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Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
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    1. David Rochon on

      I was hoping for a ps3/vita and ps4 announcement but hey, ill be getting it on wiiu first and see where it goes. Im planning on getting a ps4 day one, i think it would be great to find redemption on the ps store.

    2. Missing avatar

      Doctor Flop on

      If the Xbox stretch goal is reached, what is your plan to combat the stringent and often expensive requirements to get an actual game onto the Xbox Live Arcade?

      Has Road Redemption already been concept approved by Microsoft or has that process to get approved begun? I'm not a Wii owner, and don't expect to ever be, and have concerns over pledging for would be Xbox 360 tiers if the stretch goal is met only to find out some snag on Microsoft's end keeps it off of XLA.
      Can you discuss some of the steps that DarkSeas has already taken to ensure, that if the goal is achieved, backers will get what they've essentially paid for?

      Or is this Xbox Live Arcade goal going to be released on the Indie marketplace?

    3. Punisher138 on

      If it costs too much for a Soundgarden song, you could at least get the rights to use "Jessie" by Paw I would think.

    4. Punisher138 on

      I wish you added a stretch goal to secure the rights to use "Rusty Cage" as the music for the intro!

    5. Missing avatar

      David Brittain

      Why would us PC gamers care about an Xbox360 port especially for a console that will be obsolete by next year. How about you concentrate on the PC version then do ports for the PS4/Durango if you really feel the game has to be on console. I really would prefer more content like tracks and customisation options for in game avatars as the stretch goals.

    6. DeafTard on

      To whomever is reading this at DarkSeasGames
      Please read this and consider some of these Great, Boring, Insane, WTF, Lame, etc Ideas

      1. I am ok with DLC as long as it is content that is NOT already included in the game. I am talking content that couldn’t make it onto the final build but I am ok with buying DLC that is ADDED after the game is released several months later. NO day 1 DLC, not a fan of! I know today’s generation of Call of Doody gamers will swallow that day one “DLC” even though it’s already included on the game or it was something that was cut off on purpose just to sell for $$$

      2. UNLOCKABLES!!! This is a must, I am hoping the developers of Road Redemption can bring back the good ole days of UNLOCKABLES that isn’t being sold as “DLC” when it is already included in the game. Some ideas I have are possibly buying:
      A. Helmets, wide variety of skin colors for helmets
      B. Jackets, Jeans, JUMPSUITS! Wide variety of colors/styles/themes/etc
      C. Custom stickers or a wide variety of stickers that can be added on our bikes
      D. JUKEBOX MUSIC, allow gamers to purchase Songs and allow gamers to play the songs via Jukebox or creating a Playlist!
      E. ART CONCEPTS!!!! PLEASE! I rarely see games included early concept artworks, designs, early work stuff, etc. Hell, include NAPKINS NOTES!!! Allow the developers to get together with their fellow employees and hit their favorite pub, talk shop while drinking after a long day of work, write ideas, draw, etc on napkin, SCAN THEM AND INCLUDE THEM AS UNLOCKABLE ARTS! PLEASE!!!!! Or Journal/Dev Diary notes? This could be very unique and creative if the devs allow their early stuff to be scanned and included. How often do we see artwork/ideas/notes on napkins written by developers, which are then scanned and can be purchased as unlockables or unlock after reaching a certain rank/level/stage/etc. I NEVER SEE THIS KIND OF STUFF IN GAMES ANYMORE THESE DAYS!
      F. Include Pictures of the devs working at work! Silly, Fun, Serious, etc pictures, scan em, include as unlockables to purchase or requiring the player to beat the game in a certain difficulty, or reaching a certain rank/level/story, etc
      G. I added this because the letter G reminds me of “GO”!! So come on devs, LET’S GO!

      3. Ok let’s talk weapons, how about including a night stick or something that has a taser at the tip of it? You could Tas the shit out of enemies/opponents or hell, include a tazer gun??

