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Torn from the pages of the science-fiction horror RPG "SLA Industries", Cannibal Sector 1 comes to life in this tabletop skirmish game.
Torn from the pages of the science-fiction horror RPG "SLA Industries", Cannibal Sector 1 comes to life in this tabletop skirmish game.
Torn from the pages of the science-fiction horror RPG "SLA Industries", Cannibal Sector 1 comes to life in this tabletop skirmish game.
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    1. PanzerKaput 6 days ago

      Here is an update from Daruma Facebook page

      +++ CS1 ART UPDATE +++
      Dave is hard at work painting over two hundred and eight one pieces of art for the Cannibal Sector One book. He is three quarters of the way through, much like this is three quarters of a head.

      While it's almost a certainty that we will miss our November deadline for the book, we will not stop working to bring you the book we feel you deserve, as opposed to the bare minimum to meet the Kickstarter promises.

      We will deliver.

      Sad news in a way but to me it shows someone who loves and is interested in the produce enough to make sure the book is a good one.

    2. PanzerKaput on July 25

      Sorry Drew is right there is an add on for the RPG

    3. Drew
      on July 24

      Well I added a copy of the old RPG in backer kit so it was available as an add on.

    4. PanzerKaput on July 24

      Christopher no there wasnt but there is the Hunter Sheets collected in print coming out soon

    5. Christopher Young
      on July 19

      Was there an RPG add on ?

    6. Kevin Cook
      on July 12

      Please ignore that last post ... Added PDF to my search ... and voila ...

    7. Kevin Cook
      on July 12

      I just received my "dice only" reward for this project and I am trying to find the list of the symbols on the dice ... I know some of them are factions ... Would someone be so kind as to point me to either a graphic ... or rule PDF so I can identify these dice for my database? (…)

      Thank you very much for any help you can provide

    8. weirdocollector
      on July 5

      @Panzerkaput THANKS !

    9. Daruma Productions Creator on July 5

      Thanks PanzerKaput! We have also put that link into todays update, so it is in a few places now. We hope you'll all head over and download the pdf's, and enjoy them!

    10. PanzerKaput on July 5

      or @weirdcollector you can get them here without joining the facebook page

    11. PanzerKaput on July 5

      @weirdcollector this update should answer your questions,, but basically its not to November 17 but maybe longer

    12. weirdocollector
      on June 13

      Hi there ! Any news ?

    13. Guy Ridgway on May 1

      i mean the original SLA rule book art btw

    14. Guy Ridgway on May 1

      Stellar Chaos™ on KS atm. i dont know if it is just me but the art looks a lot like SLA, are they related? or the same artiest or something? or am i just imagining it

    15. Ville Ojanperä on April 19

      What's the state of the rulebook? Still on target for the June release?

    16. Christopher Young
      on February 20

      Sorry auto correct late night and no glasses

      Meant maybe I'm doing it wrong as didn't offer options on added late pledge

      Will investigate tomorrow before completing pledge

    17. Christopher Young
      on February 20

      Mnn manager be in denial inhibit wrong as does don't offer the resin it metal options either on added late pledge

    18. Daruma Productions Creator on February 20

      Thats right Christopher - each tee that you purchase has a drop down to allow you to select a specific size tee. If you get 2 x Contract (1 via late pledge) it will allow you to select the next tee at that point.

    19. Christopher Young
      on February 19

      So if I want two contract circuit level pledges I just add a late pledge on yes? what if i need one large and one XL t shirt how do I do that ? Cheers

    20. Daruma Productions Creator on February 19

      Good morning all.
      We have managed to add the Faction Cards and Faction dice to the listing of all items in the upper pledges. They remain a selection in the lower pledges, so that is unchanged.
      We can add Xeno as an add-on ok, in either Resin or metal options. However, as the Backerkit has gone out, they won;t let us add him in as a selective option now - because the majority of the responses have come back.
      So, easiest way - we will manually add him to ever £100 pledge, in resin. Its our bad, so we will only make this chap in resin and every £100 pledge gets him as an upgrade at no extra cost. How does that sound? It is, once the Questionnaires go out, pretty much the only way we can make sure you all receive him.

      - Hopefully, that fixes it!

    21. Daruma Productions Creator on February 15, 2017

      Many apologies guys, we are still on with the Xeno fix! It will be done in the next couple of days. The Factions cards and dice are still in, that was my bad - didn't list them as i figured they weren't an "optional" thing. Ill go back in and confirm the listing.
      This is our first KS, first Backerkit.. sorry for the delays but we are getting our heads around it!

    22. David Finn
      on February 8, 2017

      I have a question about the faction cards & dice. Were they removed from the Contract Circuit Pledge?
      From the Pledge description:
      "Contract Circuit Pledge - £100 You will receive

      You will receive;.

      Faction Deck x 6 - all of them!

      (4) Shiver d10's

      (4) Carrien d10's

      (4) Scav d10's

      (4) Cannibal d10's

      (4) Dream Entity d10's

      (4) Dark Night d10's"

    23. Missing avatar

      Markus Jähnel on February 4, 2017

      No updates for a long time and still no fix for Xeno in Backerkit questionaire.
      Truly hope there are some news any time soon.

