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Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
4,409 backers pledged $173,803 to help bring this project to life.

Progress Update!

Posted by DarkSeas Games (Creator)

Hey everyone! We admittedly need to do a much better job providing updates on our development progress, so today we’re announcing an improved plan to keep everyone informed. Starting with this update, we plan to provide more regular Kickstarter updates which will showcase our progress and the development leading up to the impending completion of Road Redemption.


For those of you following us on Steam Early Access, you’ll know that we haven’t made any updates since December and may be worried that we’ve stopped working on the game. Quite the opposite is true! Since January we have been focused on improving nearly every aspect of Road Redemption, and this has required us to rebuild a lot of systems before uploading a new build to Steam. Although we have taken longer than we hoped to complete the game, we are dedicated to making the game that we promised. We've recently added more developers to Road Redemption, and we’re working hard to finish the great game we envisioned in our original Kickstarter pitch. In the next month or two, we should be ready to upload a new build on Steam so you’ll be able to see our progress!

 Here’s a list of things we’ve been working on: 

  • Improved bike driving and physics 
  • Revamped enemy AI 
  • Entirely new user interface 
  • New weapon upgrade system 
  • Unlockable bikes and riders 
  • Better missions with greater variety 
  • Story Integration 
  • Updated levels with more routes to drive 
  • Improved visuals of enemies and vehicles 
  • Several new enemy types including challenging late level enemies 
  • Boss fights 
  • Splitscreen co-op improvements 
  • Online multiplayer! 


Our current plan is to finish development of the PC version by the end of this summer. As we march toward that goal, we’ll be releasing several new builds on Steam Early Access to show everyone our progress. This will include a beta version of online multiplayer. For console fans, please know that we are also working toward releases on Xbox One and PS4. We’ll make more announcements about console plans as we get closer to release. 


Today's kickstarter update features the new improvements we’re making to the user interface. This includes a complete visual overhaul. Check out the screenshots below!

We’ve also vastly improved how our user interface works when playing local co-op. Each player can now choose their own unique bike and rider! We’ve also revamped the store to allow each player to make their own purchases and uniquely gear up. This is especially important with our new weapon upgrade system - each player can now choose which type of weapon they want to focus on. We hope this will improve the local co-op experience for everyone. 

Splitscreen Co-op Store
Splitscreen Co-op Store
Options Menu
Options Menu
Permanent Upgrades Menu
Permanent Upgrades Menu

Stay tuned next month for another update on our progress featuring more of the latest additions to Road Redemption.


Our friends at King Crow Studios making Quest of Souls

Quest of Souls Kickstarter!
Quest of Souls Kickstarter!

Our friends and fellow Louisiana based game developers, King Crow Studios, have recently launched a Kickstarter project for their 90s inspired shooter RPG called Quest of Souls. Some of our team has been helping with development, and we’ve partnered with Quest of Souls to include a Road Redemption bundle as one of their reward tiers. If you back this tier, you will encounter a unique speed-obsessed character called the “The Stag” and you’ll receive the Quest of Souls biker background! (The main Quest of Souls characters riding cool motorcycles...yes that includes Toki the corgi!)

Pixel Rider

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    1. Mike van Hoenselaar on

      I totally get that its hard to release a game but if you see that 90% of all comments are negative, please take that as a learning and plan more updates. Even if its smaller updates. Make sure those 4400 backers become ambassadors instead of this.

      I am sending you a DM to hopefully get a refund, this project was funded on May 2013, that's 3 years ago. I backed because of the personal connection with the team in Baton Rouge. Thats completely gone. $150 down the drain. What should people that paid $400, $800 , $1200 think :(.
      I rather have my money back then wait for something that will be released maybe or maybe not in 2016. I'm sorry to say, but I will never ever back anything again from you guys. Hire someone to do marketing and customer service please. All the best.

