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Torn from the pages of the science-fiction horror RPG "SLA Industries", Cannibal Sector 1 comes to life in this tabletop skirmish game.
Torn from the pages of the science-fiction horror RPG "SLA Industries", Cannibal Sector 1 comes to life in this tabletop skirmish game.
Torn from the pages of the science-fiction horror RPG "SLA Industries", Cannibal Sector 1 comes to life in this tabletop skirmish game.
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    1. Daruma Productions Creator about 18 hours ago

      @Chris, its Jared (Nightfall Jared) whom is doing the layout, Graphics, setting, etc. He is very good at that and he and Dave are working on the layout plan / page count / graphics, etc already. Once he has typeset and laid out the A5 Rulebook he'll progress onto the A4. I would imagine, once the A5 is just about ready is when he'll want to talk Printing with yourselves, get a quote, etc.
      @ Guy - wobbly? We've explained why we are reluctant to give an exact date which we wouldn't want to miss. It seems, unfortunately, that Kickstarters have a tendency to take a lot longer to deliver than initial plans had suggested. If you take a moment to look at the Kickstarters we have backed (there are a lot) you'll see that pretty much unilaterally few (if any) of them have been delivered on time. Some are now years late and still showing no sign of being delivered anytime soon. That doesn't excuse our delays, and we are working to get everything out as quickly as we can - the snippets of Daves' work that we are starting to show should give you an idea of the type of (non Rules) content that the A4 Book Will have, for example. We've put photos of some of the miniatures up and will shortly put up more - the metal versions, for example, are due with us in the next week or 2. We expected them mid December but didn't confirm that previously because our Metal Caster had Weather issues pre xmas which closed him down for a while, and has staff illness issues post Xmas that mean he simply hasn't been able to cast the sample run.. its exactly issues like this that are why we don't feel confident enough to give a more exact date. Had we promised to show you the Metal minis pre Xmas and let you all down.. we'd have been accused of not sticking to our word, when the reality is that those circumstances are entirely outwith our control and are.. unfortunately.. it appears, pretty much parr for the course when manufacturing. You can, of course, contact KS if you have concerns but i believe they'll tell you that there is always a risk with anything you back via Crowdfunding as we ourselves have experienced with many of the Projects we backed. We will keep showing you underway and completed KS components and, as we approach having finished products to send out and we won't stop working on this until everything we have promised in the Kickstarter is fully delivered.
      @Panzerkaput - you've confused us.. you were part of the Closed Operative group and had unrestricted access to the rules as we worked on them over the months.. you took part in conversations about them, put forward views, etc - now are you saying you don't remember that "No rules as yet?". The rules are now done. Finished. 100% complete. Brad made a few last minute tweaks (writers!!!) and has recently passed them to Jared whom is starting on the Layout / Graphics stuff and making them all look pretty and SLA styled. We have described all of the examples of play inserts needed and are doing rough layouts on those this week for Jared to turn into finished and polished graphics before inserting them into the Rulebook. All of this, and more.. will be on an update shortly.

    2. Guy Ridgway about 20 hours ago

      this is all looking wobbly again,
      Nice Chris Sutherland is basically begging to help you but hes still waiting,
      more and more are asking about time scale and getting get answers like " its xmas we are with family" and " just had a baby" that's all nice but you got our money!

      i never backed something like this before, do we need to contact KS?

    3. Colin 2 days ago

      @PanzerKaput I'll buy it from you for £30 if it shuts you up?

    4. Chris Sutherland on January 9

      Thanks for the updates! They're great!

      Still waiting for contact about printing. We can also help with artwork too if required (i.e. if the layouts are all set, and it's just the dog work of typesetting, we could shoulder some of that burden)


    5. PanzerKaput on January 6

      Half the sculpts done, no rules as yet, no deadlines, going well. Still happy to sell my pledge or have Daruma give me a refund as I cannot see a when this is going to be fulfilled

    6. Jon Hodgson on January 3

      Happy new year to everyone at Daruma. I don't post much to say anything, but I'm excited to see this all come together and I know how hard the team are working. All the art I've seen previewed so far looks

      I don't have any intention of telling anyone else how to feel (you do you, my fellow backers!) but I'm looking forward to the rulebook when it's ready, and I'd much rather it took the time it needs to be the book you're all happy with, than meet some arbitrary date you set before the campaign even began, or feel you have to expend energy explaining. Something almost always goes wrong in publishing, so stay strong, and I look forward to reading and playing when it's ready!

