

    15. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      Adam, can't describe how I'm (and all of us are) happy that you're excited :) It's really really really important to see the support and trust from you and from all of our backers.
      Please assure your wife that we don't want to upset her and that we do the fastest as we can! :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Adam Botelho on

      Frames!! Batteries!!!! OMG I can't take the suspense any longer. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. The wife says you should ship early just so she don't have to hear it anymore, I agree with her 😀 Keep up the great work!!

    17. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      Hi Ion,

      Delfast Prime can carry 310 lbs (including rider).

      All of our models are not compatible with common bicycle rack (like this: because it has different type of rear gears than common bikes.

      Although we have a Motorcycle type of seat - you may see it on our TOP model. This motorcycle seat has a platform for attaching a motorcycle kind of rack.

    18. Ion Freeman on

      Hey, what's the carrying capacity like? Is it compatible with any racks or bags?

    19. Missing avatar

      Obrijanu Ricardo on

      Keep going for who want to buy a good "chinese" bike

      I'm buying goods from China for more then 5 years and i gain alot of experience.
      As a diamond user on Allyexpress and as a buyer on Alibaba i can say many things about bikes.
      I fix them, i build them, i ride them 50-70 km daily to deliver food to UK clients from Deliveroo.
      I belive that the creator doing a great thing and i always support people that they want to build someting for the future but from my experience with chinese components i'm not that happy and i understand that are some good chinese brands like Giant but not comparing with Santa Cruz,Fox and so on.
      Chinese will always be chinese and they will always get broken no matter in what transformation of brand it will come on the market.

      Speaking about compoments:
      2 mounts ago i buyed meilan x6 i had quite good experience is the little broather of meilan x6 that Prime bike have
      First is waterproff 2 weeks all good after that didn't work for 3 days in full lights just it was a dark light and afer 3 days recovered and working and now i'm using meilan x6 and from that moment worket perfect

      Meilan x5
      Seeing the little broather i wanted to test the big broather with turning left and right it seems impresive for first impresion and like that i order one from Allyexpress
      The light come i tested for 6 hours i was impress by the light and after that disapointed much more then meilan x6 why?
      First: sometimes working perfectly sometimes not working at all.
      The remote control is a little remote that have 3cm with < middle > basicly not hard but you dont know where you turn because when i turn right or left the led turn off (strange) and i stop using it because is no use at all and i remain on meilan x6 much more better.

      About Zoom forks i can't say my opinion as i dont have experience or other components but about the these lights i have and meilan x5 it may be big but is not how it look.

      I hope the creator will not be upsad on me but these are my honest opinion you are building great bikes with great autonomy this is a real goal in my opinion try to build bikes with high standard performance components no matter that it will be more expensive there are people that they want these bike but they will stop seeing the components. I hope my comment it will have sense for you. Thank you, peace and ride safe.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ed Tretyakov on

      So, as I understand, nobody listen and nobody will answer. Friends, now you see how this company react on critics and technical questions. Hope all you will receive much more better service in future.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ed Tretyakov on

      @Daniel, you're not telling full truth to your backers (and me especially, I still want my postcard) and embellish your words.

      1. Temperature on the road was around 11-12C in the night and 15-16C in the middle of the day (everyone can check this here: Your batteries (boston swing 5300) rated at 25C with 5.3Ah capacity, so it was not 20 grad. difference, but only around 10 with 2 grads gap. And for your batteries this is not critical. And on the speed of 13mph windage does absolutely nothing compared to 35-40mph. You know this.

      2. You make mistake by 2mm on wheel diameter while you setup your Cycle Analyst. That's why you have 13km difference (367km vs 380km).

      3. Your rider have 5 minutes to stop every 1 hour. So you was able to stop bike, get saved telemetry from BMS vie Bluetooth, and continue your ride. Alternatively you was able to connect smartphone with bluetooth, put it on your bike with rider and transfer data in realtime via GPRS / 3G / whatever. Instead, you risked the health of your pilot.

      4. Your record line was set to 1418 laps (400km divided to lap length of 282m). Your bike was able to make only 1301 lap (record is 367km 67m, and divided to lap length this is exactly 1301.5 laps). Why you talking about 1367 laps?

