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Torn from the pages of the science-fiction horror RPG "SLA Industries", Cannibal Sector 1 comes to life in this tabletop skirmish game.
Torn from the pages of the science-fiction horror RPG "SLA Industries", Cannibal Sector 1 comes to life in this tabletop skirmish game.
Torn from the pages of the science-fiction horror RPG "SLA Industries", Cannibal Sector 1 comes to life in this tabletop skirmish game.
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    1. PAUL BAUGH about 5 hours ago

      lone dirty dog you are right not much to show for 6 months of work

    2. lone dirty dog about 11 hours ago

      Yes I did and it stated nothing about the miniatures that are supposed to already printed and cast, so yes I did read it mate and it states nothing new except a couple of renders that look pretty basic to me.

    3. Word Forge Games 3 days ago

      Did u not see the last update?

    4. lone dirty dog 3 days ago

      That should have read no update on miniatures.

    5. lone dirty dog 3 days ago

      See this is proceeding in much the same way it always has, so no update no miniatures great job guys just superb.

    6. PanzerKaput on June 8

      No and I think they have only done one show this year

    7. Missing avatar

      Cutter Goode on June 6

      Did they make it to the UK Game Expo?

    8. Night Haunter on June 4

      The guys regularly attend local game shows in the UK, i spoke to them at Chillcon on 31st March and held a Digger model. So these things do exist!

    9. PanzerKaput on June 4

      @Chuck Dee see my comment on 31 Jan

    10. Chuck Dee
      on June 4

      @panzerkaput - what are the rumors that you hinted at in your earlier post?

    11. PanzerKaput on June 3

      Not to alarm anyone but Daruma Productions main web page/site has been closed since 21/05/18. I am sure everything is fine but it for me another sign of this going or rather gone to the dogs. Link

    12. Steven Parker on May 30

      So are we actually gonna be getting everything this year?

    13. Joseph Thompson on May 29

      Hello Everyone,

      I am from Topeka Kansas in the US. I am just wondering how much longer then everyone else this is going to take to get to me?
      I ask this because I have been running or playing in games for 10-12 years and “was excited” but am starting to feel like, “yep not going to happen”!

    14. PanzerKaput on May 29

      I actually agree with you about Dave and Jared its just the rest thats I have no belief in. Personally people should post the way they feel and no one should criticise them for it

    15. Word Forge Games on May 29

      I thought they said they would update here exclusively on KS updates, so not surprised there is nothing elsewhere to be honest.

      May be others are scared to comment positively here because they get shouted down or accused of being paid.

      I doubt the people will disappear. Dave and Jared are the people behind the entire SLA Industries concept (from inception)’s in their hearts

    16. PanzerKaput on May 29

      Nothing to worry about at all, no update on here since the 9th April but they use other things like Facebook to update us so lets see what is there.

      SLA Development Page - No updates since the 9th April,
      Daruma's own Facebook page, most be something on there surely, last updates to tell us about the SLA Industries RPG book and dice for £35, a good price, 31 March about demoing the game at Chiillcon, 13 March about the mini rule book but nothing since.

      So lets see the other Facebook pages they said they use to update us

      SLA Industries Facebook page, progress chart on the 9th April and nothing since.

      Nightfall Games Facebook page has no updates about the game

      So what is the conclusion? what its a year late, no rule book, no figures, except the ones which can be brought from Daruma now, lots of assurances that they will not give any timescales because they dont want to give timescales, gosh might have to keep to them, no real idea of what the development stage is besides the New Order album cover telling us what has been done, allegedly.

      Still no one seems to get a crap, backers or Daruma, so what the heck, great attitude

      Still it is not of bad as some, but a lot worst than others

    17. Francis Black on May 27

      There was an update April 9th. Let’s all just keep calm here...

    18. Art Steventon on May 26

      So, I guess despite the assurances, this is nothing but vapourware...

      Time to write off the money - this will never get fulfilled.

    19. Iain Wilson on May 23

      What are the rumours?

