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Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
4,409 backers pledged $173,803 to help bring this project to life.

Road Redemption - Huge Steam content update, cancelled consoles, online multiplayer details

Posted by DarkSeas Games (Creator)


If you haven’t had a chance to play the Steam version of Road Redemption recently, last week we uploaded a new PC, Mac, and Linux version of the game that’s a complete overhaul of just about every element. 

Everything from physics, to controls, to camera angles, to lighting, to AI, to weapon balance, to missions, to the GUI, is completely revamped and improved. 

The graphics have been completely overhauled.
The graphics have been completely overhauled.


We generally don’t talk about budget issues here, but in light of so many people bringing up the $4 million budget of Mighty Number 9, I think it’s appropriate. 

The fact is that videogame development is more expensive than people realize. Consider a team of 10 people working full-time on a game: 

Assuming each of these 10 people is earning $36,000/year. This means you’re paying $360,000 in employee salaries alone for a single year. Then you have to rent enough office space to accommodate 10 people. If this costs, $3000/month, then that’s another $36,000. So now we’re talking about $400,000 for a single year. 

So when we’re boasting about having sold 100,000 Early Access copies of Road Redemption, many of which were sold at a discount, you should understand that this revenue isn’t making us rich - it’s keeping us afloat. 


We regret to inform you guys that we’ve indefinitely postponed Road Redemption development for Xbox 360 and PS3. 

Wii U support is being evaluated in light of Nintendo’s focus on their upcoming NX console. 

Trying to make a 3d action game (as opposed to something like Candy Crush) on multiple platforms with disparate technical specs is not an easy thing to do. It’s my opinion that attempting to do this significantly hurt the overall quality of Mighty Number 9. 

Fortunately, we never attempted to create versions of Road Redemption for Vita or 3DS, which is, in my opinion, why Mighty Number 9 ended up looking significantly different from its alpha demo: 

From alpha to final product
From alpha to final product

Its final art design looks to have been dictated by their lowest-spec platforms.

Of course, there are plenty of Xbox 360 and Wii U games that look graphically comparable to Road Redemption (to the untrained eye), but graphics are only one element of the equation. 

Road Redemption features CPU intensive elements like physics and AI. It also uses a heavy amount of RAM for its large levels and big textures. 

In terms of CPU, the Xbox One & PS4 are far more powerful than the other consoles. From a programming perspective, this often means that we can make code that’s simpler and more straightforward, which means it’s faster to write and easier to debug. 

Could Road Redemption be made for Xbox 360? Possibly, but it would be much more time consuming and expensive. 

Here’s a quick example of how performance constraints have made our code more complicated: in Road Redemption, when you ram into the side of a car, a bunch of sparks and debris appear at the point of impact. 

If performance wasn’t an issue, an easy and clean way to make this happen would be for the code to create a brand new “collision debris” entity at the point of impact. The entity would includes a light source, a bundle of debris particles that take into account gravity and the force of impact, and an accompanying sound effect whose volume modulates based on the speed of impact. Creating a brand new entity like this is only one or two lines of code, and isn’t likely to cause any bugs in the future. 

Unfortunately, creating a brand new entity is a CPU-intensive thing to do. Even on PS4 and XboxOne, you’d want to recycle the entity you had already created the previous time a bike rammed into a car. Recycling entities like this requires writing code to keep track of the entity, including the light, and all of the debris particles, and the sound effect. It requires writing code to reset the the positions of all of the particles and the brightness of the light and the base volume of the sound effect whenever the entity is recycled. 

This ends up being hundreds of lines of code, which means that it’s another potential source for bugs, which means that this costs extra time and money. 

The weaker the CPU, the more little optimization tricks like this you have to write into your code, and the more expensive it becomes to maintain. 

In terms of RAM, Xbox One and PS4 have 8GB. Wii U has 2GB (though 1GB is devoted to its OS) and Xbox 360 has 0.5GB. 

Having less RAM to work with doesn’t just affect the look of your game, it affects the level design itself. 

