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Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
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Road Redemption (new version) - splitscreen multiplayer and more!!!

Posted by DarkSeas Games (Creator)
We're still hard at work making Road Redemption the best game it can be for you guys. 

This new alpha version is available now for all members of the closed beta tiers, and above.  If you haven't already received a key, you'll be getting one in your email today.  

You can watch the brand new trailer here: 

Main new features of this version: 

  • Full mouse & keyboard and xbox gamepad support
  • 2 to 4 player splitscreen (supports xbox gamepads and mouse & keyboard) 
  • A new on-screen HUD 
  • Deflect and disarm moves 
  • 3 new weapons (nail bat, pipe bomb, C4, police baton) 
  • New snowy forest levels 
  • New enemy types 
  • Police
  • New mission types (takedown and survival)
  • Hundreds of other upgrades and improvements  

Thanks again for all your support. Please let us know what you think of it and how we can improve future versions. 

If anyone wants to share the new trailer on facebook or twitter, we'd really appreciate it. The more interest the game gets, the more we can invest into making it even better!  

Also anyone who wants to twitch or youtube this, you officially have our full permission and support.  

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    1. Brian Emerick on

      any updates since July?

    2. Daniel Rowen on

      There should be a very easy key mapped to resetting the driver on the road for when you run off too far or get lost or stuck (I got stuck under a car that was half-overturned and it would have been much easier if I could just instantly reset my rider.

      Also, using weapons feels a little strange still, but perhaps I'm just not getting close enough to really hit people most of the time :-\

    3. Squishymaster on

      Put in your kickstarter e-mail to this link and you'll be able to download the game. I did and I'm a $30 backer!

    4. Michael Wopsle on

      Update looks awesome! Still no word on when it will be available for Mac? I'd love to be playing right now!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      ThinRedPaste on…
      This video explains the counter-steering concept I was talking about in my last post.

    6. Missing avatar

      ThinRedPaste on

      @Darkseas Games in response to ZooL's post - I think maybe Zool is miscommunicating the issue. Looking at the most recent video, it doesn't seem to be the handling of the bike in terms of turning radius or grip that's the problem, but instead the way the rider handles the bike.

      In the video, the front wheel steers sharply, the bike doesn't lean much, and the rider leans off of the bike, into the turn. All of these are the opposite of what happens when you ride any kind of motorcyle. On a real bike, the front wheel barely steers at all (except at very low speeds, like in a parking lot) - you use the properties of centrifugal inertia to turn the bike via leaning. At higher speeds the bike needs to lean more to reach the same turning radius. In fact, you achieve this by counter-steering. if you want to turn right, you push the right handlebar forward. This causes the wheel to very slightly (almost imperceptibly) turn left, and the straight-line inertia of the motorcycle begins to tip the bike to the right. Then the centrifugal inertia of the wheels begins to cause the bike to turn, and the friction of the tires on the road keeps it from sliding out from under you and flopping over. How much force you put on the bar dictates how steeply the bike will lean before reaching a balance point between inertia, friction, and gravity. Release the force on the handlebar, and the bike pops right back up, as if by magic.

      Also, until you get into those really sharp, peg-dragging turns, you don't want to move your body in relation to the bike itself. you want to stay mostly upright so that your center of gravity is in line with that of the bike. When you get into those sphincter-puckering hardcore racing turns, however, you want to shift your weight to that side of the bike, rather than just bending at the waist.

      It doesn't really seem to be a question of physics so much as animation. The physical turning of the bike looks about right, but the way the guy does it is all wrong.

    7. Steven Morey on

      Still have not received a code for closed beta, got an email saying I would get one, but no code.

    8. Punisher138 on

      Bike handling is perfect. Feels just like classic Road Rash.

    9. DarkSeas Games Creator on


      We appreciate your feedback. One thing you have to understand is that Road Redemption is more than just a motorbike racing game. A person couldn't do the kind of things the game asks of him if the motorbike physics were 100% realistic. So we balance realism with fun.

      Look at a game like Super Mario Bros. Mario can jump the equivalent of 30 feet in the air. He can change direction in mid air, as if he's got thrusters on either side of him. He can survive falls of 100s of feet. These superhuman abilities make the game more fun.

      If you imported the game mechanics from a motorcycle simulation like MotoGP into Road Redemption, you'd be crashing into cars constantly. Maintaining a melee combat at 120 miles per hour would be virtually impossible.

      That said, what elements particularly bother you? Is the turning radius too high? If it's something that's merely cosmetic, please tell us since we might be able to change that without affecting gameplay.

    10. Missing avatar

      ZooL on

      I pasted this after the last alpha but it is still valid:
      The steering of the motor bikes still looks and feels very cheap.
      I recently noticed that post on the dev log page from half a year ago, talking about motor bike turning physics and the bottom line that faking it is the best solution since no game does it realistic. I could not disagree more. ALL good motorbike games do a proper physic simulation of the bikes wheels. ALL!!!
      It now is clear to me the the devs never rode a real motorbike and don't understand anything about it. Please pay more attention and time to this. every person who likes to ride sport bikes in real life is instantly turned down by the looks and feel of your steering. I am a game dev myself. so please trust me on this. I don't want to see a promising game fail because of a very obvious shortcoming like this.