      5. BMS is just a chunk of electronics, and it can be enclosed separately into his own case.

      6. You have time to kick me on facebook, to ban me for my questions, to like obscene comments about me, to post videos about your "World Record" into your timeline.

      7. Thanks for answer about brakes, but BB7 with one front rotor is not an option for such heavy bike. Hope you will change your mind and install on bikes something really meaningful. This is case about your backer's safety.

      Please do your job better.

      P.S. You didn't answer about range on 35mph. Fellow backers, please force this question, because Daniel don't want to speak with me and ignoring me, even I helped a little to his project.

    22. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      Ok, the last answer to his question. Not to Ed, but to all of our backers.

      "Your bike was equipped with cheap cable brakes, and for such heavy electric bikes this is unnaceptable - they will burn rotors or catch temperature lock just after few stops from 30mph. Will they be replaced with hydraulic systems?"

      The braking power depends not on the drive of the shoes, but on the size of the brake disc. The Avid BB7 brakes which we use in our models are the best bicycle mechanical brakes, and a 203mm disc is the standard for the most extreme disciplines (downhill, freeride). The pads in Delfast bikes are the same as in the hydraulic Avid. The cable drive only affects tactile sensations when pressed.

      And second - our engine is equipped with an energy recupperation system. First, the bike brakes with the engine, generating power at this time, and mechanical brakes are auxiliary. Therefore, on our bike brake pads are erased much less than on an ordinary bike at the same speeds.

    23. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      Hi Benny,

      The Prime bike for the EU authorities is assembling now. As it was planned, in November we'll finish it, test and will send to the comission. At the same time, we're revising right now the contract with our partner in Poland to meet all the regulations in the EU (there is a lot of paper work even before we start).

      Yesterday I had skype call with our collaugeus in Berlin and they said that this is absolutely obligatory to obey all the regulations in Germany. So we're going to fit all the EU laws for sure. We came here for a long time.

      Thank you again for all of your questions and for your interest, we'll keep you informed!

    24. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      Dear community,

      I just don't know what to do with Ed's comments. His comments are oftenly "not truth" (if not to say stronger) and in many cases are silly.

      He asks us, why we did 367 km instead of 380 which we made in Summer.
      I explained to him that in summer temperature was +30 Celsiuc, and in October - +9 Celsuis, so 20 degrees difference is significand for the batteries.
      Second reason is that in the summer our rider was wearing shorts and t-shirt but in October he was packed with warm pants and downy jacket so the windage increased. Every cyclist knows about windage and how it influe to the speed and power.
      And third - according to cycle analist, we made 380 km. The Record Book representatives measures by the internal ring of the cycle lane although we were driving in the middle of the lane (the width of the lane is 80 cm). This difference multiple to 1371 laps makes additional several kilometers.

      He said: "I know why BMS can be not installed with battery in one case."
      Dear all, this is how basically the BMS for electric bike looks like:
      It's always conneceted to the cells and it almost always goes with the battery pack.
      So his words are far from the truth.

      He said: "Why your rider called your companions by cellphone to tell how many charge bike have? Why instead of that you didn't get needed information through your mobile app?"
      He should know that establishing the bluetooth connection takes a few second.
      He should know that bluetooth has a range of about 10 meters.
      He was at the cycle ring and he knew that for that few seconds the rider will drive past engeneer's table and the bike will become farther than 10 meters from the table.
      That's why the rider was calling to engeneers by mobile phone to tell them the current state of the bike.

      I don't know why he is keep asking us a dumb questions with a lot of "not truth". And believe me, he gives us tons of such questions in all of our profiles and he do it since 15th of September
      I have no idea what are his reasons to do that.

      But our company is small and we've limited resources. We have to order and test a lot of different spare parts for your bikes, prepare all the official documentation, develop manuals and packaging, get certificates, deal about service maintanance for our backers in many cities, decide about the logistics and million of other questions.

      So I don't want to spend our limited resources to Ed's trolly questions anymore.
      I hope you'll understand me, dear community.

    25. Missing avatar

      Benny on

      Hello Daniel,

      first of all congrats on your world record ride on October 12th. I also appreciate the better seat suspension you introduced earlier.