    7. Steve Mellan
      on December 27

      Dear Daruma,
      thankyou for your response, I think one of the more unique problems with this KS is that it has so many components and that makes everything more difficult to control and report upon.I honestly think people are frightened , especially when they are passionate and love the project it becomes easier to become more paranoid because you really really want the gear.Maybe you could break the KS down into sections and show say its status so that a link on here can be updated by yourselves and answer many written questions saving all of us some time and worry.Anyways enough egg sucking lessons , please understand any questions or criticism comes from a constructive place cos we give a shit and a paranoid place as I personally have been burnt on many KS who original claims were you know similar to what we were being told.So heres to 2018 and a great year for all suppliers and kick starters, may your investments always arrive, even if its a bit late, because its partly our dreams too.

    8. PanzerKaput on December 24

      As I cannot receive a refund from Daruma, though there have sort of for another backer, is anyone interested or know anyone who is interested in buying an all in pledge from me?

    9. Daruma Productions Creator on December 22

      @Art - if we've done anything to suggest to you that we are a large company with multiple staff, full time employees, etc - then we are sorry. We are not. It is, at this time, mostly myself whom is tracking the KS and where each of the components are at and I am in the fortunate position of having a newborn at the moment, and he is taking up a great deal of my time. We have caught up 100% with all mail orders right now, stayed on top of all dispatch and attended a couple of shows in the last weeks.. in addition to regular day jobs, school runs, babies, etc. Now - i do have a stack of spreadsheets showing what is done, what is to be done, whats scheduled, whats in the store room, etc, etc.. i could stick those up for you - they'd likely be incomprehensible however and make absolutely no sense to anyone. Or.. i can get some free time over the festive period where i'm not working / building Monster High schools for a 7yr old / changing the baby / etc.. and get it all translated into a document that will be easy to read and lay out in simple terms where we are at with each component and piece of the KS.
      @Steve - i could give you an answer, but as we've experienced last year when we are relying on 3rd parties to accomplish a task for us, they don't always deliver on time. Or deliver at all on at least one occasion. Rather than risk that and let everybody down - we would rather confirm as each benchmark is reached and update you when (for example) a big task is completed. I.e. Rules are written and done, faction rules are written and done, Jared is cracking on with Layout and so forth. When that work is complete on the A5 we will update you and confirm that it has gone to print. If our updates seem reluctant to give a specific date, we apologise - but having had our fingers burnt already we have gained a new respect and understanding for the difficulties in delivering a KS and in working in this industry in general. Because we don't actually make much stuff ourselves (i.e. books, miniatures) in our own in house production, we need to rely on others - and they have their own agendas.
      Garment printing - that we do ourselves (the day job), and that we have a far tighter control over because if its not done.. its because we haven't done it, and we can fix that more easily than any outsourced issues.
      @lonedirtydog - printing issues may mean jack to you.. but if we are spending time fixing and addressing those we aren't working on advancing the Kickstarter delivery. If you want to email us r.e. the Cars, we can change your pledge to those and get them out to you post Xmas.
      For now - we will be closed over the next 14 days or so, but i will get a clear and concise (and understandable) update out regarding every component of the KS and where its at. We wish you all a very Merry Xmas, and a Happy Hogmanay!

    10. Art Steventon on December 22


      Forgive the cynicism, but when I last asked it was 'as soon as we're back from a show' - and now its 'over Xmas' - do you not even know yourselves where you are with this project? That's more than a little concerning.

      I look forward to seeing the update.

    11. Steve Mellan
      on December 21

      Still waiting for an answer when do you think realistically we can expect the product that we have paid for from this last KS ?

