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A richly illustrated history of the cult games console, produced in collaboration with Sega
A richly illustrated history of the cult games console, produced in collaboration with Sega
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Yu Suzuki signed edition


Dear Sega Dreamcast: Collected Works backer,

Today is the last day of our funding campaign, and appropriately enough, I have some exciting news. Last night, Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki confirmed he'll be joining our roster of interviewees. His contribution to the Dreamcast legacy is difficult to understate, so I hope you're as delighted as me that he’ll be taking part.

What's more, Suzuki-san will be signing 15 copies of Sega Dreamcast: Collected Works, which we will release as a new reward tier at 6:00PM GMT today. These will go very quickly, so I thought I'd give you a heads up in case you wished to upgrade or swap your pledge.

As we reach the closing hours of the funding campaign I wanted to thank you for your support, comments and messages – it's been a joy to share this project with you – I'm all fired up to make this an amazing book. Next week we'll begin work proper, so expect updates on new interviewees, artwork discoveries and reveals of never-before-seen Sega Dreamcast materials.

Darren Wall

Read-Only Memory


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    1. Eric W on

      Hi Darren, thank you for creating this really nice behind the scenes book for us. I live in America. And, I was wondering if it's possible for you to print the logo on the American orders of the JET SET RADIO Special Edition tier as JET GRIND RADIO as it appeared in the American version of the video game. If you can do that, I would really appreciate it. If not, that's fine. Thank you very much for considering this.

    2. Missing avatar

      Johannes Burkart on

      A book about the Dreamcast wouldn't have been complete without an interview with Yu Suzuki. Congratulations to Read Only Memory for getting the interview and congratulations to all the lucky backers who managed to get a copy signed by Yu-San.

    3. Jcgamer60 on

      What I wouldn’t give to have my Shenmue sleeve edition signed by Suzuki-san...

    4. Missing avatar

      Russell Glover on

      I didn’t even see the announcement as I was out :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Lueken on

      What a bummer. I don't see how they went that quickly. I checked a minute prior 10:59am and the reward wasn't there... then when it turned exactly 11am my time (I Live in Las Vegas, Nevada) it said it was gone. That was exactly 6 pm the time it was posted. I can understand then going fast because of only 15... but within seconds?

    6. Darren Wall 7-time creator on

      Dan: Yes I think Kickstarter isn't ideal for releasing items like this – I have to hover over the 'add reward' tool! Sorry you didn't get one!

    7. Barry the Nomad on

      I just googled GMT time and the clock showed the exact time that it was.

    8. Missing avatar

      Philip Neilsen on

      So happy I managed to bag one. Thanks Darren, Yu the man!

    9. Missing avatar

      Dave Frear on

      Same happened to me as with Dan. I don't mind, I knew my chances were slim. I could have done without Kickstarter sending a "Uh-oh: The reward you wanted is all gone!" e-mail afterwards though. :p

    10. Giovanni Pecenco on

      No signed copy, too much confusion with the GMT time....

    11. Barry the Nomad on

      Count me as one of the lucky 15!

    12. Alex M. on

      Got it :DDD

      Would be cool if he can do something special if he only signs 15, maybe personalized signature, draw a Dreamcast swirl or draw Shenhua :D

    13. Alexander Keen on

      Can't believe I managed to bag one! As soon as my pledge was changed, there were no more left. A second or two slower and it would have been a different story.

      Sorry to those who couldn't get one. :(

    14. Darren Wall 7-time creator on

      Dan: I have never seen that before! Sorry you didn't get one!

    15. Dan on

      Awaiting the announcement that the Shenmue special editions will be signed :)

    16. Dan on

      Once I confirmed my pledge they were all gone... :-(

    17. Darren Wall 7-time creator on

      Woah! They'd all gone by the time I refreshed the page. Congratulations to those who got them!

    18. Shaun Double on

      Showed available but wouldn't let me add it, looks like I had to go "manage>change pledge" by time figured it out they were gone :(

    19. Adam Barnwell on

      Gutted, missed it too! Dang!

    20. Missing avatar

      Dave Frear on

      Yikes! Was that a 10 second sell out?

    21. Shaun Double on

      Ah went so fast!! Missed it

    22. Darren Wall 7-time creator on

      Shaun: Sorry about that! I'll always do 'UK time' in the future. 25 minutes away now!

    23. Shaun Double on

      Damn it, I assumed normal GMT so have been refreshing for last 26 minutes before checking these comments (7pm here in German, 1 hour ahead of UK)

    24. Darren Wall 7-time creator on

      It's 6:20PM BST at the moment – I should've picked BST rather than GMT to avoid British Summertime confusion! It'll launch in 40 minutes. Apologies for the confusion and added suspense!

    25. Adam Barnwell on

      Apologies, that is very confusing as us in the UK won't match your GMT until 29th Oct! Woops!

    26. Missing avatar

      Philip Neilsen on

      Oops. See you in 50 minutes :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Stephen Hitch on

      Darren, it is 6:15 right now.

    28. Adam Barnwell on

      Darren, thanks for that. It is 6pm GMT

    29. Darren Wall 7-time creator on

      Philip, Adam: It's at 6:00PM GMT, so in 50 minutes :)

    30. Adam Barnwell on

      Glad not alone, can't click refresh forever haha

    31. Missing avatar

      Philip Neilsen on

      @Adam: Me Neither :(

    32. Adam Barnwell on

      Can't see any option!?

    33. Anthony Benfante on

      No way to get the shenmue edition I already ordered signed?

    34. Darren Wall 7-time creator on

      Giovanni: 6:00 GMT, which I believe is 8:00PM in Italy :)

    35. BOURGAIN on

      Thx, It's done. I just participated for the signature of YU, on the other hand, can we hope to have a personalized signature ?

    36. Shaun Double on

      Hi Darren,
      If I already pledged for normal book and manage get a Yu Suzuki signed version can I cancel my standard order?

    37. Peter Campbell on

      @Darren aaahhhhh I see! (in Ryo Hazukis voice of course). So its just the standard issue that's getting signatures?

      That's puts us Shenmue fans in a pickle! Get the signed copy at half the price, or the official Shenmue branded copy. Decisions decisions!

    38. Darren Wall 7-time creator on

      Peter: Great news isn't it! The signed books will be £75 each, as with our Ohshima-san and Mizuguchi-san signed rewards.

    39. Peter Campbell on

      Great to see Suzuki-san on board with helping out! I could change my pledge at 6PM, but it depends on the price point. A lot of fans will already have his autograph through events he has attended like Gamescom and Monaco MAGIC. Also, a lot of backers of Shenmue 3 will get his autograph from the reasonably priced Kickstarter reward tier. Will tune in at 6PM either way.