      I have to ask again for a definitive confirmation for the Delfast Prime EU-standard L1e bike permit (45 km/h) you told me about earlier as I cannot see it in your project updates.
      This is paramount for me because it would be a hassle to use the Prime with a real motorcycle permit with only 55 km/h max speed and it would take the bicycle feeling away. Also it is a huge difference in insurance and licensing compared to L1e (just ask your EU/german service partners for their opinion on this). The 25 km/h 250 watts mode is superfluous in my opinion and would not do this massive bike justice (and who wants to ride hundreds of kilometers at 25 km/h at a stretch?).

      Can you provide means to carry a decent amount of luggage on the Prime? E.g. can I somehow mount (standard) back and/or front carriers?

      Additionally, although I do not condone everything in Ed's style I am looking forward to your answers to the questions he asked yesterday.

      Keep up the good work

    26. Missing avatar

      Ed Tretyakov on

      @Adam Botelho,

      To be fair Daniel is not right. I know what I'm saying and I ask really valuable questions.
      At least this thing can prove this -> This is my "Circuits and Electronics" certificate from MITx. And I know how BMS'es work, why they needed and how design them right. And I know what is "balance-on-charge" and why BMS can be not installed with battery in one case.

      As I see here - Daniel just personally blaming me, because I ask inconvenient questions. That's all.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ed Tretyakov on


      Instead of answering here you named me troll. Okay. My questions really painful?

      But, anyway, if you have smartest BMS system with Bluetooth and mobile apps to control telemetry from bike's battery - can you please explain why your rider called your companions by cellphone to tell how many charge bike have? Why instead of that you didn't get needed information through your mobile app? Is this just an Idea or something was not properly configured?

      Again thanks for answers.
      And please translate all your answers for your customers and post them here. This information is really valuable.

    28. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      Hi Adam, glad to meet you again!

      Of course all Delfast bikes has BMS (Battery Management System), please be sure. It's indicated in all specifications on our Kickstarter page.

      Without Battery Management System the e-bike battery can't work - it will be just cells with no management. Any powerbank, any laptop battery needs Battery Management System, without BMS they just don't charge and discharge properly.

      Moreover, our Smart BMS is high-end BMS with bluetooth features which means that you can control the charge of your batteries (of each cell) through the mobile app.

      And definitely this guy couldn't see the BMS because it is insidfe the bike - it is connected to the battery.

      PS Frankly, this guy has no idea what he is talking about, he is just a troll. I answered tons of his questions in my facebook (sorry it's in Russian):

    29. Missing avatar

      Adam Botelho on

      Hey Daniel,

      So it's clear..the bikes do or do not have BMS on the batteries?


      Keep up the great work!

    30. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      Ed, I don't want to make a flame here but I have to answer to question #5 separately.

      The bike you shown has 29Ah but our Prime model has 64Ah.
      This is the significant difference, more than 2x in batteries volume. That's why this is definitely not an "absolutely same components".
      BTW, the link you provided has the price of about $2180 (not $2000).
      There are plenty changes inside: lights, security features etc, but battery is the most expensive part in all ebikes. This is how the difference in price came.
      Besides, we pay for the delivery worldwide. We're not cheating.

      Again, let's not make a discussion here. This is my answer to the question, not a start of new discussion.

    31. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      @Ed Tretyakov, Wow, thank you for such deep and detailed analytycs of our races!
      I read your article, and it's really valuable, I didn't know about alevation of 478m and some other facts.
      Concerning your questions, we'll prepare all technical details and provide all the answers to you. Keep in touch!

    32. Missing avatar

      Ed Tretyakov on

      Hello Daniel,

      Really excited about your project and your world record.
      Can you please read my statement here ( and answer next questions to me and all your bakers:

      1. Why during your "World record ride" your bike in ideal conditions (flat concrete bycicle sport track with lowered rolling resistance, constant electric consumption, 60F temperature outsife without any wind pressure and other usual road problems) travelled only 228 miles with only 14.3mph while you sayin it can go more than 236 miles?

      2. Why your record bike didn't have any BMS systems on it and you discharged your batteries below 3V/cell limit? This is unnaceptable and all cells after this trick can be trashed. As anyone know LiIon cells from this point are damaged and dangerous for use because of the possibility of fire?

      3. Your bike was equipped with cheap cable brakes, and for such heavy electric bikes this is unnaceptable - they will burn rotors or catch temperature lock just after few stops from 30mph. Will they be replaced with hydraulic systems?