    12. lone dirty dog on December 21

      What is ready now exactly ? This is 6 months over due and still no clear idea where you are exactly. Most updates are confusing and as I have stated I have no need for the rule set so printing issues means jack to me, can we have an up to date list of what is ready. At this point I would swap my pledge for one each of your Remus Roadster and Augustus SLA cars as they seem to be purchasable at least.

    13. PanzerKaput on December 20

      @Daruma Productions I have never stated that you are put too much stuff on here about your other stuff but I have you have stated that you dont update here about SLA often enough. I think you are mistaken there but hey thats life.

      Anyone interested or know anyone interested is buying an all in pledge?

      Planning on going to any shows next year to show off your stuff?

    14. Daruma Productions Creator on December 20

      @Art - this will be up over the Christmas period, as we are flat out with work and lives at the moment and need to spend a bit of time pulling it together in detail and in a format that is easy to read.
      @Chris - we will be in touch shortly, initially regarding the A5 and then the A4 H/B book, thank you!
      @Panzerkaput.. Thank you for the that, you've already complained that we put too much stuff on here that is non KS related and should be focussed on the KS. Now you're complaining that we're not putting non KS related stuff on..? I'm not entirely sure we can appease you on both of those complaints at the same time..
      Its Xmas - please have a really good time, drink lots of whatever makes you Merry and eat lots of what makes you smile :)
      @Michael - yes, thats Dave & Jared, most of what is happening right now is behind closed Doors (closed Apple Mac's if we are more accurate..) but Dave and Jared are working very hard on pulling it all together, and there is a stack of insanely cool artwork already prepared.

    15. PanzerKaput on December 16

      Nothing has happening as yet and as for giving more meaningfully updates will thats pie on the sky. I have requested a refund on this project and they have stated no, we dont do refunds. Being honest here so you can make your own mind up, but nothing on their Facebook page except understanding Christmas promos, would of been good if they had thought to let the backers who have help fund the game know, nothing new of fan page, sorry still not see this project coming at all.

      Still check out there website or facebook page as they do have some good deals on.

    16. Chris Sutherland on December 14

      @Daruma, just read about the printer issue.
      Have you managed to source a new printer yet?
      If not, please send me a message, I work for the largest commercial printer in Cumbria (So we're only a couple of hours away from Doncaster, where I think you're based? You'd be able to visit the presses if required)
      we print books all the time, Both hardbacks and softbacks, and we've been going for 140 years, so not a fly by night operation!
      Would love to help if I can.

    17. Steve Mellan
      on December 14

      Can someone answer Art's question please , this KS has been one of the hardest for me to understand where we are upto and having bloodied my fingers typing into other KS projects that are dead and stole the money or dragging so far behind with little or no meaningfull comms, tonight has not been a happy KS night !! You got everything you wanted from us your backers, can you give us a sensible idea of when the stuff might arrive please? I would love to get a straight answer and hopefully some good news through KS pls.

    18. Art Steventon on December 12

      Any chance of the round up update as promised on Dec 1st? Keen to know where we are with everything without referring to a million different sources...


    19. Daruma Productions Creator on December 5

      @George.. erm.. we haven't actually finished the book - not sure what you have seen, perhaps the reprint of the RPG from last year?
      We are sorry its taking so long but are trying to catch up. As for the promoting stuff for necromunda - yes, yes we most definitely are and we would be crazy not to! We already have a scattering of miniatures and accessories (some of them before the KS even) that are ideal for Necromunda so if we can sell those to the Necromunda groups, we'd be crazy not to. Plus, we love Necromunda ourselves - my Escher will be kitted out with Sawnoffs from the Shotgun sprue and my Genestealer Cult Patriarch cannot wait to receive his pimped out Romulus!

    20. George Dick on December 4

      Get the books out for the backers, seen it in shops, but still nothing, except new updates about figures, and trying to promote figures for necromunder!!!.... taking to long....