      4. How about allowing the player to throw stuff like a bag of cocaine, sand, dirt, etc and if you throw it at the enemies or opponents, their TV screen will be splattered with sand, cocaine, dirt, etc. Kind of similar to the Squid Ink that is used in Mario Kart which makes it a bit tricky to see ahead for 3-5 seconds, depending how long the devs should set it. The player could either wipe their face/mask/helmet visor or whatever, then the player only has 1 hand on the steering of the motorcycle which can be risky if another player tries to kick or punch or whatever, or the player could simply wait for 3-5 seconds until it goes away since the player may know the maps/roads well enough to know where to turn, etc

      5. What about allowing the player to throw Caltrops? What is it? or perhaps players can throw a baseball or an 8-ball from pool tables found at bars/pubs.

      6. What about a game mode where the player must deliver something illegal from point A to B to C, etc BUT the catch is this, there will be cops everywhere or gangs or whatever. To prevent the cops from chasing you, players must go at the speed limit that is approaching when observing a Speed Limit sign. Players could also have the option to listen to CB radios or whatever from the cops! They could wear an ear piece or headset device that could warn the players that there is a cop behind a billboard a mile ahead or a helicopter is on route to find the player due to a chase, etc. This could be fun via Need for Speed style, perhaps the player is rewarded with extra money if they don’t attract a single cop or reaching at the drop off point in a certain time limit, etc. The ideas are endless here if you know what I mean!

      7. Wouldn’t it be fun to unlock a crazy ass weapon after meeting certain requirements such as beating the game, beating the time trials, or earning a certain amount of money, etc. What kind of crazy ass weapon? WHEED WACKERS OR CHAINSAWS! Lol, Only one can dream a character resembling as Ash from the Evil Dead riding a motorcycle with one hand and the other hand is a chainsaw lol

      8. How about some ridiculous nitro boosts for bikes? LOL, imagine attaching a jet pack on the back of the bike or picture the Rocketeer movie, have someone wear a jetpack suit while riding the bike and leaning forward while activating the rocketeer jetpack to go forward like nuts! Of course the gas would burn quickly since you don’t want the player to have infinite gas, it would be more of a 5-8 second thing before disposing the jetpack/nitro boost or whatever

      9. After playing the Ubisoft Rayman Challenges app, how about allowing players to send challenges to other players/friends? Then the player could have the option of displaying the ghost motorcycle driver. They could challenge friends with best time trial or fastest time to delivering illegal goods to a drop off site without attracting to many cops, or challenge friends with most amount of points/cash earned? That way when the player has already beaten the game and has done everything the game has to offer, they can boot up the game with a notice telling the player that a “friend has challenged you! Press (button) to view challenge and participate! Etc

      10. I know this idea has been done but how about allowing players to switch from the motorcycle seat to the side car seat? Perhaps the player has a certain amount of time before the motorcycle loses control, the player must switch back to the seat of the motorcycle to take control of the steering or maybe the side car HAS a steering control but the player is limited to only do a few things since the player might be cramped or not able to reach enemies/opponents to attack, etc.

      11. Throwing/dropping grenades from behind? Better yet, dropping mines or C4! The player could drop a C4 from behind and the C4 will display on the map for a certain amount of time before it disappears off the map since the player is still moving forward but the player could detonate the C4 if the player times it right when the enemies/opponents are literally near or about to drive right over the C4 before the player detonates it to explode!

      12. Ok how about I stop typing cause this is getting very long and annoying right? My bad!

    7. Chris Chamberlain on

      Super happy to see the 360 stretch goal. I'm backing my words and ponying up more! Thanks for listening!

    8. Alberto E Infante on

      I really hope this will be for playstation........ Like the good old days.

    9. Missing avatar

      Joe Wasserman on

      If you don't reach the 360 stretch goal, but you do end up releasing a 360 version in the future, will it be free (or discounted?) to backers of the Kickstarter?

    10. Ahmed on

      In regards to the 360, how will the pledges work? Will we get to pick which console we want it on?

    11. Missing avatar

      Whoopty Woo on

      Could you please swap out the #1 and #2 stretch goals? I backed a PC game. I could care less about porting this to any console, but OR support would be very welcome.

      If it looks like we will get a OR support I will pledge more.