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All five parts of the Haunting of Hastur series in print for the OSR.
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The Project

The Haunting of Hastur series has been very successful for Dark Naga Adventures. However, they were never successful enough to unlock the OSR print run stretch goal. Several OSR fans have lamented this shortfall. This is my wish fulfillment project for the OSR community, particularly those fans who have waited for their version in the classic print format.

This Kickstarter project has just one reward, all five modules in the old school print format: wrap around, detached covers, maps on the inner cover, saddle stitched (stapled) booklet. Simple. No stretch goals, just a low target small print run to give the backers who have wanted this version in this print format to have their wish granted. 

There is a little bit of editing to be done. See below on changes to DNH1 - The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil. Beyond that, as soon as the project funds, I will order the proofs, and as soon as they are verified, the print copies will be ordered. This will be a fast cycle project. So fast, that there won't be any add-ons available via Backerkit. I expect to place the print order a few days after the funds post to my account.

Special Note: This might not be the project for you. This one will run the month of August. I am working on colorizing all of the art for a full color, hardback compilation version for 5e and OSR (separate books). I'm announcing both so that OSR fans don't feel like they are being toyed with. One of my concerns is having a backer who would prefer the hardback decide to back this project because they had no idea the other one was in the works and regret their decision. That's not cool. It's not how I would want to be treated. Thus, I working to make sure that backers know their options, so they can make better-informed decisions.

Links to each of the five adventures:

DNH1 - The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil - KS - DTRPG

DNH2 - The Buried Zikurat - KS - DTRPG

DNH3 - The City of Talos - KS - DTRPG

DNH4 - Confronting Hastur - KS - DTRPG

DNH5 - Carcosa - KS - (Not yet available on DTRPG)

The editing work to be done.

The first of the adventures was an experiment in dual stats for 5e and OSR. That was one of the weakest elements. Some found it confusing. This was my failure as a writer to see beyond my own experience. I convert between 5e and OSR on the fly when running my 5e game, or a BECMI/RC game (my Old School ruleset of choice, yes, I know maybe not technically OSR by all definitions, but in the most inclusive sense, OSR). I failed to recognize that part of my audience has no experience with both systems and they could be confused by unfamiliar terms. 

The only significant work to be done on this project is to sever the two versions into dedicated works. I'm estimating it as twenty hours end to end, including editing. That project will start within a few days of putting the 5e and OSR text of the last adventure in the series to rest, DNH5 - Carcosa. 

While I expect to have all of the editing work done, edited and ready for release before September 1. That allows the proofs to be ordered between the end of the project and when funds are released. Ideally, I'd like to place the order within a few days of the funds being release (Mid-September), and start fulfilling in early October. The estimate is a bit conservative to allow for things to go wrong without missing a delivery estimate.

Important Note about Shipping:  

Shipping and Handling: Shipping charges will be invoiced just before fulfillment. Only the shipping cost will be invoiced. Transparency is important to me. We have opted to charge separately for shipping as part of our effort to provide individual backers with the best value. Every package WILL have the final postage fee printed on the label for verification. A tracking number will be provided when the reward ships. Estimated shipping costs are exactly that--estimates. The final weight of the product is undetermined, but most rewards are expected to weigh less than 1 lb.  

Using this method, you pay for actual shipping costs only. I pay for materials and labor. If I included shipping in the project, I would have to estimate shipping for each country, and cannot factor in shipping to Chicago is cheaper than shipping to LA from where I live. Additionally, I would need to pad that shipping to account for project fees. By moving the shipping to a separate transaction, I lower my costs, not eliminate them, can offer more shipping options, and the project funding reflects the goods, not the goods plus shipping.  

International: International orders will be invoiced at actual postage cost as well. International postage requires customs forms. We are required by law to disclose the pledge amount on these forms. If you are unsure how expensive international shipping can be, please ask us for an estimate.  

On the previous projects, the domestic shipping averaged about $5.50, and the International Shipping averaged about $18 (Most were either $15 or $25). I am going to collect shipping via Backerkit and PayPal when I am ready to ship and will invoice for the actual shipping costs. Parcels will be sent once the shipping invoice is settled. BackerKit makes fulfillment more organized and consistent. However, this project's rewards are about 3x heavier, so there will be an increased cost. I will add an estimate for Continental US, UK and Sweden once I have the final weights. 

Risks and challenges

This is a very low-risk project. There is little creative work to be done. Most of it has been done prior to launch. Only the final stages of separating DNH1 into separate 5e and OSR products remains. That will be finished, edited and polished before the funding periods ends, leaving only the ordering of proofs, vetting of proofs, and ordering the full print run, and fulfillment to be done.

I have executed five projects so far with all of them delivered on time or early. I communicate weekly with a status update and interject when something significant happens. I am very easy to get in contact with. I check every KS email to ensure that I am aware of every comment or email so that I can respond in a timely manner. To quote Jimmy Buffet, "I've read dozens of books about heroes and crooks. Yes, I learned much from both of their styles."

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    OSR Naga - All five adventures in print. Detached cover, maps on the interior of the cover, all of the keystones of the classic module feel. All backers will also receive the PDF of all five adventures. Additionally, backers will receive a digital copy of all five adventures via DriveThruRPG.

    Print products are bagged by the printer and will be shipped in a stiff Kraft mailer to help avoid damage in transit.
    Backers will be billed for actual shipping costs at the time of fulfillment. For an estimate on domestic or international shipping charges, please contact me via private message with destination details.

    • DNH1 - The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil - Print and Digital
    • DNH2 - The Buried Zikurat - Print and Digital
    • DNH3 - The City of Talos - Print and Digital
    • DNH4 - Confronting Hastur - Print and Digital
    • DNH5 - Carcosa - Print and Digital
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