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Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this brutal driving combat adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen.
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Road Redemption Lack of Recent Updates

Posted by DarkSeas Games (Creator)

Hey guys.  So Road Redemption's PC version hasn't been updated since July.  While this isn't a very long time to go between updates for an average game, we try to update more frequently.  

So why no updates for over a month?  

Basically, there was a problem in the Unity 5.0 engine that's causing (infrequent) crashes.  We didn't want to release another update until the issue was fixed, because whenever we release an update, it inevitably leads to an uptick in new players and an uptick in existing players.  We didn't want to expose more people to the crash.

This Unity 5.0 crash is a well-documented problem, as you can see here.  It only affects games that use Unity's wheel colliders, and the more wheels a vehicle has, it seems, the less likely it is to happen.  To my knowledge, we're the only Unity PC game that features motorcycles, meaning this crash is not likely to happen at all in games that aren't Road Redemption, and even we only very rarely see it.  After dozens of hours of testing, we've only been able to get it to happen once in our office, but multiplied over tens of thousands of players, that's a lot of crashes. 

I want to emphasize the fact that we're not trying to denigrate the Unity team here.  Compared to literally every other game engine I've ever used (4-5), Unity's engine upgrades have been the smoothest and bug-free.  Unity 5.0 was a huge physics overhaul, and the wheel colliders underwent the biggest transformation of all the physics objects.  The Unity team has been very responsive since we brought this issue to their attention, and we've worked together to fix it.  

It looks as if the crash has been fixed in the latest unity patch, so we're planning to roll out another update very soon.

Planned features for the next Road Redemption update:

  • Better animations for driving while holding a gun
  • Animations for drawing and holstering weapons 
  • New enemies
  • Overhauled AI to make enemies more aggressive
  • Overhauled difficulty balancing
  • A new system to encourage players to attempt to beat every single mission, rather than just crawl to the finish line.
  • A new "quick race" mode, where you can choose from individual race missions outside of the main campaign
  • Vastly improved crash physics
  • ...and much more!

What about online multiplayer?

We're working on it!  In fact, we've beefed up our dedicated multiplayer staff last month, so progress is happening at twice the speed it has been.  

What about console versions?

We're working on these too.  The biggest issues with consoles right now are performance optimizations.  Consoles are cheaper than PC's for good reason, and what runs well on a mid-range gaming PC, can run very poorly on a console, especially things that are CPU-heavy, like physics.  Road Redemption has a lot of physics.

What about the Linux version?

A linux/SteamOS version is coming very soon.  Maybe in the next update.

What are your thoughts on Virtual Reality?

Kindof a tangent, but ok.  I think motion sickness issues will make this a very limited technology.  You simply can't make a FPS in VR without making a large part of your audience want to throw up.  Look up the vestibular system and its connection to the occiptal lobe of your brain if you want to understand why.

Sure you can make 3rd person games with limited camera movement.  You can make games where you sit still and control a turret.  You can make any type of game that doesn't require you to move much, really.  But based on the lack of success of 3d TVs and the 3DS, I'd say that the average consumer isn't willing to strap on a headset just to make his gaming experience more immersive, if it means he's unable to play the genres he actually likes.  

But maybe first person melee combat games could be the thing that makes VR a success.  With VR's stereoscopic effect and wide field of view, this genre could finally take off.  These types of games also don't necessarily require quick linear or angular acceleration, so motion sickness will be minimized.  If VR has a chance of becoming mainstream, I think it's first person melee combat games that are gonna make it happen.  

What are your thoughts on gaming today?

Not really Road Redemption related, but ok.  

I'd like more games to offer you the ability to skip the on-rails scripted story mode entirely.  I want to be able to play through Far Cry 4, get all the upgrades, and just play the base invasion missions.  I want to be able to play through all of the Witcher 3's monster hunts without having to have 3 billion inane conversations first. 

With very very rare exception, videogame linear story segments suck.  Videogame writing sucks.  Videogame cutscene direction and blocking sucks, and quite often videogame acting sucks too.   Does it suck compared to a highschool play?  No.  It's competent.  But it sucks relative to most TV and movies, which is the standard it ought to be held to.  

In this age of unlimited entertainment options at our fingertips, watching a videogame cutscene means that I'm not watching Rick and Morty or Whiplash or Birdman or reading The Martian on your kindle, or enjoying one of the thousands of great movies, tv shows, and books that this world has to offer.  So when a game like The Witcher 3 makes me watch a boring cutscene just to get to the thing it does well (its gameplay), it's detracting from my entertainment and wasting my time.  

What's the solution to this problem?  I'd say cut down on noninteractive cutscenes, because no one is ever going to make them a real priority: not game developers, not publishers, and not even game reviewers.  Unless your game is entirely story driven (like a TellTale game), reviewers will always forgive lackluster cutscenes if the gameplay is good.  

So there's my rant on that.  

Road Redemption update coming soon.