      4. During posts on your wall you said that bike have more than 60% of charge on mark of 172 miles, but after bike stops fully discharged on mark of 228 miles. Can you explain that please?

      5. Can you explain why your Prime model looks identically to "Enduro stayer" model from site ( And why model costs only around 2000$, but you ask for absolutely same components ~3000$ ?

      6. In your diploma about "World record" stated that this record valuable only for Ukraine. Can you please provide documents that this is actual World record too?

      7. What range will have Prime model during ride with 35mph on the regular road?

      Thanks for answers, really appreciate your work!

    33. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      Hi Jason,
      First of all, thank you for backing our project!

      Concerning the speed limits, we've integrated three power modes: 15 mph (EU mode), 20 mph (US mode) and no-limits mode (50 mph for the Top, you're right).
      Yes, we can make another speed limit of 28 mph instead of unnecessary EU mode. This is not what was preestablished so we need to do it manually so please, remind us about it when we settle the color, seat and discussing all the delivery details with you.

      50 mph is the cruising speed for the Top. It's not just short burst. This speed is achieved when riding on a plain road (I mean not when you go down hill).
      We'll collect all the numbers in one place, sorry fo inconvinience. We just updated the tech specs for three models and we'll put all the data together soon.

      "Last question; Will I be able to easily remove the battery to bring it inside at work/home and charge it or store it?"
      The battery wouldn't be removable, sorry about that. Our goal was to make a bike which can run farther and farther on a single charge with no need to remove or replace battery. So we used the space inside the frame for maximum efficiency. You will have acces to the battery to maintain it though.
      Let us know if you have more questions!

    34. Missing avatar

      Jason Kinch on

      In California a law was passed allowing for an ebike to have a maximum speed of 28 mph on certain bike routes and be treated like any other bicycle. Will there be a mode of operation on the Top and Prime models with a limit of 28 mph for California users? I see the top speed for the Top model is 50 mph, can it sustain this speed indefinitely or is this only for short bursts/distances? I remember seeing a posted a cruising speed for the Prime model someplace, what would be the lower cruising speed that can be sustained for an entire battery charge on the Top model? Can you make all these stats easier to find in one place? Last question; Will I be able to easily remove the battery to bring it inside at work/home and charge it or store it? I think removal of the battery would also make it easier and safer to transport the bikes on a tailor hitch mounted bike carrier due to the weight limits of these types of bike carriers. Thank you.

    35. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      Hi Adam,
      First of all, thank you for supporting us! It is important indeed.

      Second is - yes, we're definitely aiming to Canada market as well as Australia, Singapore and all other countries where our backers lives. It's just takes time to get all the docs, but since we have the Certificates in the US and EU it will be waaay easier to get the papers in Canada after that.
      Also, we found a good contacts in CAN at the Interbike expo so hopefully we'll have partners soon who will help us with it.

      About the delivery - yes, we'll ship the bikes with the batteries inside. There is a MSDS-certificate needed for delivering lithium batteries and we've got the MSDS from the producer of the battery. So you don't need to assemble the bike and the battery, although you'll need to do some work: to attach pedals, fix the steering, adjust brakes and mirros and to do other common work for the new bicycles (tools and video instructions will be provided).

      We'll be in touch!

    36. Missing avatar

      Adam Botelho on

      Hey Daniel,

      Thanks for update #3!!! As one the early backers I was lucky enough to get in for Top Model. There seems to be talk regarding EU and US, but nothing for Canada. Has there been any discussion for CAN? Will there be legal and no limit mode for us on top model and in CAN?. Do you plan to ship battery and bike together or will they be shipped separately? Thanks, keep up the great work!!!

    37. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      Benny, thank you for sharing the information here! You're right, it's important.
      I had to do it, so I'll post an update in the campaign.

    38. Missing avatar

      Benny on

      Hello Community,
      I just wanted to share this info I got from project founder Daniel regarding EU / Germany regulations - looking good so far!


