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What would you do if you went to Heaven only to be told you couldn't get in? A Kickstarter fund for an original comic by Darren Hupke.
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Darren Hupke

171 backers pledged $6,196 to help bring this project to life.

Day 2

I found a link to find out about getting a featured spot on Kickstarters main page and comics page, so hopefully I get some good news back about that soon. As of this very moment I am 39% funded, which is close to the half way point. This is very exciting because it is only 2 days in. I know the middle weeks will be the slowest weeks of attention, so building as much buzz and funding early will help when the project nears it's final week.

As a frequent backer of projects on Kickstarter, I tend to look at the 'projects ending soon' category and when I see something that looks interesting, but is so far from the goal near the end point, these projects rarely make their goal and I feel for the creators. The final hours of a lot of projects always get a good surge from people browsing funds this way, so if I can get 50%-65% funded by the final week, I feel that that last surge of backers will see the quality this project has and be able to push it over the top.

I have done a lot of research on successful Kickstarter funds, and I feel good about this. It is out of my hands at this point, so it's going to take more than some good feelings. Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far, and hopefully in 38 days I'll be popping some bottles and celebrating a win and a big creative milestone!
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