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Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Smith on


      Only just seen that you replied to my message when checking the latest update. Thanks very much for getting back to me with such a complete response and I fully understand/agree with your reasoning.

      New trailer looks epic by the way, I'll be downloading the new version when I get home!


    2. no refund on

      Beta needs some love!!! I want to play this!!

    3. Squishymaster on

      I am a Beta level backer and I was wondering if the current delay is about where you expect to be for the beta version? So right now you are about 6-7 months behind the original timeline so does that mean we should see beta access in something like 6-7 months? I don't mind not chomping at the bit just curious, thus why it took me a month to ask. As always the game looks great so keep up the good work!

    4. Indie Gaming World on

      Dam no Linux port yet can't play the Alpha version :(

    5. Jason V on

      I agree with David, I understand the nostalgia factor but honestly I prefer to get right back into the action quickly. The sledgehammer to the face of an enemy rider is also very satisfying lol.

    6. David Asselin on

      @DarkSeas The only added value of walking back on foot to your bike seems to be a nostalgia factor. So I personally agree that it shouldn't be added at the cost of the rest. As interesting and immersive it is to do, it would get annoying really fast. The reset is I think a good enough penalty, remindful of old arcade racing games like Hang-on.

    7. DarkSeas Games Creator on


      The game's main campaign mode will be very challenging. The current plan is for you to journey across America as a single seamless world. If you die, you have to start from the beginning, but the game is different every time. It's similar to games like Rogue Legacy, Spelunky, etc.

      As far as your second question goes:

      We aren't planning to feature running back to your bike on foot. This is for a couple reasons.

      First of all, we don't see what it really adds to gameplay.

      You can't really do much on foot, considering your opponents are on motorcycles going 150 miles per hour. All you can do is run back to your bike as fast as possible. This is all you really do in the old Road Rash games.

      If we gave the player a weapon while on foot, he could maybe try to time a melee attack, but connecting would be very very very difficult because of how fast the bikes move. Melee attacks really only work in Road Redemption because the relative velocity between you and your opponent is often very small, since you're both travelling in the same direction.

      If you were on foot with a gun, on the other hand, I suppose you could try to shoot the other racers, but ultimately, you want to out-race them, so stopping to try to line up a shot doesn't seem like a good use of time.

      So from a gameplay standpoint you have to ask "how does this feature make the game better?", and I don't really have an answer for that. It seems to me like making the player stop and run in a straight line for 5-15 seconds, every time he crashes, makes the game worse.

      The second issue involves development time and energy. It takes time to create all new animations, controls, tutorials, etc for on-foot gameplay. This issue is less important than the first, but it's still a factor.

      So ultimately we believe that forcing a character to run back to his motorcycle after a collision isn't a great gameplay decision nor a good use of our development time.

    8. Missing avatar

      Daniel Smith on

      Hi Guys,

      Played around a bit, was good fun. Now I know it's very early days but I just wanted to ask a couple of questions that I have on my mind right now.

      Will there be options for rider health etc in the final game? It feels a bit easy at the moment and I'd love an option to be on a level playing with the AI and have the same health with a head on collision with another vehicle essentially being insta-death etc, a 'realistic' mode if you will.

      Also, will hunting your bike down be a thing? Having a reset feature seems a bit too simple.

      Keep up the good work regardless :)


    9. Missing avatar

      Adam Cardillo on

      Hey guys, the Alpha build so far is amazing.
      Positives would be how crisp and smooth the game feels, I'm using an xbox 360 for pc controller, and it plays awesome. Graphics are very very nice, playing on high settings.

      My suggestions would be to add a police AI to come in like in RRash2. (I forget if RRash1 had it), but I remember the police being the real game changer in RRash2, and stealing his baton (Maybe add a Tazer, or another weapon obtained only by defeating a police-racer).

      So far, amazing work! Just played it for an hour easy. Wanted to write this comment.

    10. Draken Stark on

      Derp, pasted that into the wrong window. lol Anyhow, I'm really enjoying the alpha. It's a lot better than I was anticipating!

    11. Draken Stark on

      "Congratulations, you're the first loser.
      Try not to lose so badly next time."

      Just a few things to nit pick. Graphical settings set in the in-game pause menu are not preserved. For the next alpha, could we customize the race settings ourselves?

    12. Missing avatar

      Tokarev Sergey on

      After playing this alpha version for a couple of hours I have few complaints about SFX (sound when you get a points) and music. I guess it's a placeholders. If not, well, I hope we would get an option to disable/change default music tracks with a custom soundtrack.
      Can't tell about performance issues because I only have played it on a decent rig. Anyway, no crashes or BSODs so far)
      I'm very pleased to see this game is developing in the right direction. Looking forward to the next update.