Remember all of those sequences in Gears of War, where, in the middle of a level, Marcus Pheonix is forced to walk around at a snail’s pace? 

That’s because the Xbox 360 can only fit a small fraction of the level into its RAM. While Marcus Pheonix is slowly walking, the next portion of the level is being loaded into RAM. The entire level has to be designed around RAM constraints. 

I can only imagine what a bind these CPU, GPU, and RAM constraints put on the Mighty Number 9 team. They promised a game that would run on an Xbox One and a 3DS (ARM CPU, PICA GPU, 0.1GB of RAM). I’m sure there was incredible internal pressure to cancel these lower-spec versions and focus their limited resources on the higher spec platforms. Obviously, we feel like this is the best course of action for us. 


On a brighter note, work on the online multiplayer mode is progressing well, and we plan to have a beta version (which you guys will all be included in), by mid-next month. 

At the moment, the multiplayer mode is focused around gang vs gang races, with all riders human-controlled. Two gangs race against each other, and the winner is determined by the time to cross the finish line and takedowns along the way. 

One feature we like is that when someone crosses the finish line, they don’t just sit around waiting for everyone else to cross. Instead, they’re free to drive around the map, taking down members of the enemy team. 

In terms of matchmaking, we’re working on both dedicated servers that we host ourselves and the option for users to host their own games. For user-hosted games, we’ll make sure that a game will only appear on the server browser if that host can actually accept incoming connections (their port forwarding is setup correctly). We’re also working on a system to ban hosts who close their game in the middle of a race.

One thing that’s important to me personally is making sure there’s a good amount of play time between map switches. So, like in Counterstrike: GO, you’ll play a number of rounds on a map before switching to the next map. 


For all the backers that purchased tiers that include having an avatar or character in the game, we will be contacting you in the coming weeks to coordinate your custom in-game assets! 

 -Ian Fisch 

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    1. Manny M on

      I've only just noticed that the 360 version has just been cancelled also. It's the tier I backed and why I wanted it back then.

      Now my pledge is defunct unless there's an avenue to get an XB1 or PS4 code instead.

      I'd rather not get a refund. I've pledged my money to you for the game on a console I have. PC is not that for me. So if there's an avenue to transfer my code to current gen, I want to be able to know it's an option.

    2. Missing avatar

      FunkyMoses on

      How do I go about getting my money back?

    3. Raiiban on

      Next time don't make comparisons of your game to Mighty No 9. MN9 was an unjustified shitshow that was terrible in terms of visuals and gameplay, and most of the music was forgettable or bad with very few exceptions. This by a team with a history of making good games in the same genre and IP that was being ripped off.

      MN9 is an example of what you never want your game to be like and should be ridiculed at every turn, not used as some justification for something you're coming up short on. Next time just say due to internal evaluations and the age of the hardware we're cancelling the 360 and PS3 ports, I think by this point most people would understand. The WiiU potential cancel is questionable but anything not made directly by nintendo does crappy on there anyway since people only buy a nintendo console for nintendo games.

      Also for the record MN9 port development hasn't even really begun on the Vita/3DS. Despite the kickstarter and the big publisher on the project they haven't gotten anywhere or many even a single peep other than to say they aren't coming now. 100% chance that they either have another 3rd party lowest bidder handle the port or announce the cancellation later due to factors like hardware limitations on 3DS and low install base on Vita.

      I swear, even though I agree with most of this things you post about platforms, specs, and other things you have the most stuck up and snide way of going about you. Try getting someone who's not an asshole to proofread your posts before going life with them next time.

    4. Missing avatar

      Caleb Crumley on

      Are 360/WiiU backers getting their Steam codes when the game's out of early access?

    5. Dell Goodman on

      For people who backed for the console CD key (Wii U), would we be able to change that for the newer gen of Console? Wouldn't mind this for PS4, as I don't really play my PC as much as I used to.

    6. Peter Jacobi on

      So since it sounds like the wii u sounds pretty dead will we be able to upgrade to a xbone one version. Sorry lot of words in that post.

