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A richly illustrated history of the cult games console, produced in collaboration with Sega
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Into the Dreamcast Vaults


Happy new year and welcome to your latest update on the creation of what will be Read-Only Memory’s biggest and most sumptuous undertaking yet, Sega Dreamcast: Collected Works.

Christmas was kind to our project – as the year closed, we received a gigantic haul of never-before-seen production material direct from the hallowed vaults of Sega’s Japanese HQ. Flashing before your eyes in all its GIFfy glory above is just a tiny glimpse of what we’re currently sifting through.

So far, we have identified:

  • Game mechanic sketches, environment concepts and high end renderings for Sonic Adventure
  • The complete design document for Jet Set Radio/Jet Grind Radio, including some amazing graffiti artwork concepts
  • A very early proof of concept video for Space Channel 5
  • Character studies and production artwork for Phantasy Star Online
  • Storyboards, character designs and environment artworks for Shenmue

There’s a huge amount of material still to go through, so I’ll be spending my time over the coming weeks sorting and identifying these precious pieces of Sega history for inclusion in the book. While this goes on, we’re conducting further research of our own, looking to procure as much as we feasibly can before we start bedding down the final cut in a few months’ time.

In a few weeks, we’ll be arranging a series of photoshoots for our Hardware Showcase chapter. This section will act as an exhibition in print of Sega’s beautiful industrial design during the Dreamcast era — from the console itself to iconic curiosities such as the Fishing Controller or the Samba de Amigo Maracas. We’ll be collaborating with collectors all over the world to make this happen, so if you’re the proud owner of a Dreamcast hardware rarity you think should make the final cut, please do drop me a line!

With a tremendous amount of material already in place, and plenty more to be discovered, Sega Dreamcast: Collected Works is shaping up to be something very special. I look forward to sharing the fruits of our research and design with you throughout the coming months.

Darren Wall
Read-Only Memory

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    1. @California_Gaming on

      This looks so promising. Please follow my gaming Instagram @california_gaming I look forward to reviewing this hidden masterpiece when I receive it.

      Best regards,

    2. Darren Wall 7-time creator on

      KingMonkey: Very kind! Can you email me at please?

    3. Darren Wall 7-time creator on

      Eric: You won’t be disappointed with what we include! I’ll do my best to include as much as possible, if not everything.

    4. Darren Wall 7-time creator on

      Michael: Amazing news! Thanks so much for offering this. By all means drop me a line at if you have a moment and I’ll compare what you have to what’s in the Sega archive. A lot of these original assets are quite low res due to the nature of the hardware/storage of the era, so it might well be the best available quality anyway.

    5. KingMonkey on

      Hi Darren, pls can you follow me on Twitter (@kingmonkey25) so I can DM u? I’ve got a few DC accessories you mentioned so hopefully I can help you out with your request!

    6. Eric W on

      Darren, I am a huge Jet Grind Radio fan. If you can fit all the JGR content in the book I would really love that. If that's not possible please, publish a second book with all the Jet Grind Radio content for those of us who love that game. Thank you.

    7. Michael Stenberg on

      Hey guys, I have some promotional Phantasy Star Online material, including promotional discs and what not. It isn't much, but I am a huge fan. Here's some videos exclusive to Dreamcast - seems I have way more for Gamecube:…

      The bad news is that the videos are insanely small resolution, even direct from the source.

      Either way, let me rummage through what I do have, including a "white label" version of PSO, but I think it was a final version instead of a beta. Let me know if you could use any of this!

    8. Rob Lyons on

      You completely have me at the assets you got for PSO. My fondest memories of that system were with that game... Heck, some of my fondest gaming memories, period, are with that game. I'm looking even more forward to this book.