-Ian Fisch

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    1. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      Huh. Never thought I would run into someone who likes the gameplay in the witcher and hates the story elements. Most people feel the opposite. The Witcher 3 has some of the best written side quests in the industry. Skipping the story doesn't make a lot of sense with the way games are designed. The next story beat is a part of the reward for completing a difficult section, as well as giving you a chance to rest. Inside Out has these same kind of beats - they just come in the form of a joke, a reference to something, or some pleasing looking scenery.

      If you don't like story, don't buy an rpg that is based on a book. You are clearly not the target audience for these games. But realize that most of the target audience for these games has the opposite opinion as you do - and it seems to be working for the companies who make these games.

      These random rants in a topic about why road redemption updates are slowing down is a little uncomfortable.

    2. ThomasN on

      Thank you very much for keeping us in the loop with the good and bad things. Your ability for that is unprecedented compared to most KS I backed. <3

    3. Missing avatar

      Jim Squires on

      Don't get me started on story in video games. So many people claim games are getting dumbed down because people don't want compelling story. They couldn't have it more backwards. The reason there is so much quick timed, hand-holding scripted garbage out there now is because developers tend to cover up dull gameplay with shiny cinematics.

      There are a lot of cases where story and gameplay come together well, but I definitely feel your pain when it comes to non-skipables. RPG players love this stuff because they get totally drawn into the lore. Personally I think of my games as... just games. I like good gameplay. I hate having my free time wasted by walls of text, or long cutscenes. A lot of the time it feels like unnecessary padding to make the game longer, but ultimately just makes me play something else.

    4. Missing avatar

      leszek zak on

      Witcher 1,2 and 3. In my view the company started with a clear vision, and compleated with a open world interactive game. I see its not doing bad.
      Road Redeption I feel needs a vision, dont get me wrong I love bike games ( too few! ) but whats the point! If I like to race there are a few titles out, and dirt bikes. GTA5 for bikes and guns.
      So what is road redemption? When I first backed this project I had visions of taking out gangs traveling across America. Small towns all the way to cities.
      At the moment it just feels like 'out run' mixed with 'road rash'. I do enjoy a blast for max 30 min then I move on.
      What redemption? from what?
      This is only my opinion, not very qualified but a bit of a story might help your project. Even in 'space invaders' there is a story.
      Ive enjoyed playing the builds and Im under the impression this is all but finished which makes me a little sad but hay creating a successor to 'road rash' cannot be easy. Wish you all the best.

    5. Punisher138 on

      Thanks for the update on the game. I strongly disagree with your opinion on storytelling in video games though. So many great games with compelling storylines are out there (Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us) and they're only getting better, not worse. There definitely is a place for streamlined action oriented games as well. No reason that either shouldn't exist. If you don't like story driven games, don't play them! Go play Destiny.

    6. DarkSeas Games Creator on

      @Mark Dorney
      Skipping through the "talk to this person" then "talk to this person" portions of The Witcher 3 are definitely not easily skippable. Just skipping a single conversation involves a bunch of tapping and waiting.
      I'm not sure cutting out nonlinear story sequences is "dumbing down" the game. I think simpler inventory and battle mechanics are an example of dumbing down, but I don't see how an excess of poorly-written expository dialogue makes a game more intelligent.

    7. Mark Dorney on

      Because the vast majority of players enjoy reading the dialogue. It's a story driven series with a long time audience of people who enjoy it specifically because of its story. You can literally double tap square (on the PS4 at least) to skip through most cutscenes and dialogue. If people don't like it, then they can skip it, but if it gets removed, then people who do want to experience it do not get an option.

      A lot of RPG players like myself are very sensitive to the fact that, in general, the genre has become more and more dumbed down to accommodate players who can't be bothered with anything that isn't hacking and slashing. So going into a story driven game and complaining about the story is not going to be well received.

    8. DarkSeas Games Creator on

      @Mark Dorney
      Why should I "be bothered to sit through a cutscene"? It's my entertainment that I paid for. Why should it bother me at all? Shouldn't it strive to give me the maximum amount of enjoyment?
      You don't have to play a crappy videogame between every scene in Inside Out, so why should I have to watch a crappy movie between every monster battle in The Witcher?

    9. Steven Cruise on

      Can't wait for the new update! I'm really loving the game so far :) I've been playing on my PC, but it's kind of crappy so I'm looking forward to upgrading from a Wii U to an Xbox One this fall so I can play it there eventually!

      Can anyone using Windows 10 launch the game? After upgrading it freezing at the screen where you normally choose campaign mode. I'm curious if it's just me or a common thing.

    10. Mark Dorney on

      You are dead wrong about video game storytelling. The last damn thing this industry needs is cutting down on it even more to appease people who can't be bothered to sit through a cutscene, especially when almost all of them are skippable.

    11. Christian Dannie Storgaard

      Hey, read The Martian on your own Kindle! ;)