    7. Ad Herlihy on

      A lot of negativity here. But I've personally easily had my moneys worth playing the PC version :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Darktree on

      I paid extra for the Wii U version.

    9. Michael Hogue on

      I saw this coming when you guys posted that snide update about how people should be updating to 64 bit systems. This is really disappointing as some one who really wanted the Wii U version. I played road rash on my N64 which is why I was glad to see this coming to the Wii U. Even Kerbal Space Program is coming to tbe Wii U. As for the PS3 and 360, not sure why you guys attempted to make ports for those in the first place. I love the game so far but stuff like this makes me lose my faith a bit.

      Also the whole Mighty Number 9 comparison is bollocks.

    10. Missing avatar

      leemuar on

      Well, thanks! That's actually good news!

      Many kickstarter projects fail these days, and Im glad RR is still alive despite all negative things around: the team is still working on the game, updates are released and Paul keeps in touch with us.

      Gamedev is not an easy thing indeed, and I do understand the hard decisions and sacrifices DS had to make. The campaign got very little funds, but hey, Im surprised it is not abandoned like many other KS projects! And thats a very, VERY good news!

      Thanks Paul and the team for the hard work!
      Im looking forward for the release and hope it will help the team to get more funds to make the game better and, maybe, port it to consoles later.

    11. Missing avatar

      ZikZak on

      A wise move that should have been taken for day-one.
      I mean there are too many campaign that over-promise and do not have the resources and/or time to fulfil such promises.

      Keeping the development on a unique hardware, on PC would be less stressful. I haven't been able to check the latest dev of the game when you went full-steam as I will never support DRM games.

      I'll wait patiently for the DRM-free version to surface while you refocus only on computer version of your title. I did with Prison Architect, it took years but they delivered more than what I expected and outside of Kickstarter.

      If you have faith in your project then we will support you. This update is going in this direction as you foresee difficulties and explain them, obviously it pisses off some supporters and you must deal with it. Either refund them or make sure of what you can deliver in the (quite far) future.

    12. Missing avatar

      o.pwuaioc on

      So what will happen if we pledged for both PC and WiiU/360? I'd like to keep my Steam game, but I can't say I'm not disappointed in the lack of a physical release.

    13. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      "If we were to spend 6 months optimizing the game for Wii U, only for the userbase to have abandoned the console in favor of the NX, this could literally bankrupt our company"

      => Guys, we're in July 2016 !! Seriously, what happened with your timeline since this project is funded ?? When you started your campaign, Road Redemption was planned for mid 2014... Players abandonning Wii U for NX wouldn't have been a problem 2 years ago.

    14. Kevin Tsai on

      Hello, I was reading on r/games about some kind of legal issues with this company against RPG maker, anyone on the development team can clear it up? Feel free to PM me.

    15. Justin Holmes on

      @DeafTard The irony of Ian Fisch bringing up Mighty No. 9 is I'm already playing that game, and on Wii U no less. And that campaign started almost half a year after this one. I would never call the Wii U port of MN9 perfect of course, but I'm definitely having fun with it. (Let it also be known that I've also had more than my share of fun with Road Redemption on PC so far, but I got into this to see it on Wii U, full stop.)

    16. Jason Marchant on

      If the game moves to the NX (or whatever its called), would you tranfer Wii U purchases to the NX?

    17. William Karnesky on

      I got into Road rash on the PC and I bought Road Redemption for the PC. I think making the best PC game you can and then porting it to the consoles that you can without sacrificing too much is a great plan.

    18. Missing avatar

      HEMI on

      Is there any info about the releasing date on Xbox One?

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeff Bryce on

      I hope you can make it work for the WiiU crowd, even though I'm excited you guys are indeed putting resources towards the current gen systems over the outdated consoles.

    20. Missing avatar

      Josh Hobbs on

      Going by their efforts so far, i'll be surprised if i ever see the console version i pledged for. Guess it's time to chalk it up to another dodgy kickstarter....

    21. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      @DarkSeas You saw this when you created the Kickstarter, right: ?