    20. PanzerKaput on May 23

      As for updates on facebook there hasnt been any of them for a while which all adds credence to the rumours flying around, whether true or not.

    21. PanzerKaput on May 23

      The last posting on the figure development was in Nov 17, the last book progress was in April 18, its going to be a year late or more, over half the figures are not done but we have a small stand in book coming sometime soon in the near, distance future.

      Just be honest with us and state really where you are with the whole kickstarter and not just the book or the figures.

    22. Iain Wilson on May 22

      Seriously? Any update? As the previous poster said, we received an update with lots of coloured in boxes, but exactly how much is left to deliver? Could we have a breakdown of what has been finished and what is left to do along with an estimation of effort (not timescale) needed to complete?

    23. Steve Mellan
      on May 21

      How about some concrete information on where we are upto pls as coloured boxes suggests a lot has been done without telling us what we really want to know, WHEN can we realistically expect ALL of our deliveries?

    24. George Dick on May 16

      zzzzzZZZZZzzzzz a year late... what you doing!

    25. PanzerKaput on May 11

      Wow in 20 days time it will be a year late and still no end in sight. I am so happy I have back this PoS

    26. Iain Wilson on May 4

      Any updates on progress?

    27. Jared Earle Collaborator on April 19

      That would be an ineffective use of our time, as far as I can tell. We’d need to learn a new system, get it working with SLA and prepare the scenarios.

      It sounds like a good idea until you look at the amount of work required. I’m sure you’d rather we spend the time on new content. 😀

    28. Guy Ridgway on April 19

      Ok so while we wait for this, how about the creators doing a RPG night on Roll20 Using the Core rule book. This would get new players and promote the game and give all us Vets something to get into from the SLA world

    29. PanzerKaput on April 9

      A cursory look at Daruma's page shows a lot of Dave's lovely artwork and no miniature information for a very long time. I guess it was wrong for us to believe in this as I fail to see an end.

    30. nova fix on April 9

      I don't use Face Book and if you could post updates here too that would be appreciated.

    31. lone dirty dog on April 7

      What if you don't use Facebook, also this was a KS backed project so any updates should be on here not Facebook.

    32. Jared Earle Collaborator on April 7

      A few links in case you're not following the progress on Facebook:

      SLA Industries:
      SLA Industries Development Diary:

      Nightfall Games has a facebook page too at but as we've put RPGs on hold until CS1 is done, not much is happening there.

      If you're only wanting to like/follow one page, make it the Daruma one, as that's where announcements and other stuff about this kickstarter will be shown.

    33. Jared Earle Collaborator on April 7

      Hi, Jared from Nightfall Games here. Work is progressing on the book, with the A5 book nearly ready to print. If you look on the Facebook page, you'll see that work is ongoing. We are committed to delivering the game, and Dave has already produced over two hundred and fifty pieces of art, working almost every day since the project was announced, so I don't know where the impression that nothing is being done is coming from.

      Up here in Scotland, we're not involved in the miniatures delivery side of things, but even a cursory glance at the Daruma Productions facebook page will show you that lots of work has been, and is being, done.

    34. lone dirty dog on April 7

      That was two months since last update

    35. lone dirty dog on April 7

      So two months on since last so what's happening with our money then, any updates or the normal run around ?

    36. PanzerKaput on April 2

      Ten later and still no update on the rules and it is things like this that cause people to have no confidence in you. Its the right hand doesnt know what the left hand is doing. I still want a refund as this project is going no where fast and for very personal reasons

    37. Missing avatar

      pneusodym on March 29

      The fallout from Palladium is leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouth and is exacerbating trust issues with other campaigns, including this one. I had a friend who was reluctant to get involved with the campaign once he saw that Dave was involved, and I guess he was right, given that the book is almost a year late and Dave hasn't even finished the necessary artwork. I understand you're reticent to provide a ship date, but can you provide an estimated date - like in 2018? Because unless I came here, to the comments, I'd have had no idea any work at all was being done - other than Dave having worked on a screenplay for a movie, and produced some artwork for Blizzard - which makes it seem that SLA isn't a priority.