    11. Jeremy Wilson on

      I actually never received an e-mail when I used the link below. It was apparently already in my Humble Bundle account...

    12. Punisher138 on

      Wow! Just played it and you guys nailed it. Can't wait for the finished product. It's gonna be great, I can tell. My only criticism would be the music. Definitely needs to rock harder. I'm guessing the current music is just a placeholder until the game is finished? It would be awesome if you could get some cover versions of the songs from Road Rash. Hell, I bet you could even get the rights to use "Jessie" by Paw for not too much.

    13. Squishymaster on

      Put in your kickstarter e-mail to this link and you'll be able to download the game. I did and I'm a $30 backer!

    14. Anthony Miller on

      Very, very impressive trailer. I remember way back I mentioned about adding a replay feature that has slow motion playback. Then Mario Kart 8 was released. Now you really need to add that feature. Slow motion playback of your best impacts and crashes would flood YouTube just as much as Mario Kart 8 has.

    15. Punisher138 on

      Just got the email. Can't wait to try it!

    16. Jason Truxal on

      Closed beta? What are you talking about when clearly all these people are saying they haven't received their keys? I'm in the $150 tier and didn't receive a thing.

    17. Kipper Breckenridge on

      Still haven't received a key yet. Is there something holding it up? I can't wait to play this new alpha.

    18. Martin O

      @Dustin Tantum:
      Maybe it isn't actually that hard to implement: At speed you use a steering to change the lean angle which actually steers the motorcycle. When going through a corner with constant bend the steering angle is about 0° (some degree, it should be hardly noticeable ingame).

      So the game instead of showing a larger steering angle for a smaller curve radius it should actually show _the change_ in curve radius as steering and then revert steering back to 0°. A larger change of curve radius in a specific period of time means a larger steering angle peek.

      One problem could be the transition from low speed steering to normal steering, but there isn't much low speed riding in this game anyway I guess :-)

    19. Jeremy Scharping on

      I can't wait to play this game!

    20. Punisher138 on

      I have not yet received a key. Checked my spam filter and nothing there either. Have they all been sent? Thanks!

    21. Missing avatar

      Dustin Tantum on

      Sort of echoing what "Martin O" said below... its not that the steering angles are extreme, it's that the steering is backward from how a motorcycle actually steers! If you look at the bike steering (and sliding) back on to the road at about the 1:00 mark, in order to lean that bike hard right you would actually be pushing with your right hand and turning the handlebars to the left. Otherwise it looks great and I'm excited to join the carnage!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ryan Rollins on

      I wish I would have paid a little more money so I could be in the closed alpha :<

    23. Joshua Hahn on

      I also never got a key and I was supposed to get one? Love the alpha version.

    24. Swaroop Hegde on

      Looks awesome! Btw, I had pledged for DIGITAL MASTER but never got access to the alphas. Hope I get a key for this one?

    25. Zane

      That trailer was awesome, I even liked the music that went along with it. I reported the trailer to a few sites hoping maybe could get you guys some more exposure.

    26. Murf on

      No key in my email, nothing in spam, I saw the trailer, for the love of all that is holy, whoever paid you to torture me like this I'll double it if ya just email me my key!!!!

      :) Please.

    27. DarkSeas Games Creator on

      @Andrew Bailey

      I assume you're playing on mouse and keyboard. What key bindings do you think would be more effective?

      We realize we can't please everyone, but it's less work for us if we can find the "perfect" key configuration rather than having to modify all the in-game tutorials to support custom key bindings.

    28. Andrew Bailey on

      Just played through all 10 levels. I was laughing most of the time. The default key mappings could use some work, though. This game is amazing.

    29. Martin O

      Awesome trailer!
      I have one request: It looks really awkward seeing those steering angles at higher speeds. One easy workaround could be to just reduce the steering animation the faster the bike goes or limit the angle.

    30. Andy Hassan on

      Just wanted to let you know, I saw the video, and all I gotta say is.. WHEN CAN I GET MY COPY!? This game is going to be bananas, I just cannot wait to get my hands on it. SO freaking glad I backed this, this is all I wanted and MORE. Thank you for bringing the good ol' Road Rash memories back in my life. You done well!

    31. Squishymaster on

      Has this been hooked into Steam yet so I can just add it to my library there and have it auto-update?

    32. Jason DiOrio on

      Looks sooooooo goooooood! So glad I backed this :D. Split Screen is where it's at! Definitely looking forward to getting some old friends together on the couch to relive the glory days in the traditional way!

    33. James Kidd on

      Cant wait to check it out, just a lowly Open beta backer :(

    34. Missing avatar

      Brad Jasperson on

      I was grinning from ear to ear for the whole trailer, you guys are doing an awesome job!!

    35. Missing avatar

      David Frohlich on

      Just gotta say, I watched the new trailer you put out and WOOOOOOOOOW I can't wait for this game to come out :)

    36. Missing avatar

      David Frohlich on

      I can't remember... is this coming to Xbox One?