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All five parts of the Haunting of Hastur series in print for the OSR.
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    Complete Print Bundle

    OSR Naga - All five adventures in print. Detached cover, maps on the interior of the cover, all of the keystones of the classic module feel. All backers will also receive the PDF of all five adventures. Additionally, backers will receive a digital copy of all five adventures via DriveThruRPG.

    Print products are bagged by the printer and will be shipped in a stiff Kraft mailer to help avoid damage in transit.
    Backers will be billed for actual shipping costs at the time of fulfillment. For an estimate on domestic or international shipping charges, please contact me via private message with destination details.

    • DNH1 - The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil - Print and Digital
    • DNH2 - The Buried Zikurat - Print and Digital
    • DNH3 - The City of Talos - Print and Digital
    • DNH4 - Confronting Hastur - Print and Digital
    • DNH5 - Carcosa - Print and Digital
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