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The Alpha Bamboo Fountain Pen is a modern tool inspired by the ancient roots of writing.
The Alpha Bamboo Fountain Pen is a modern tool inspired by the ancient roots of writing.
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Fountain Pen & Writing Resources

Posted by Prometheus Lights (Creator)

Hey all, 

So I'm actually writing you from Hong Kong! I'm here visiting family and headed up to China for work the next couple of days to check on some vendors. Honestly it's a huge relief to know that I can trust the Prometheans are back at the shop, keeping the gears oiled and grinding away while I'm out of town! 

Production Status: 

Nickel should be back from plating any minute. Copper grips are nearly done. Titanium should be rolling out as I type this. We should see some shipments trickling out this week and a full on flood once all the parts are complete. We've done this before, and barring any additional disasters we should be able to complete fulfillment in a week or two once all the parts are finished.

We are still limping along on our wounded compressor. The company apparently ordered the wrong replacement part. We also lost one of the two power supplies on the laser we use to mark pen tubes. Fortunately we can limp along on this one as well since that particular job doesn't require a lot of power. Seems like everything is going wrong lately and costing us a lot of time and money, but we press on ;) 

As always, thanks for your patience and sorry about the delays. #manufacturinglife

Fountain Pens: Getting Started

Don't forget to check the FAQ on this campaign for some links to basic fountain pen info like trouble shooting tips for your nib. Fountain pens aren't ballpoints that even a caveman could use. Sometimes they take a little TLC, or you might need to make some adjustments if you accidentally damage your nib. 

I made you a play list, awww :) 

I've started putting together a play list on my YouTube channel with some writing and fountain pen related topics. I plan to add to it from time to time, so please check it out :) Don't forget to subscribe !!! Seriously, subscribe. Or else. 

Not into DIY? How about HSEDIFY? 

Have Someone Else Do It For You! Did you know there are people (with businesses) that specialize in tuning and customizing fountain pen nibs? This is heavy nerd territory but you didn't back this campaign because you like mass produced junk. You like awesome. If you want to have more awesome, consider a custom nib tune. This is like traditional Japanese sword making. The blacksmith doesn't sharpen (polish if you are picky) the sword, he sends it to someone that specializes in that one task. 

I was recently contacted by Mark Bacas from He's actually a backer on this project! Let's just assume he has impeccable taste in fountain pens. I have no other affiliation, but if you are looking someone to tune and/or customize your fountain pen nib(s) then you might check out Mark's work. I actually plan to send him some of my own nibs because...I like awesome. 

 Ballpoint pens are evil! This article proves it: 

See, I can click bait too. Anyway, you write, so I'm pretty sure you read, yeah? This is an Atlantic article: "How the Ballpoint Pen Killed Cursive." So, good on ya for being revolutionary and putting some "know stuff" in your brain ;) 

The history of the ballpoint pen (SYSK Podcast): 

"Stuff You Should Know" is one of my favorite podcasts. Now that your interest is piqued check out the episode on the history of the ballpoint pen! You'll feel a lot cooler for having just backed a fountain pen ;) 

 Did you know I have a Podcast?! 

I'm guessing you didn't :) The podcast is available in iTunes or directly on the website. My old friend Ben and I discuss random topics and the show is called "I'm no expert, the podcast about everything and nothing." Be sure to check out the episode where we talk about this very Kickstarter project! 

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      Edward Bell on

      Thank you for the update! I’m sure you’ve had a lot of “are they ready yet” but we’re just excited to get them:)
      Definitely looking into this Tuning business, sounds very cool. Enjoy your trip!