      Hello Daniel,
      I am backer number 17 and very much looking forward to the completion of the project and to receiving my Delfast Prime!
      Also, I was happy to read about service partners in Germany.
      I just want to ask you to confirm that my bike will have the necessary papers and can be limited to 45 km/h to be run as the EU-standard Category L1e bike or even as an S-Pedelec (german standard I think).
      Kind regards


      Hi Benny,
      Thank you for pledging and thank you for your letter!
      We've found partners in Germany, and they are coming to our production facilities in Kiev in October. They want to make sure that we produce quality goods and we're going to sign service contract with them. Apart from that, we're making a working model of Delfat bike for the EU authorities for the certification purposes and will send it to the Germany in November.
      The bike definitely has speed limit that you can adjust: 25 km/h and 45 km/h, so de-facto you'll have a bike with legal speed. In the next few months we'll make it legal de-juro with all the papers. We're interested in speeding up this process because the EU is our high-priority market so you will receive all the necessary documents when we send you the bike. We'll keep you informed about the progress!
      With best regards,
      Daniel Tonkopiy

    39. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      @Matti, Delfast is going up to the hills of 20 degrees angle with no problem. Kiev is pretty hilly city.
      2. You can order the Top version which has more powerful motor either make an upgrade by yourself in the future.

    40. Matti Hämäläinen on

      Hi can you tell or show. How good prime is uphills? Because all video material what i found is straight roads!
      Second question: How about in future is it possibly upgrade motor?

    41. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      @Paul, thank you for your support!
      If you like comfort and don't want to think about charging each time, then Prime version would be great choice for you, cause Prime version has a great range - 236 miles on a single charge. The Prime has top speed of 34 mph and equipped with all the necessary stuff for your comfort riding.

      If you'd like to have more powerful bike for raising up on the hills and mountains and would like to have higher top speed (50mph) then the Top version will be the best choice for you. It still goes pretty far - about 140 miles on one charge and has a high tier equipment and components.

      So basically if you need higher Range - then Prime is the best. If you need more Power - then Top version is the best.

    42. Missing avatar

      Paul Hester on

      Hi, kind of late to the party. I'm @ 250 lbs. age 54, and plan on moving to an area near Asheville NC USA for leisure, pleasure riding which includes mountains. What bike would you recommend for comfort and power? My bank account is not unlimited by any stretch, but willing to pay for what I need. Great work guys/girls! regards. Paul

    43. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      @Ricardo thank you so much for your support! Your every post here and in each other media helps us to make world better, indeed. Let's stay in touch!

    44. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      @Dylan Roy, you won't regreat about your decision when you get the Prime!

    45. Missing avatar

      Obrijanu Ricardo on

      Delfast is a project that will be great in all the planet. Is no matter that Victor project or other people try to build similar versions of bikes. Delfast manage to do a great thing "autonomy" you can see on a zero motorcycle 11kw that it have 80 km autonomy or a bit more but what is the price. There is no comparison indeed Delfast is a hibrid zero is a brand of motorcycles but for the autonomy that Delfast offers is better. I build 2 bikes till now 1000w rear brusless and 1000w geared mid drive they were my own project looking on youtube and staying hours and hours to learn and i learn in 3 years alot about e-bikes.
      What is the most important thing on an e-bike?
      Exacly: autonomy and maybe a bit of speed not to run with 25km/h but for some 25km/h can be anought and i'm agreed.
      Ok. I manage with 2 batterys to go 170km from Lymington to London with pas 1 and 2 to London 150-250w 17ah sanyo ga 3500mah and 16 ah samsung cells 3200 i think.
      They will make the Top model legally on the streets and they will make everything perfect i hope they will and i trust them.
      Take this project to the final Daniel because how you say "let's make a better world" we can make it every one by supporting them and waiting for them to do the job for us.

    46. Dylan Roy on

      I feel bad about leaving $260 on the table, but I had to upgrade to the prime.

    47. Dylan Roy on

      Dang it. Missed out on the Prime... hopefully I enjoy the Lite just as much.

    48. Daniel Tonkopiy Creator on

      @Oleg Strekal, the frame for ebike is produced in Ukraine. We both work with the same frame supplier with Vector (they're also from Ukraine but we never met them). The frame was updated and remodelled specially for Delfast to meet all our needs of a larger range and higher reliability.

    49. Missing avatar

      Oleg Strekal on

      I've found a really similar project from Ukraine, called Vector - Do you have any connections with it?

    50. Ishmeet Singh

      Thanks for the reply

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