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The Alpha Bamboo Fountain Pen is a modern tool inspired by the ancient roots of writing.
The Alpha Bamboo Fountain Pen is a modern tool inspired by the ancient roots of writing.
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October Shipping Update

Posted by Prometheus Lights (Creator)

First shipments are in the mail! 

Well that's good news right?! Still plugging away on grips but things are coming along. Fortunately our fulfillment system is very efficient so we should start moving more quickly from this point. Right now we have shipped orders that contain only brass pens, just because those parts were finished first. No reason to sit around! Aluminum parts are getting tumbled and ultrasonic cleaned this week and will go out for nickel plating. We are most of the way through that process already. 

53 Backers about to get happy ;)
53 Backers about to get happy ;)

We should be finished with machining in about two weeks if our luck holds out. However, Mr. Murphy is still with us. We were supposed to start shipping last week...but...our compressor decided to die on us. Unfortunately almost every machine/process requires compressed air so we were down for a few days until the techs could get out and look at the problem. One of the bearings (bearings again) on the cooling fan motor broke down and seized. They ended up disabling the fan circuit to keep the controller from alarming out, and we are using an external fan to blow across the cooling element. It's limp-along mode but it will work until they can ship us a new motor. 

Red lights are because the CNC machines alarmed out after the compressor seized up :(
Red lights are because the CNC machines alarmed out after the compressor seized up :(

In other random news, I've been working on a pen holder for quite a while. We pulled some first prototypes of of the mill today but I can't decide which style I like. We took a poll in the shop but feel free to weigh in. Do you prefer they style on the left or the right? These won't be part of the campaign, but we might get out a handful before the Holidays ;) 

Left or right?!
Left or right?!

Thanks again for your support and patience! 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Major Adam Colbert on

      Left. Full-on flower power. Classy, elegant, made of solid metal. It’s what Gatsby would choose.

    2. Dave Freeman on

      Really glad to hear that the Aluminum and Brass pens are shipping, but this is yet another update with no news about the Copper and Titanium pens. It's getting to be really frustrating.

    3. Missing avatar

      William Haggard on

      I received my pen today but not my ink order. I was supposed to get a tin of ink. Is this being shipped separately?

    4. Raymond Sweisford on

      The one on the right is better... fewer flourishes, more elegance.

    5. Missing avatar



    6. Missing avatar

      C. Anders on

      The rights top edge polishing would be too distracting for me in overhead lighting. If the top edge could be brushed, bead blasted, high grit orbit-ally sanded, or scothbrighted, I'd would go more for the right.

    7. Missing avatar

      C. Anders on

      Left please.

      The right would be OK if it were annodized or Carkoted :D.

    8. SJD

      Right.... it just looks better.

    9. Jeremy Dunster on

      How are the titanium pens coming along?

    10. Missing avatar

      Barrington Lloyd on

      The right! The clean polished ring makes for a clearer transition from the top to the sides, and also helps draw the eye to the separate elements. The one on the left kind of looks like you took an aluminum muffin cup, flattened it, and put it on a candle holder.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jim M.


    12. Brandon Cahall on

      I prefer the one on the right... and would probably only buy one if the holes could fit a fairly robust (cigar size - not oversize) fountain pen.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ronald Pottol

      I think left. But, unlikely to buy one.

    14. Missing avatar

      JOHN HARTER on

      RIGHT side pen holder preferred.

    15. Missing avatar

      Randy on

      ...and I need another pen holder to replace mine which was made from a revolver cylinder, so I would love to get my hands on one.

    16. Missing avatar

      Joseph Lai on

      Right in dark tumbled Ti.