    2. Missing avatar

      Karl Barrett on

      These guys have completely put me off backing anything on Kickstarter ever again. This game would never have reached its goal without the Wii U version being added, but instead of thanking those of us who backed the Wii U version by focusing on releasing a game that will work on the intended platforms, they've gone off from the pitch and instead are just blaming hardware when it was perfectly fine when they were asking for our money.

      Ignoring the issue in your updates and instead forcing people to find some little sentences in a comments section is dreadful as well, especially seen as though it takes you 6 months to exactly post an update. Why not mention the Wii U version in your updates if theres a problem, only talking about XB1 and PS4 is just going to piss your backers off even more. Your silence on the issue on your forums and updates needs addressing, backers shouldn't need to have to stumble across it in a comments section

    3. BPMΩ on

      Disappointing news. I backed this project because I was looking forward to it on Wii U. I have little interest in Xbox One and PS4, so that isn't an option for me. Those platforms weren't even part of the original scope of the project...

      Looks like this is turning out to be another Project Cars...

    4. Missing avatar

      Landon Dastrup on

      With no Wii U version, guess I should get a second PC copy instead, since my reward tier included both a PC version and Wii U version.

    5. Joe Sgro on

      The campaign we backed was for a PC version and a Wii U version and 66% of your backers would be eligible for the Wii U version, with 15% specifically selecting it. Now you send out an update that mentions PS4 and XB1 with nary a word on the Wii U version? And when questioned on that the response is "We have definitely not ruled out a Wii-U release"? And that it would "would have to happen after PS4 and Xbox One versions"? I can make peace with the project being 2 years behind schedule but not planning on delivering what was proposed is something you should be upfront about rather than trying to sweep under the rug. It's disrespectful.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matt M on

      This is disappointing. I don't even have a PS4 or Xbox One. I backed this so I can have the Wii U version.

    7. Missing avatar

      leemuar on

      Do you plan to implement pledges "BE THE VILLAIN TIER", "BE THE PLAYER TIER" and "IN THE GAME TIER" on PC version release? Pledgers of these tiers still did not recieve any info/request from devs.

    8. Dave Butsy on

      This project both sucks and blows.
      Please let it die

    9. Justin Holmes on

      That is such a non-answer. People gave you money for a Wii U version years ago and you're using it to port to the PS4 and Xbox One instead.

      Offer refunds.

    10. Adam Gordon Bishop on

      While I do play the pc version a lot I did back this project for the wii u version. If it was dropped I'm going to be very disappointed. Was there ever any announcement of it being dropped? Backers need answers.

    11. Nick Gipson on

      Is the Wii U version cancelled or not?

    12. DarkSeas Games Creator on

      Hey guys, here is some clarification on Wii-U. Anyone who backed for Wii-U can definitely choose to receive a PS4 or Xbox One copy instead when those versions become available (or Steam version now). We have definitely not ruled out a Wii-U release, however due to the current complexity of the game and the weak hardware of the Wii-U, it will take a tremendous amount of optimization to make it happen. This would have to happen after PS4 and Xbox One versions are complete.

    13. David Asselin on

      Had Wii U as my selected reward.

      Don't really care (but get those that do) about there being no Wii U version, if it means I can get this on PS4. Planning to unhook the Wii U from the TV once I'm done with Zelda this Fall anyway.

      So will we get another survey for Wii U pledges to move to PS4?

    14. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Stulce on

      Aaaaaaand.... No Wii U mention again. Thanks for the update, now try one with information for all backers.

    15. Missing avatar

      Marcus Owen on

      Yeah, I'm convinced you guys dropped Wii U. Not cool, guys. If you're not going to mention it but rather X1 and PS4, that is how myself and others will view this and would very much like our money back. Sad that you guys can't man up to being forthright with us. Shame on you.

    16. Justin Holmes on

      I didn't back this for PS4 or Xbox One. If you're not even going to discuss the Wii U I want a refund.

    17. Braldt on

      Why no mention of WIIU Version???? " For console fans, please know that we are also working toward releases on Xbox One and PS4."