    38. Stephen Winwood on March 26

      I am not a paid mouth piece, nor am I a member of the company. Just a big fan with a lot of patience who's done what he can with his free time to help Sla succeed. My comments express my genuine faith in the guys at Daruma. I volunteer as an Op for SLA just like I volunteer as a Pathfinder for Mantic. Out of a love for the games and a desire to pass what I enjoy for others. I just try to have a positive outlook on life.

    39. nova fix on March 25

      I've got a lot of time for this project to get done and I am in no rush to get it in my hands. Happy that things are going forward and will be happy when it lands on my door.

    40. Daruma Productions Creator on March 22

      Art, we can appreciate what you're saying, but this project will be finished. Firstly - we don't owe any sculptors a single penny for any work completed. We are fairly sure we know some of the people whom are spreading rumours and that those are most likely for personal reasons, which we're not going to be drawn into. We don't know what all these rumours are, and to be blunt - we're not really interested.
      You are saying, in the same comment that we're not paying Sculptors but that you think we are paying Steve to comment? Steve does not work for us, technically nobody does as we all have day jobs - he is a fan / supporter and is entitled to his thoughts the same as everybody else and his are no less valid than anyone else.
      We are still receiving KS stock - in fact we took delivery of 2 huge boxes of Mantic terrain only a few weeks ago. Ronnie has done us a solid, as the terrain is not in stock everywhere, is in high demand (because it is awesome stuff) and prioritised to us to ensure that we have it. We will take photos of the 2 huge sprue boxes shortly and put them up - they are about to be emptied, broken down and repacked as pledge bags of scenery. Again, once that excercise is complete we will put photos up showing you the sprue bundles.
      Most of our Commitment right now is the book.. yes there are a lot of bits to this KS, but the reality is that the book is the cornerstone and most important component - thus, that is what Dave and Jared are prioritising.
      Dave has done the art for all the remaining Characters (about 9 or 10) for the KS sculpts and as soon as he finishes the book creation will start working with 3d Sculptors to bring those to life. He is a very "hands on" artist and likes to ensure that the model is right - being honest.. he's a stickler.. and a few 3d sculptors have struggled to work with him on this project as they like putting in their own "touches", and Dave prefers that they follow the brief instead - something that not all of them are comfortable with, they regard "revisits" as alts to the brief when in reality they've not actually followed Daves' very detailed briefs and he insists that they do. Please feel free to ask around, a few of those whom we have worked with will confirm this, Dave is a master of his art and is passionate that the models reflect this. He is happy, once that master is done - for additional sculpts to have some more input from a designer, but the original.. has to be exact.
      So, do we pull Dave from the book / art / writing to focus on the minis? Or do we let Jared and he finish that and then move him back onto the minis? He cannot do both simultaneously.
      Over half of the miniatures from the KS are done and dusted - the resin runs are sat on our shelves, most of the metal is as well with more coming every few weeks (about 250 metal McNulties landed last week alone).
      The rest of the non Mini components? Are.. pretty much almost done and dusted, The last of the Gamer bags are booked in for printing this monday (possibly take longer than a day), the terrain is here, we have some test pieces for the acrylic tokens / templates and need to make a call on the exact disposition / numbers of those shortly and then they're off for cutting. There are a lot of "bits" in this KS, and they all need to be there and ready for dispatch and we will make sure that they are. In the meantime we are about to close off feedback / checks on the Rulebook and Jared will go through that and correct anything that needs it. We are also getting Print quotes, right now - and hope to get that off to print within another month or so. The PDF will go up when its finished, just before the print run commences.
      We are reluctant to give firm dates as we have had our fingers burnt more than once by people within the industry not sticking to agreed time frames / prices, etc and in at least one instance - blatantly ripping us off and not delivering at all after being paid.
      So, yes - we are running late.. no - we don't have an exact date. We will put up more photographs in coming weeks of items like the Terrain, Metal minis, etc to let you see that we are still progressing - albeit slower than we would wish.
      If its not already up, Jared is putting up a more detailed update on the Rulebook and the work he has done on that. He did put this on the SLA / Daruma page recently but will put it on here as well.
      We will follow that in the next few weeks with images of newer stock arrivals such as the Terrain, metal minis, etc. For now, we ask only that you bare with us and we will get your KS delivered to you.