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Gallagher on January 28, 2017

      Why did you guys use the version 1.0 innards for Redux, as opposed to the version 1.1 ones?

    25. Missing avatar

      Markus Jähnel on January 27, 2017

      Still no Xeno under Items nor in the questionaire for resin upgrade.

    26. Jason K Averill on January 26, 2017

      Because the Xeno should be listed under the Pledge Items, not Add Ons.

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Gallagher on January 25, 2017

      You can get back into the add-ons selection screen by clicking the 'Edit Add-ons' button below the list of add-ons you've chosen, but I didn't see the Xeno in there before.

    28. David E. White on January 24, 2017

      I've the same questions as Glen Stones. I completed my backerkit questions before the Xeno was caught to be missing, and I'm not seeing how I can get back in and ensure it's added. What do I need to do to correct it?

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Gallagher on January 24, 2017

      I say that, but then I can't find it.

    30. Missing avatar

      Michael Gallagher on January 24, 2017

      You should be able to add it as an add-on.

    31. Missing avatar

      Markus Jähnel on January 24, 2017

      Wow, thanks :D Should I message you here on Kickstarter, over the backerkit contact us or over email?

    32. Missing avatar

      Glen Stones on January 24, 2017

      I completed my backerkit before the update about the missing mini (Xeno), when I finished it, I had some credit (I put £185 into it to get all the mini's in resin) so I added more and ordered the bust of Halloween Jack, how do I go about getting the missing mini?

    33. Daruma Productions Creator on January 24, 2017

      @Lee - hmm.. let us see if we can figure out how to make that happen (technically wise)
      @Markus - the CS1 Shiver run in resin ran out long ago.. we may have 1 or 2 left in the recesses of the warehouse. If you can message us i'll take a look!

    34. Missing avatar

      Markus Jähnel on January 24, 2017

      Still no "CS1 Shiver" option under "SLA Characters - Resin" in the bakerkit. Please fix this as I would like to get all figures in resin, not part metal, part resin.

    35. Missing avatar

      Lee on January 23, 2017

      Hi. Are there any plans to allow a resin upgrade for all miniatures to the Late Contract Circuit Pledge?

    36. Daruma Productions Creator on January 21, 2017

      @Markus - we do have plans for Thresher, but not for a while - they are at the upper end of the power scale!
      @Steven - ill get those added in!
      @Jason - well spotted.. they are indeed!
      @Markus - Shivers are in both metal / or resin.

      Please bear with us folks, this is our first Kickstarter and there was so much to go into the Backerkit, looks like we missed a small item or 2! Backerit are great though, they've already picked up on and fixed a few glitches for us. We will add in the Xeno and the listing for Messenger bag & dice.

    37. Missing avatar

      Markus Jähnel on January 20, 2017

      Is it correct that cs1 SLA Characters - Shivers don't be available in resin?
      In SLA Characters - Metal, I can chose CS1 Shiver, an option that's not available in SLA Characters - Resin

    38. Jason K Averill on January 20, 2017

      There is no Xeno listed in the backer minis. The 711s are still getting made, yes?

    39. Steven Parker on January 19, 2017

      @Daruma when I filling out the pledge manager it doesn't list the dice or messenger bag in my list of items, has something changed or it is just a mistake?

    40. Missing avatar

      Markus Jähnel on January 18, 2017

      You have Darknight, Scavs, Carriens, Manchine, even Dream Entities but I haven't found Thresher at all. Please tell me you are making a Thresher Sarge Model.

    41. Daruma Productions Creator on January 17, 2017

      @Carnus - yes you do!
      @Olof - yes
      - we are trying to figure out the reason behind the wrong listings..

    42. Kerry Adie on January 17, 2017

      No worries, found it.

    43. Kerry Adie on January 17, 2017

      Hmm I seem to be missing my Backerkit email.

      Checked my spam folder but nothing, anyone else missing it?

    44. Missing avatar

      Olof Falk on January 17, 2017

      Hello! Just making sure that I've understood this correctly. Is it OK to get the RPG Book Halloween Jack miniature add-on even if you don't add the RPG rulebook? As beautiful as it is, I've already got an old edition of the corebook and would rather stick with that for the time being.

    45. Carnus
      on January 16, 2017

      Just checking you got a Jack mini included with the RPG book reprint right?

    46. Christopher Maikisch on January 16, 2017

      I'm having the same issue as Drew below, but only affecting one of my two mini choices, with the Wraithen Scout showing up as MacNultie in the final summary of pledge items.

    47. SableFox on January 16, 2017

      Can I have generic token that don't match any particular faction (I.e. I thought there was a "generic" faction colour)? Or any I reading the campaign home page wrong?

      BTW, if there is no faction-less colour set, I'll be interested to see what you do with my template/token set of three, where I selected the generic option ;-)

    48. Drew
      on January 16, 2017

      Using backer kit to choose my free miniture goes wrong. Try to add metal Necanthrope but lists as resin war criminal in end read out. Database seems to shift to one up the table. Also I am trying to combine main store purchases with my kickstarter shipment. Do I need to add more details?

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