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Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
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New Gameplay Video

Posted by DarkSeas Games (Creator)

Happy New Year Riders, 

We know you've been dying to see what we've been working so hard on, so there is a new gameplay video posted on Youtube today.

Check it out, share it, and let us know what you think on the forum


The Road Redemption Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      ThinRedPaste on

      addendum to my last post: left hand controls your clutch, but in a pinch you can do without it. Not so much for the gas and front brake.

    2. Missing avatar

      ThinRedPaste on

      As a biker, it seems to me that the rider looks really twitchy in turns, and leans off of his bike much too far. Ideally on a bike you want to keep your body more or less in line with the bike itself, at least until you get into those really intense, knee scrapingly sharp turns. Also, your right hand controls both your throttle and your brake, so its a pet peeve of mine when I see a game where the character uses guns right handed on a bike.

    3. Dell Goodman on

      The one way you could get gun play into he game without ruining that 'road rash' feel would be to have small power ups. Like a limit breaker which gives you the ability to use a gun for a very short limit (10seconds etc) which does a lot of damage, can cause cars to explode if hit, which could bring in a whole tactical side of game play to take down a group of riders ahead with exploding a car near by or just shooting them off their bike etc.

      One way to activate the limit breaker would be either take down enough people or have enough time in melee combat with multiple riders. Or being knocked off the bike enough times as a handicap bonus so you can catch up.

      The gun would be limited to a small amount of bullets or timer or both.

    4. Missing avatar

      Anthony Hayes on

      This looks awesome! Very promising for this phase of development... I'm not sure if this has been asked, probably has and I apologize, but is there any chance of this getting a PS4/Xbox1 release? I mean barring the success on other platforms first is there any thought of stepping it up to the next-gen (hate that term) consoles?
      There is nothing on either Xbox One or Playstation 4 to play right now. I mean that will certainly change in the future, but Road Redemption could certainly make a huge impression on the new consoles. Even being a backer and getting a free 360 download for it; I would pay $60 for it if it came out on PS4.
      Apologies for talking like I know jack about marketing video games. I'm just an enthusiastic player looking for some nostalgia on my PS4. Maybe that's selfish, but I think others would like that too. If I was looking to release a killer new game on console right now it would be on the PS4, because everybody would buy it just to have something new to play...

    5. DarkSeas Games Creator on

      There was a typo in the post below. I meant to type:

      The primary combat focus of the game is melee, not gunplay.

    6. DarkSeas Games Creator on

      This was a demo specifically showing the guns and gunplay. The gun combat is not going to be the primary emphasis of the game. The game primarily combat focus is on melee. This video however was just focused on showing off the gunplay.

      The vehicles just happened to be set to all oncoming traffic in this video. They are also capable of driving normally.

      Also this is all pre-alpha footage.

    7. Dave Brown on

      Pre- Alpha, so chill.

    8. Nick Huber on

      It looks like too much of an emphasis on the guns... There should at least be an option to play the game without any of the guns in it.

      Also it seemedb backwards that the camera followed the motorcycle instead othe rider when the player had the collision with a car.

    9. Missing avatar

      Monsta on

      Looks horrible. Too many guns, blasts and cars going in the wrong lane (WTF?). This is not a Road Rash style gameplay at all.

    10. Christian Cicerone on

      Ooo I know i might be difficult but I second Anthony Miller's Slow motion idea. That would be amazing, it would really add some energy to the action.

      Also, will the some of the cars be going the correct direction on the road or will they only come at you?

    11. Ahmed on

      Damn! Looking amazing! Great work! Can't wait for the release!

    12. Steve Claridge on

      Lose the gun's, it looks to me like it will spoil the gameplay. The fun factor in Road Rash was catching up to another racer and trying to take him down with melee weapons or kicking his bike into oncoming traffic. Gun's will just make this another dull shooter, only on wheels. Other than that it looks good so far.

    13. Dell Goodman on

      I'm not wanting to be a hater and all. Was expecting a more 'Road Rash' feel over an arcade racing shooter game.
      I guess I'm just hoping to live an old Sega classic through a modern day experience.
      The game still looks good, just not to what I was expecting. Will see how the project goes, and hope that through the other alphas the game comes closer to Road Rash. In the sense of racing, and fixing up your bike to progress into better races.

    14. Anthony Miller on

      After everybody says "Is it going to have this/that" (after viewing 1 video of incomplete, unfinished work)... might I suggest a cool Slow-mo camera view for some of the action going on. I just recently "watched" Max Payne 3 and Slow-mo camera would do wonders for this. That shot with the bike/car collision resulting in 2 wheeled crashing that you avoided would have looked AWESOME in Slow-mo + Zoom.

    15. Ric Tomsett

      Looking great guys. Keep up the good work.

      One thing though, the bike and rider look out of proportion (too small) against the size of the road and oncoming traffic.

      Also, are there more camera angle views available? I would prefer a view much closer to the back if the bike, like it was in Road Rash.

    16. Justin Holmes on

      Excited about the direction this is headed in! Keep up the good work!

    17. Missing avatar

      Marsell on

      Like UsF, I hope melee will be the emphasis, not guns. You've stated in the past that guns won't be central to the game, but the video itself is guns, guns, guns.

    18. Missing avatar

      UsF on

      I hope ranged weapons will not be the main focus of the game. Grenade launchers and all that are fine and fun, but maybe you can limit it to the ammo in the weapon without any reloading.

    19. WhiteZero on

      Are you guys still aiming for a May release?

    20. David Asselin on

      Looking good. I just hope there's going to be a greater sense of speed in the future?

      Something like… or…

      I don't expect it to be over the top, but it'd be nice if the feeling of going fast felt adrenaline-filled. Sorry if I'm not clear enough.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jesse Forgues on

      Looking good! Really brings me back to the original...
      That pit in your stomach whenever an incoming car comes close...

      Please support the oculus rift!!!