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A Fifth Edition Fantasy Adventure
A Fifth Edition Fantasy Adventure
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Final Push and Stretch Goal Update

Posted by Dark Naga Adventures (Kevin Watson) (Creator)

I am posting this a little late. I did some travelling over the holiday, and was not able to update effectively. 

We are in the final push. Five days to go. Continue to spread the word wide as you have done. We are doing great, I would love to unlock all of the posted stretch goals.

I will be on #RPGNET this evening as their feature Q&A publisher/writer from 7 pm to 9 pm Central Time. To join: Log to be posted at: Dan Davenport is the host. If you have any questions about this project, the series, Dark Naga, OGL, or anything else related, please come and ask. 

When I setup the budget for the project, I based it on 100% print backers. Specifically, I assumed that everyone would back at the $25 level. From previous analysis this assumption produces the tightest budget of the possible scenarios. That hasn't happened. We have a good spread of types of rewards. I am adjusting the goals to put the Custom d6 at $3500 (unlocked) and the Custom d10 at $4000. I am adding a couple of additional goals that were previously only hinted. 

All of the art is assigned, including the Committed and Apprentice Naga levels NPC art. I have six pieces that should be submitted for final approval in a week or so. Sadly, I have nothing new to show off today. 

I appreciate your support, and confidence. 

This will be another on-time/early fulfilled project. I have about 60% of the layout of the adventure done. Placeholder PNG files currently fill in for the art still pending. I hope to finish the layout this week. The Book of Lore and Book of Puzzles are complete, and out for feedback. That feedback should be in about the time the funding period closes. I expect to have digital fulfillment about the time the funds are released to me (Monday Sept 26th) and the printer's proof within a few days of that. Updates will be weekly or better. 

TL;DR: I have room in the budget to unlock the custom d6 at $3500, and the custom d10 at $4000. New goals revealed. Drive all the backers you can to us to unlock them.

Print Naga and higher will get a d6 included with their order. All backers are invited to add all of the d6's (and when unlocked, all the d10's) they desire as add-ons.

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