    21. Daruma Productions Creator on November 30

      @Art. We can do that Art! We are at a show in London this weekend, and are busy preparing showstock so how about we aim to get that info up clearly early next week?
      r.e. Necromunda, that was always going to happen.. a lot of smaller games are suffering right now because the grandaddy is back in print. There is nothing we can do about that except point out that CS1 Plays like a very different style of game. p.s. We love Necromunda too!
      @Guy - we hope to have the first batch of samples in metal in the next week or 2 now. We'll put up photos of those when we have them!
      @Panzer - we are glad you are reigniting the interest, its a very cool game and slick set of rules!

    22. Art Steventon on November 30

      I’m a little lost between the updates, the comments and the FB page, but what exactly is the state of play in terms of delivery of pledges now?
      Could we have a single update that Just lists out what IS and ISNT done please?

      I must admit that since I backed this, other games have taken the place in my list that this was going to fill - pretty certain that this will just sit unused and unloved now (hello, Necromunda...)....

    23. Guy Ridgway on November 16

      to be fair the resin pictures you just put up look good, i hope the metal ones are good as well . pledged a fair bit on money and could not afford the resin upgrades as well

    24. PanzerKaput on November 16

      Daruma Productions I am truly sorry to hear that about your suppliers for your printers and also for some of the figures too, still you do forge on which is to your credit. Its communications that are the key and lately you have become very good at it but before it was very poor. I say keep at the good work with the communications and the product and all will be fine. Strangely I have gained a bit of interest back

    25. PanzerKaput on November 16

      Stephen, sorry I am jaded true, the figures are fine, your paintjob isnt the best, maybe better lighting and picture might of brought the best out of them. Actually I do stand corrected about the detail on the resin castes the detail is good, the material is a bit of a problem at times, being more like Airfix plastic soldiers, but I am assured that has been sorted and a am pleased to hear that. The metal figures are a little shallow on detail and nowhere near the same level of detail as the resin one, again I would expect that but again I am sure as they have had some issues that this has been or is being resolved. As for painting better, well I think you are asking the wrong person there as you know my style of painting and let say its different to your but I would suggest if you havent got it, Masterclass Vol.1 by Angel Giraldez as it has some amazing techniques in it and a very good guide.

    26. Daruma Productions Creator on November 16

      We have just put out an update with a closer look at a resin mini (Joe Fade in this case) - again, the photography isn't fantastic as i'm using an iphone and a photobooth. We will take a load of professional shots when the Photographer comes along with the "proper" camera - those are basically just snapshots for now.
      We show off the minis wherever we can - not just the "regular" Retail minis but the KS exclusives as well, and always get excellent feedback. Steve's paintjobs are great in "the flesh" as it were and we get many positive comments about both the painting and the miniatures at every show we take them to. Overwhelmingly so, every miniature looks extremely close to Daves original artwork - so if some of them look like 90s designs, thats probably because thats exactly what they are! Although Dave is modernising and updating many of his images, the original art and "look" for Ebons (for example) is unmistakably SLA and hasn't really changed in styling since the early 90's - this is 1 of SLA's strengths and where we have made a few alterations (Wraithen head for example) the old school fans haven't always been happy with those decisions. So, we will continue to make SLA miniatures that look like Daves SLA artwork (albeit the odd piece brought into the 21st century). Thats not to say that they lack detail - quite the contrary, as you can see from my mediocre photos of Joe Fade, that is a sweet miniature and the detailing is crisp, deep and not fuzzy at all. As pretty much all of our miniatures are printed out on the same 3d printer, by the same company, this can be taken as a reasonable example of quality.
      Panzerkaput - we are wary of giving specific dates as we have learnt (the hard way) that when we rely on 3rd parties to deliver we actually have little control over them doing so. For example - we paid a printer (and diligently checked into their background first) to print the entire Hunter Sheets 2 RPG supplement, and they promptly took our money and disappeared with it.. leaving us with a huge delay and having to fund a 2nd print run at additional cost. That has, understandably, left us somewhat wary when dealing with 3rd parties.
      Jared has started layout and graphics on the Rules section / A5 rulebook already and i'll badger him for a sample when he's ready to let 1 go out - but you can expect this to be printed rapidly as soon as he is finished.

