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Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
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Road Redemption and the Historic Louisiana Flooding - Game Delay

Posted by DarkSeas Games (Creator)

Below is an email we've been sending out to gaming news sites to help spread awareness about the once-in-500 years Louisiana flood and how it's impacted the region, and unfortunately, the development of Road Redemption:

The developers of the videogame Road Redemption (, the Road Rash spiritual successor, are sad to report that the game's development has been stalled by to the record flooding in Louisiana. 

 Road Redemption’s developers are based in Baton Rouge and New Orleans Louisiana. The flood devastated the region, damaging over 40,000 homes, including the home of Jason Tate, studio co-founder and senior programmer  

The home of studio cofounder Jason Tate
The home of studio cofounder Jason Tate

“We hope to have the whole team back to work on Road Redemption as quickly as possible but right now our priority is making sure that everyone on the team, and their families, have a safe place to stay,” said studio co-founder Ian Fisch. “We hope that all of our kickstarter backers and fans will be understanding in these tragic circumstances, and if they’d like to help they can visit to make a donation.” 

 Road Redemption has sold over 100,000 standalone copies since launching on Steam Early Access in late 2014. Road Redemption was originally scheduled to release on PC on October 15, 2016, with PS4 and Xbox One versions slated for Q1 2017. 

Due to the flood, Road Redemption’s transition from Early Access to full release on PC platforms will be delayed until at least November 2016, with console versions suffering similar delays. 

Road Redemption Press Kit: Road Redemption Steam Store Page:

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    1. Justin Holmes on

      It's telling that Kotaku reposted this basically as is and stuck Luke Plunkett's name on it.

    2. Jouni Lahtinen on

      The biggest hurdles I've had to face in my game development were my appendix and a faulty hard-drive - this makes those seem really trivial in comparison. Mad props for soldiering on regardless and the best of luck for the future!

    3. Steven Cottle on

      Best of luck to you guys hope you made it out safe. So the delay is fine, it'll eventually release for PS4 & Xbox one. I can wait.

    4. Sterling Treadwell

      Right now I honestly have to say one thing.

      F*CK the game.

      Be safe, recover as best you can and when you are able, return to the game. But for the time being, there are much bigger priorities and anyone on here that gives you crap for the delay needs a to be facepalmed...
      ...with a shovel....
      ...covered in angry bee's.

      Godspeed guys.

    5. Andrew Bailey on

      I understand. That's rough! Hope you guys are and stay safe.

      Don't hate the game! You've made something awesome already.

    6. Missing avatar

      Dominic on

      Sorry to hear about the damage and hope the team is all well. Prioritize the team and we can wait even longer if need be. Just rest up and make sure everyone is well and has a place before getting back on it.

    7. Kyle Schleich

      Also Super Congrats at 100,000 copies sold!

    8. Kyle Schleich

      I hope the waters go down soon!

    9. David Asselin on

      Sorry to hear about that. You guys stay strong and take the time you need to get everyone that needs it a good roof over their heads.

    10. Justin Holmes on

      Best of luck to you guys. Hopefully some outlets spread the word about what's going on.

    11. Missing avatar

      Endyo on

      Can't beat mother nature... best of luck in your recovery. I'm sure whenever the launch is, it will be met with praise.