    13. David Asselin on

      The only thing I can say is wow... it meets all my expectations. The sense of speed is there, the feel of the weapons is great too. All that's missing is variety in the maps, and longer races, but it's just an alpha so I know it's coming down the road. Any worries I had are now gone. :)

    14. DarkSeas Games Creator on

      Adding mouse and keyboard support is our number 1 priority right now. We're also hoping to get a Mac build out sooner than later.

      The game requires some Windows-specific dll's at the moment (for instance, the one that allows for accurate Xbox gamepad input), so that's the main hurdle for porting, but one that we'll easily surpass.

    15. Kevin G on

      @Martin O: I totally agree. It's a game, so looking good and working smoothly are much more important than perfect realism, obviously.

      I guess I was too excited to play the alpha and didn't even finish reading. I'll check out the gamepad emulator this evening.

    16. Martin O

      @Kevin G: Although hanging off animation would be nice maybe it would clash with weapons animation...

      Keyboard is not supported directly yet, see point 4 in this update.

    17. Anthony Miller on

      Wow. I don't need to play the alpha to know that it's already better looking than the last Road Rash game I saw (Road Rash 64). I'm hoping that you guys could add a 'Slo-Mo Impact' camera option for those of us who want to see our enemies really eat it. Maybe you can have a replay system so that it doesn't have to be featured in game. Now I guess all those people complaining about the graphics months ago can eat their words.

    18. Michael Wopsle on

      Will the alpha support OSX? Or will that be more of a beta thing?

    19. Kevin G on

      @ Zool, You are wrong that you don't use the handlebar, you actually countersteer, turning the handlebar opposite the direction you want to turn in order to initiate a lean. I think the amount of lean shown in the video looks appropriate for the speed being represented. I do think it would be cool to see the rider lean with more than just their shoulders though, sliding their butt half off the seat in the direction of the lean.

      Do I need to pick up an XBox controller to use the alpha? My keyboard inputs didn't seem to be doing anything at all.

    20. DarkSeas Games Creator on


      We may increase the leaning ability. It's a very simple change to make for us. Thanks for the suggestion.

    21. DarkSeas Games Creator on

      ZooL email us at if you don't receive your key.

    22. Missing avatar

      ZooL on

      it wont deliver my key. Waiting for an hour now. very sad :-(
      Also from watching the alpha video:
      The steering looks so wrong. The bikes dont lean at all in the corners. When you ride a super sport bike like seen in the video you dont use the handlebar at all, you only turn by shifting your weight and leaning the bike.

    23. Missing avatar

      Will on

      Great. And actually now that I think about it, being able to throw ahead of us might cause problems in multiplayer, unless there is also a rear-view mirror of some sort so we can see the attack coming. Otherwise it would feel a bit cheap, like a "blue shell" attack.

    24. DarkSeas Games Creator on


      We've been thinking about implementing a 'throw melee weapon' feature. Once we finalize our gun combat system, we'll probably include this ability.

    25. Missing avatar

      Will on

      Fun stuff so far. I do hope the finished game lets us throw weapons, even at riders ahead of us.

      Also, I'm not sure what the planned limit is for AI opponents, but I hope it's as high as the engine will allow. I think the most entertaining part of this game will be going up against 20 to 30 opponents or more in long, extended races, where you would really have to be on your guard.

    26. Missing avatar

      Daniel Meinzer on

      Oh, is alpha a higher tier than beta.

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel Meinzer on

      When I visit my Humble key page it says it's not released yet.

      "When available, you'll be able to get all your digital content listed below right here on your download page!

      Your purchase of Road Redemption ($20 Tier) gets you:

      Open beta access
      Road Redemption, cross-platform and DRM-free"

    28. Jason V on

      Oh and it works quite well with the 360 controller, I look forward to being able to do a wheelie too!

    29. Jason V on

      Just played it on max and only noticed some stuttering with the multiple insane collisions. The thud sounds with the weapons are fantastic and make you cringe and smile at the same time. I can definitely feel the Road Rash vibe here and the sense of speed is pretty good. Overall this alpha to me is a good sign things are in the right direction.The hit detection on the riders is pretty good, you need to be lined up properly to connect, and kicking a bike into a car (or into a ravine) is quite satisfying. I didnt notice if the riders were attacking each other on the road, but I imagine there is still a lot coming. So far my fav weapons in this version have to be the katana and the sledge lol.

    30. DeafTard on

      I wish I could play this alpha! Can't wait to play this on the Wii U!

    31. DarkSeas Games Creator on


      You might be surprised. With the settings turned to "very low", it's playable (~30 frames per second) on my 4 year old laptop with an integrated Intel HD3000 graphics card.

      This same laptop gets about 2-5 frames per second on pretty much any Unreal 3 engine game.

      Try playing on a low resolution and changing the graphics settings to "very low" (via the pause menu).

    32. Jason V on

      Sweet, downloading it now!

    33. Justin Holmes on

      Cool! My laptop won't run it, but I'm excited to hear the feedback from our alpha peeps.