    27. Stephen Winwood on November 16

      Sorry my paint jobs dont meet your standards Panzerkaput. I was really please with how they turned out, the artist who designed them seemed to like them and I've received a lot of positive feed back at the shows I've been at. The lighting in the pics doesn't show to there best though. taste is an individual thing however and you can't please everyone. If you have suggestions on technique that could help me improve I would love to hear them. As far as detail goes, I have painted dozens of these minis now fir my own collection and friends and I can assure you they have plenty of detail.You certainly seemed happy with the ones you showed off on the fan page. I feel perhaps your comments may be slightly jaded at the moment by your personal issues with the project however.

    28. PanzerKaput on November 15

      Guy I think it is the paint job more than the figures but they are not the best. I would be worried as they promise a lot and delivery very little.

    29. Guy Ridgway on November 10

      PanzerKaput i fell the same as you, its lost it spark. the model they have just shown in the last update look like they was made in 1992 detail wise, i Love Sla but i am getting worried

    30. PanzerKaput on November 10

      I feel everything is in a couple of weeks and then a couple of weeks more and than, etc. Its the lack of estimated dates or even a ball park, when it might be ready thats getting to me. Also the lack of communications of the past few months on here and the facebooks pages about this project get me too. Personally I will be shocked if anything turns up as I have that much faith your Daruma, sorry folks but thats my personal feeling about this.

    31. Daruma Productions Creator on November 8

      @Iain - the backerkit is still open, you can log back in and make address changes right up until the point of packing.
      @lonedirtydog - not all of the miniatures are ready, as of next month there will be a large amount of them finished and ready to ship. Some of yours will be ready, some won't. We are happy to part ship what is ready when they are finished being cast.
      @Andy - we have more updates coming out regularly now, the A5 rulebook is very close to going to layout / print and a load of the miniatures as well.
      @Drew - that is a great idea, and very doable. In fact, if anyone wants to collect any of what is ready so far at any of the events we are attending in coming weeks / months we can make that happen very readily. We would need a week or so notice at least via email from you though to arrange it and ensure your Pledge is picked and the part shipment is noted.
      - We are sorry that this Project is running late, and nobody is more frustrated than us as until we get the KS fulfilled we can't bring it to market, and until we can do that - we don't have a full product by any means and cannot move forward with our long term plans. And we do have long term plans to support this game post KS delivery. Please bear with us and you will get more regular updates as well as some very cool SLA goodies in due course.

    32. Drew
      on November 8

      Any chance to pick up things like the hardback RPG at Dragonmeet UK or other bits of our orders that are complete early?

    33. Stephen Winwood on November 5

      Minis are looking great guys and I'm really looking forward to the A5 rule book. Don't mind the wait as I know you want every thing spot on. A book full of Dave Alsop art is worth waiting for.

    34. Andy Thomas on November 5

      When am I going to see a rule-book, miniatures or anything else? I'm feeling quite negative about this now and that's a shame as SLA Industries was a staple role-play game for us when I was in my teens and I love it.

      This KS project is tarnishing those memories and i'm feeling like I want to call it quits and ask for my money back.

    35. lone dirty dog on November 4

      So are my miniatures ready to send ? If not can I have a refund as I have lost interest in this now thanks

    36. Iain Wilson on November 1


      Since backing this project, I have emigrated from the UK to the US. How do I update my shipping details?



    37. PanzerKaput on October 30

      I am still waiting to hear about either the rules booklet or any news of my request for a refund?

    38. Dad-R-Cubed-1 on October 14

      Lots going on from the update and I have my Shivers, SKAVS and Carrien ready to go. looking for to playing with the A5 and bedtime reading with the big book. Sounds like lots of new yummy fluff!! Thanks Jared :)

    39. Daruma Productions Creator on October 13

      An update (number 101) has been posted. I hope it gives everyone enough information on where we are.