    41. Art Steventon on March 21

      “ I've not backed a single miniatures or RPGKS that actually delivered on time. It's par for the course”
      Bad Squiddo
      Hysterical Games
      Word Forge
      Circle of Chaos

      All have delivered on time or within a month or so of the stated ETA (or in Oathsworn’s case months early), so please, hold with this bullshit line that an ETA on Kickstarter is somehow an empheral thing to be ignored.

      Fact is, right now, there’s rumours circling Daruma like a bad smell about funding issues, that the don’t have the cash to complete the project, that sculptors haven’t been paid - I’d like honesty from those I invest in please, and accurate dates.

      As it stands, Daruma are now in the shitheap along with Prodos, Palladium, Mongoose and a select few others as not to be trusted even with the petty cash.

      Yes, the rulebook is nearly there, yes it’s quite nice, but I backed for a full package - rules and miniatures and right now? I see nothing but a project that’s nearly a year late with no end in sight.

      So sending out a paid for mouthpiece to say ‘everything’s cool’ doesn’t cut it.

    42. Art Steventon on March 21

      A month since an update.... says it all really.

    43. PanzerKaput on March 20

      But Stephen you would say that as you part of the company away. The fact is its not the lateness its the lack of communications, clear communications thats get me. Still want the refund of my pledge, not because it is late, but because of personal reasons

    44. Stephen Winwood on March 19

      Keep up the hard work guys. I know the work that's put into the rules, I've seen the minis I've probably played more games than almost anyone outside of the creators , I've ran this at events and people love it. Get it right then get it delivered, not the other way round. I've not backed a single miniatures or RPGKS that actually delivered on time. It's par for the course and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. "Just quit with them negative waves"

    45. PanzerKaput on March 18

      They arent got the money to pay mate

    46. Chris Sutherland on March 16

      Did you manage to find a printer then?
      As we're still willing to quote. would love to work with you on this project.

    47. Daruma Productions Creator on March 15

      @Art - we've put up comprehensive lists recently of whats done, whats WIP, etc. The biggest change is that the layout is complete on the A5 Rulebook. Its being checked and verified by our Beta Group and a few professional editor types to ensure that the spelling, editing, layout, etc is all 100% as it should be. Jared is (whilst thats happening) working on the Graphics for Examples of play, etc. When that is all complete we will put up the PDF for you all to download and send it off for printing.
      @Frazer - the full rulebook, Dave is working on right now. Literally. He is on the home straight with the artwork and has also been writing (in conjunction with Jared) a massive amount of content.
      The main issues with getting the miniatures out is Daves time - when we get the Master sculpted and approved Dave has 100% control over the quality of that mini, and he doesn't sign off until it meets his approval. That can necessitate alterations, resculpts, etc - all of which take time, as does his initial brief. So.. do we pull him off of the main book and switch him to sculpts and delay the book further? Or do we let him focus and continue working on the Book, which really is the cornerstone of the entire project? He is currently working feverishly on the book.
      Once he has the book to layout stage (i.e. artwork and content are finished) then it goes off to Jared whom does the next stages. At that point, it makes sense to then refocus on the Miniatures and bringing them to development and casting.

    48. Frazer Barnard
      on March 14

      Any news or updates? Anything on the full rulebook?

    49. Art Steventon on March 12

      Nearly a month since a substantial update - and, following on from my previous query, can we have a list at least of what’s done, what’s WIP and what’s yet to be started to at least give us some comfort?
      Because as of now, this is starting to feel like vapourware.

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