      Please refund my money. The Steam key does me no good.

    22. DarkSeas Games Creator on

      We like the Wii U as much as you guys do, if not more. Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 are some of our favorite games. Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks awesome and a great direction for the series, in my opinion. Some of my best gaming memories are playing Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64 battle mode in splitscreen, and we were very excited about using the Wii U's 2nd screen for local Road Redemption multiplayer.

      Ultimately the choice comes down to two factors:

      1) How much work will it take to get Road Redemption, with its complex physics and AI to run on the Wii U?
      2) How long does Nintendo plan to support the Wii U, in lieu of the NX? This one is a big concern for us. Other than Zelda (which is also coming to NX), Nintendo doesn't have any big first-party titles announced for the Wii U, which seems to indicate that their focus is on the NX. If we were to spend 6 months optimizing the game for Wii U, only for the userbase to have abandoned the console in favor of the NX, this could literally bankrupt our company.

      We really want to see Road Redemption on the Wii U. If the answer to those two questions above ends up making the situation unworkable, we'll gladly refund any and all Wii U pledges. In the meantime, we're happy to give a Steam key to all Wii U backers.

    23. DeafTard on


      I seriously cannot believe that these guys are throwing Mighty No.9 into this update because they are two ENTIRELY different games with WAY different amount of money raised. Mighty No.9 raised millions and Road Redemption raised just a little over $170,000.

      The MAIN reason why I backed this project was the fact that the Wii U was going to be supported and to this day it's STILL mentioned on their front campaign page down below which says,
      "Which Tiers include the Wii U version?
      All Tiers above $15 include the Wii U version in addition to the PC/Mac/Linux version of Road Redemption."

      Now it's 2016 and I recently bought a PS4 because it was on sale, so I decided to go for it. However, I still wanted to play Road Redemption on the Wii U but I think it's safe to say that Road Redemption is never going to be released on the Wii U and possibly NX as well. I'm starting to think they added the "promise" of Wii U support just to draw in some extra backers but who knows because they lost me as a fan and a believer in them. I TRUSTED THEM and this is how they respond? I feel absolutely stupid and ashamed to tell other nintendo news related sites to plug the road redemption kickstarter campaign back when this project was in the kickstarter raising money stage.

      My only hope is for them to redeem themselves by releasing Road Redemption to SOME consoles in the future because I stated before that I wouldn't mind switching my reward tier from Wii U to the PS4 redeem copy code. However, there is no way in hell that the project creator of road redemption will ever refund backers that want their money back. I have yet to see a video game project on KS refund their backers who asked for their money back and I sure as hell don't see Road Redemption project creator doing anything about it because they fooled us all.

    24. Buddy Hall on

      I backed your game for the Wii U. I expected it 2 years ago. Now it looks like you are testing the waters to see how many people complain if you decide to cancel the Wii U version. I'm disappointed.

    25. Missing avatar

      David Frohlich on

      Looking good! I haven't played the most recent update from Steam due to my PC kinda sucking in the GPU department, but I'm very excited for the Xbox One version. Do you have an estimated due date that you think it'll be done by?

    26. St. McDuck on

      It's looking great! As long as RR hits PS4, I'll be happy.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      We're almost 2 years after the estimated date for Wii U:

    28. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      I'd like my money back. I am only interested in the Wii U version that was promised. Very unimpressed with your studio.

    29. DeafTard on

      well this is not going to end well and I would probably want my money to be refunded but if road redemption does end up getting released on the ps4 in the future then i'll be happy to take a copy of that but if that doesn't happen then i would prefer a refund but i doubt that will happen since i'm sure all the money from the kickstarter has been long gone by now.

    30. Justin Holmes on

      I'm obviously unimpressed that developing for the Wii U is being treated as optional at this point when it was promised years ago.

      Why you guys insisted on a 360 build, despite a lack of interest by the backers, is beyond me. You said you had the in-house knowledge to develop for the 360 and that it wouldn't be a big deal and now it's cancelled. Very much a self-inflicted blunder there.