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I like drawing pictures. and then i color them too. so i thought i would suggest something for me to draw and then if someone wants...
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sorry for no updates...

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I didn't head for the border with the cash. not yet at least.

I finally finished inking the darned thing. and I am going to take it into town this weekend to get it scanned in. then i'll do a little digital correction 9because there are a few mistakes. then i'm going to add a bit of color (digitally) then I'll send you each a print. and the original to ol' JJ.

i will need your addresses.

email them to me at
I'll pester you over the weekend if i dont get them by then.

bye and thanks for sticking with me!

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another hour or so of inking and we are done with this one!

the main thing left to do is the grey militia themselves and the title block. hooray!

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i'm very busy making this drawing for you.

thank you financial contributors. I have been drawing away all day with thoughts of you in my head. I hope i dont disappoint you with this drawing. it is not exactly the same content that i initially promised and has become more of a single frame comic. or perhaps the first page of an old golden age space comic. there is alot going on on the page so i hoep it makes sense. it certainly has been alot of fun so far.

I took a crappy cell camera shot a few hours ago. don't worry it looks a little better in real life.

tomorrow i ink it. there is a good chance i will ruin it then. fingers crossed big spenders!

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big momster

so the dragon guy turned out to bemore of a bullman. but he is still very large. you will see his scale soon enough when the secret thralllord is revealed.

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we have worm sign!

looks like all systems are go. two big spender coughed up the greenies and now i just gotta find a piece of paper of two and break out the fingers paints!

thank you to all the contributors. if you are feeling left out i will do this again once i get drawing one done.