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The Alpha Bamboo Fountain Pen is a modern tool inspired by the ancient roots of writing.
The Alpha Bamboo Fountain Pen is a modern tool inspired by the ancient roots of writing.
489 backers pledged $69,525 to help bring this project to life.

100% Shipped!!!

Posted by Prometheus Lights (Creator)

Hey Backers, we did it! 

As of today we are 100% shipped. There are still 20 stragglers that have not completed their surveys. We've sent out about 6 reminder emails. So, if you haven't received a shipping notice, please complete your survey so we can send your rewards! 

Thanks so much for your support and patience. We definitely had a few bumps, mainly to equipment failures, but we have reached the finish line. 

If you are interested in more notebooks, refills, or extra nibs, we have them up on the site now! If you actually want another pen, you get still pre-order until next week. The link is on the same page. We are going to close the pre-order once all of those shipments are out. After that, pens will be up on the site at their retail price 



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    1. Carlos Felix on

      Am I reading this right? I can buy more pens at the Kickstarter price until the end of the week? Because after having the pens for a couple of week I am very ready to buy at least one more. These pens are *so* great!

      I clicked on the link that is in the update and it takes me to the darksucks page but I do not see the fountain pen in the list (I do see the notebooks, nibs, and inks though).

    2. Steven S. Long

      I've been using my pen extensively since it arrived and I love it! It's already earned itself a spot in my lineup of everyday carry pens. Great work! -- and I hope you'll launch some more pen projects in the near future.

    3. Ben Galang on

      It would be ironic if it was made of bamboo wood 😮

    4. Ben Galang on something like that but does not cost $200?

    5. Prometheus Lights 6-time creator on

      @ben what do you have in mind? :)

    6. Ben Galang on

      Congrats. Love mine. Great job. Now we need a pen case.