    40. PanzerKaput on October 12

      Hi there, we have not had an update since the 19 July and I wonder just have one requests a refund as frankly I lost all my interest in this game

    41. lone dirty dog on October 6

      Can we have an updated list of the miniatures that are ready pleaseeeeee, as I have said I am only after the miniatures (don't play have no need for the rule set) if the miniatures I backed for are ready can I have them sent.

    42. Daruma Productions Creator on September 29

      Hi, Jared here. I'm the one that is doing the book layout. We will be posting sneak peeks of the book to the SLA Development diary once we have something we can show. Links to it (links to everything, really) will always be shared on the Daruma Facebook page when it pertains to this Kickstarter. Feel free to engage us on the development diary if you have any questions about the book layout/development.

    43. Chris Sutherland on September 29

      An update would be nice, I'm kinda lost at sea with this now.
      There's the beta group, The Daruma page, the SLA industries page & SLA development diary. Which one(s) am I supposed to look at?
      I'm confused!
      The last thing I saw was something about a helicopter, but it looked like they were supporting someone else's kickstarter, nothing to do with this one.

      I was enjoying the weekly email that came for a while (was it weekly? I think it was) but that seems to have stopped now. my enthusiasm for this project seemingly gone with it.
      I'm not really fussed how long it takes to appear, I'm a patient fellow & I've got plenty of other projects to keep me busy!
      I am looking forward to getting my book and a couple of minis (I've forgotten which ones I ordered if I'm honest!), getting that nice surprise package appearing on my doorstep will be lovely to unpack and my enthusiasm will instantly come flooding back!
      I love getting a new set of rules and a beautiful book to read through (it was the quality "previs" artwork that made me back this project in the first place), with a new book and a handful of minis that I wasn't fully "expecting" to turn up will kickstart my excitement and I'll probably have them painted, and a game organised in a couple of weeks.
      Until then, it'd just be nice to get an email once in a while so that I know that that package IS actually going to turn up at some point ;)

      Just personally, and I could be the only one that this interests, but I'd like to see some of the development of the book. No matter the company, there's always pictures of "greens", more frequently 3D prints or renders of figures, but we never get to see the development of the books! I'm a graphic designer who works in a print house (Penrith), so this kind of thing really interests me, so it would be nice to see a bit more of that stuff! Unfortunately I haven't had the pleasure of working on a wargames project (yet?), which I'd LOVE to do, as it's obviously my hobby, and who doesn't like combining work with hobby! it'd just feel like hobby! But seeing behind the scenes a bit more on a project I've backed would be a good substitute :) .

      All the best.
      looking forward to seeing the next update.

    44. Daruma Productions Creator on September 29

      Hi all, we owe you an update here and one will be posted soon, bringing you up to date with what's been posted to Facebook, but in the meantime, here's a quick précis: Everything is still going ahead. We had an open day in Doncaster where the last version of the rules were demoed and played. The rules are getting their final polish before they head off to Scotland where Nightfall will be doing the preproduction on the small version of the book, the "A5 Mini Rulebook" in the pledges, to get a playable version of the game into your hands so you can field your miniatures.

      In non-kickstarter news, the RPG book Hunter Sheets Issue 2 has been printed and is available alongside the main rulebook reprint in your local games store.

      tl;dr: Everything is going ahead. Dave has under sixty paintings left from the list of over two hundred he started with and we will have a sneak preview of something soon. If you can't wait for the email, go find us on Facebook where you can be reassured by our progress.

    45. graham quartly
      on September 24

      Everything seems to be progressing on their Facebook page. But as we all backed through this kick starter it would be nice to keep it updated on a regular basis

    46. Rouven Schaube on September 23

      I guess this is not a good sign. :(

    47. Missing avatar

      cyanau on September 21

      Hey Team, It's been 2 months since the last update! How are things going?

    48. lone dirty dog on September 8

      If my minis are ready I'll have them sent out thanks as I don't play so don't want the rules anyway, so if you can send me all my models you can call it complete without the rules thanks.

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