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The Alpha Bamboo Fountain Pen is a modern tool inspired by the ancient roots of writing.
The Alpha Bamboo Fountain Pen is a modern tool inspired by the ancient roots of writing.
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BackerKit & Production Status

Posted by Prometheus Lights (Creator)

Don't forget to complete your BackerKit! 

Hi folks, thanks to all of you who have completed your BackerKit surveys. There are still about 40 of you that have not, and also a number of people who started their survey but have not fully completed it. In either case, you are receiving automated notifications to complete your survey. If you are not seeing them, please note what email you have registered with Kickstarter and also check your spam folder ;) 

Production Status

Machining Schedule:

As you know from the last update, our primary lathe went down. I was out of action for about 2.5 weeks. Other than losing production time it's also going to cost us about $6,000 in repairs. The good news is, we are back up and running and currently machining aluminum pen bodies. 


The black bearing cage that keeps the ball-bearings evenly spaced broke apart in several places. This allowed the balls to float around causing all kinds of noise and excessive friction. As you can see in the image the three balls are touching and then there is a big gap to the right of the third ball...they should be spaced out and not clumped together. 

No choice but to replace the entire spindle cartridge. The spindle is where the chuck holding the workpiece (the part we are machining) is mounted. It's connected to the drive motor at the other end. Pretty essential piece of kit :)

Assembly Schedule: 

Right now we have most of the materials and supplies in stock. However, Bock also had an equipment malfunction on their production line, meaning we won't be getting all of our nibs until (hopefully) the first week of September. Germany has a 3 week national holiday in August, so that is the main reason for the long delay. We'll try to front-load as much production as possible and we should be able to get all rewards shipped quite quickly after getting in the nibs. 

This issue, combined with the lathe down-time probably means we are going to have some delay on delivery of early-bird rewards. Stay tuned for more progress updates. 

Cool stuff: 

Custom notebooks also arrived! I'm super excited and they look fantastic! This paper works great with our nib/ink combination ;) 


If you haven't already, you can add them onto your pledge via your BackerKit account. As always, if you have questions about BackerKit: pledge, surveys, etc. you can email and they can help you out! 


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    1. Dave Freeman on

      That's for letting us know, and the warning this could happen! "Seriously though, the real risks are still large ones like a piece of machinery suffering a major malfunction."

    2. Missing avatar

      Jutta Kojalek on

      Thanx for the detailed information, I am really excited to follow the production process. Good luck and energy!

    3. Prometheus Lights 6-time creator on

      @Shawn: Pretty sure it is...65 people have ordered it :) Maybe you just missed it?

    4. Prometheus Lights 6-time creator on

      @Ronald: Unfortunately the cartridges come in they need to be sold in packs :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Ronald Pottol

      I'd love an assorted ink cartridge option, one of each color.

    6. Shawn King on

      Notebooks aren't available on backerkit